For Readers

Do I need an e-reader to read your e-books?

No, you don’t need a Kindle, a Nook, or any other type of e-reader to read our e-books. To read our e-books, you can download free software such as the Kindle app for Mac, Kindle for PC or Adobe Digital Editions for epub to your computer or laptop.

In what formats are your books available?

Our e-books are available in the mobi format, readable on all Kindle readers and on apps such as Kindle for Mac and Kindle for PC; in epub format, readable on devices such as the iPad, iPhone, Nook, Sony Reader, and Kobo; in PDF format, readable on almost all e-readers and computers.
We provide all formats in one purchase (mobi, epub, and pdf). So there is no need to choose beforehand.
In addition, all of our novels and most of our novellas are also available as paperbacks.

How do I get a .mobi e-book onto my Kindle?

Every Kindle activated with an Amazon account is assigned a unique e-mail address. You can simply email the “.mobi” file as an attachment to the e-mail address associated with your Kindle. Find out more: Send to Kindle by E-mail

Do your e-books have DRM?

No, all of our e-books are DRM-free. That means you aren’t restricted to reading your e-book on just one device, and you won’t lose access to your e-book if you switch reading devices in the future.

Why do I need to pay VAT on an e-book?

New European Union (EU) VAT regulations came into force on January 1, 2015 which changed the way VAT (consumer tax) is charged on digital services. The term “digital services” includes e-books and as such we are legally obligated to add VAT onto every sale, determined by the location of the consumer within the EU.

The rate of tax varies from country to country, a total of 75 different tax rates across 28 different markets, which, for an independent publisher, causes a lot of additional administration. There are several petitions being taken to the EU in order to change this legislation and we will of course monitor the situation.

Sales to customers outside of the EU are not affected.

What can I expect from your newsletter?

We send out our e-mail newsletter at least ten times a year to let our readers know about new and upcoming releases. To receive our newsletter enter your e-mail address here and then click “sign up.”

When is the next book by a certain author going to be published? When will you do the next giveaway?

Since we regularly publish new books and give away paperbacks and e-books, we suggest you subscribe to our newsletter and our blog so you won’t miss any of our exciting news.

I am a book reviewer and would like to review one of your books? How do I get a review copy?

We appreciate reviewers and bloggers helping to get the word out about our books. To get a review copy of one of our books, please contact us at info@ylva-publishing.com and let us know which format you prefer. E-book requests are easiest for us to fulfil.

How does Ylva Publishing’s spice rating work?

1 Pepper– Has no consummated love scenes, or if the love scenes are consummated detail is not provided.
2 Peppers– Contains some love scenes. These will be more sensual then graphic and will mostly rely on euphemisms.
3 Peppers– Has sensual, more explicit love scenes, and may use more graphic language to describe them.
4 Peppers– Has frequent love scenes that are explicit and are described using very graphic and direct language.
5 Peppers– Has frequent love scenes that are explicit and are described using very graphic and direct language,  and/or contain subject matter that some readers may consider objectionable.

For Authors

I’ve written a neo noir zombie romance space opera—can I send it to you?

Yes, please!

I’ve written a philosophical novel about the deeper meaning of love, life, and lemon cake—can I send it to you?

Of course!

I’ve written just a girl-meets-girl story—can I send it to you?

Please, do!

We publish narrative fiction of all genres. This includes crime, fantasy, general fiction, historical, romance, sci-fi, and everything in between. Anything goes as long as it’s good.
What we don’t publish at the current time is nonfiction (e.g. auto/biographies, dissertations), poetry, and stage plays.

How long should my manuscript be to be accepted?

We publish short stories, novellas, and novels. If you have something very special that doesn’t fit those three categories, don’t hesitate to send it to us! As we said, anything goes as long as it’s good.

What should I send?

If you’d like to submit a novel or novella, please send us at least the first three chapters of your manuscript. For a short story of up to 15,000 words, please send us the entire story.

Please also send us a synopsis of your work of fiction. A synopsis is a detailed summary of the plot. It has to show us all the major plot points, including how the story will end, and it should answer the main questions your story sets up. For example: Who murdered Jenny Z.? What happened to Barbara’s father? Why is Cynthia afraid of elevators?

To whom should I send my manuscript?

Please send your manuscript as e-mail attachment (.doc, .docx, .rtf) to sandra.gerth@ylva-publishing.com. We will send a confirmation to let you know we received your submission. For more information, please read our submission guidelines.

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