Submission Guidelines

Ylva Publishing is a publisher of women’s fiction. We’re constantly searching for new, talented authors. We will of course pay royalties if we accept a manuscript for publication. Authors are not expected to contribute to the expenses involved in publishing and marketing their work; however, we look for authors who will actively participate in every step of the publishing process.


Please note:
●  We exclusively publish fiction written by women. We invite submissions of believable romances, mysteries/crime, young adult, and well-researched historical novels. We focus on lesbian fiction. Please note that at the moment we’re not looking for fantasy and/or science fiction novels.
●  We’re not interested in stories that glorify violence.


Our Preferred Word Count for Genres:
● Romance, Crime/Suspense, Action/Thriller, Mystery: 60,000 – 100,000
● Contemporary, Historical, and General: 60,000 – 100,000
● Young Adult/New Adult: 60,000 – 80,000
● Erotica: 60,000 – 80,000


Before sending us your manuscript:
●  Please don’t send us your first draft. Revise and proofread your manuscript thoroughly before submitting it for consideration. Correct any spelling and grammar mistakes.
●  Send us your manuscript as a *.doc, *.docx, or *.rtf file.


Information we need from you:
●  If you’d like to submit a novel or novella, please send us your manuscript attached to an e-mail. Do not mail us paper copies. Any and all unsolicited manuscripts sent to us by post will not be returned.
●  Include a synopsis or at least a summary of the plot and provide the word count for the entire, completed manuscript.
●  Let us know how long you have been writing and whether you have already published novels or short stories (and if yes, where).


The submission process:
●  We will send you a confirmation e-mail after receiving your manuscript.
●  It typically takes our editors four-to-eight weeks to review your manuscript.


Manuscript formatting guidelines:
●  Indent the first line of each paragraph 0.2 inches. Don’t put an extra blank line between paragraphs.
●  Don’t place hyphens at the end of a line.
●  For scene breaks, leave one blank line; then, in the next line, center three spaced asterisk [* * *], followed by another blank line.
●  Number each page (except for the cover page).
●  Use smart (curly/typographic) quotation marks [“ / ” / ‘ / ’] instead of straight quotation marks [" / '].
●  Use smart apostrophes [’] instead of straight apostrophes [']


Please send your submissions to:
Download our Submission Guidelines here PDF.

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