Trying polyamory?

After another breakup, French lesbian activist Élie Chevillet felt like exploring other ways to love. She reports back on what she’s found. Falling for someone, consuming the passion to the fullest, and dropping the relationship as soon as it’s [...]

Let’s talk about church, baby

French lesbian activist Élie Chevillet compares the reality in her queer community with the one her partner experiences having a fundamentalist religious past. “What you’re doing with Élie is wrong. We miss our Anna. It’s not too late—come back.” [...]


When society decided body hair was dirty and ugly, Élisabeth Chevillet nodded and got rid of hers. Now the French blogger and basketballer is rethinking everything. After all, to hair is human! MY BODY HAIR AND ME I’ve always [...]

Let queer people pee in peace

Facing public restrooms and toilets becomes a challenge when you don’t look like a feminine woman. French lesbian blogger and activist Élisabeth Chevillet flushes out some painful experiences queer people face when trying to mind their pees and queues. [...]

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