Ylva Publishing provides women’s fiction that doesn’t compromise on quality.

Ylva is a woman-owned, women-run publisher that seeks out stories about strong female characters, who are often gay. We publish romance and erotica, mystery, paranormal, and well-researched historical novels.

Who is Ylva Publishing?

We get excited about books at Ylva. That’s why we founded the German-based Ylva Verlag in 2011 and its international companion, Ylva Publishing, in 2012. The twin companies work in tandem to find the finest women’s literature in both languages and to share them with readers who are just as excited about books as we are.

Our first publication in German was the romance novel Zwei Seiten by Alison Grey, a readers’ favorite among our e-books to this day. Ylva Publishing meanwhile launched with Manhattan Moon, a paranormal romance novella by lesbian fiction veteran Jae. Both stories have all the things that we love most in books: strong female characters who drive the plots of their own stories, journeys that inspire, and believable emotions.

Why "Ylva"?

We named our company “Ylva” after an old Swedish name meaning “female wolf,” because the wolf’s intelligent, observant, and curious nature embodies to us the pioneering spirit of our company, as well as the kind of intelligent, thoughtful fiction for women we seek to bring into the world.

What is important to you at Ylva Publishing?

“Working with Ylva Publishing is a wonderful experience because they share my vision of what lesbian fiction should be. They work just as hard as their authors to publish quality books that readers will love.”

Jae, award-winning author

Communication and collaboration are very important to us. That’s why we work closely with authors from the initial acceptance of their work through the editing, production, and marketing process. The authors wrote the stories with their hearts and souls, so we don’t want to exclude them from decisions that affect their books and their reputations as writers. Our authors have input on choosing the covers of their books, and together, we decide on how to market their work.

Fairness to those we work with, especially in financial matters, is very important to us. Both writing and publishing are ways to live a dream. Our ultimate goal is to help authors share stories with the world that let readers dream too.

Who can I publish my book with you?

We’re constantly searching for new, talented authors. We invite submissions of well-written novel-length manuscripts as well as short stories. Before submitting your manuscript, please read our submission guidelines here.

How can I contact you?

Publicity: Please contact us at info@ylva-publishing.com if you are looking to contact our management, editing team, or one of our authors for an interview or any other kind of public appearance.

Booksellers: Please contact us at astrid.ohletz@ylva-publishing.com for assistance with selling Ylva publications at your store.

Readers: Feel free to contact us at contact@ylva-publishing.com if you want to get in touch with one of our authors.

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