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Author: Jody Klaire


Beautiful, fashionable, rich celebrity Darcy McGregor knows all about perfection. She’s famous for stripping bare, restyling, and rejuvenating women on her UK TV show, Style Surgeon. Millions of fans, from London and Sydney to Cardiff and New York, hang off her iconic #EmbraceDesigner social media posts and there’s no challenge she can’t meet.

That is, until the day she meets brash, imperfect, security guard Kate Bonvilston.

Kate doesn’t care about fashionable clothes, quests for perfection, or impressing anyone, especially after having her heart shattered. She only bothers to strut into Darcy’s changing room after her mother volunteered her for a makeover without asking first.

Sizing up this impossible and annoyingly attractive woman, suddenly Darcy is the one in danger of being laid bare and exposed.

A lesbian romance about facing and embracing your own unique design.

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September 2018


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68,000 words




978-3-96324-091-1 (mobi), 978-3-96324-092-8 (epub), 978-3-96324-093-5 (pdf)


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8 reviews for In Fashion by Jody Klaire

  1. stephasselin


    Confused. This is how I feel right now. This book would’ve made a perfect movie. In fact, I read it more like a script than anything because the rhythm the writer gave to the book made it harder to read as a simple book.

    Darcy McGregor is a bitch. That’s the first thing we learn. She is famous in her line of work, hosting a show in which she helps women to find their inner beauty and strength, doing fashion surgeries to make them feel better. What is funny is how confident and strong she is, while in fact, behind the camera’s lens, she is hidden deep in her closet, refusing to be gay. Far enough that her daughter doesn’t even know she used to be in a relationship while Zoe, who she considers to be her second mom.

    Kate is a security agent who hates everything related to Darcy McGregor and her show. Her life was spent away from drama, trying to keep fake people far away from her as possible after getting her heart broken twice by people she considered friends.

    Both of their lives are as different as they can get, but what happens when Kate gets enrolled to be the ‘’lucky’’ person to get a makeover by the famous Darcy McGregor. Darcy ends up getting far more than she bargained for.

    I was expecting a lot from this book from its resumé, and I was left wanting more from it. The writing style didn’t help me follow the story, which meant I spent most of the time reading it without paying my undivided attention to the complete storyline; which is why I think it would’ve made a great movie since the pictures could probably say what we couldn’t read in between the lines. There were moments when the reader would’ve needed more information to help with the story, and others when so much information was thrown at the reader, personally making me lose interest in some scenes.

    Both main characters are well developed but seeing how fast their attraction came from Kate putting Darcy in her place, I feel like this book could’ve done better relationship-wise.

    I still had fun reading this book, once I got into the fast pace of the writing style and didn’t bother with little details that were either missing or being given in large amount at a time.

    It was nice to see Darcy struggle with her sexual orientation and it was her character’s progression that saved the book for me. She is a bitch. It’s the first line of the book. You know exactly what you are getting when dealing with Darcy but seeing her show more facets of her personality throughout the book really kept me turning pages. Her interactions with Zoe are hilarious and her complicity with Mikey is incredible. The attraction that grows between the two mains could be called improbable.

    I loved that Kate’s brother character, Mikey, existed in the story. His whole presence brings a smile to anyone’s face, Darcy included. The closeness between Mikey and Savannah what adorable, almost like two siblings getting together.

    The supporting characters were nice to see interact and try hard to fix things that were broken, saving all that could be saved from the mediatic mess surrounding them.

    One thing I never understood from the book was the amount of kissing going on between characters that had no apparent reasons to be kissing. It felt like it was too much.

    I still wish to read other books from Jody Klaire because I feel like there is a lot of potential in her, but this book will not rank as her best.

  2. Patricia Iserman


    I had some difficulty following the dialogue in the very beginning of the book.A little too quick for my feeble brain.
    Once I figured out who was who and what they were talking about I got into it .
    What a complicated but very interesting relationship between Darcy and Zoe.I was fascinated learning about their history and how they dealt with each other after having such a difficult parting of ways.I love Kate,Mikey and Susannah.They were the true heart of the story.It’s difficult to explain anything about these characters without giving away the many conflicts and “jist” of their story with each other.No spoilers from me.
    I can assure you that this book is well worth your time and money.

  3. Betty Harmon


    ‘In Fashion’ is a contemporary romance about a rich and gorgeous celebrity, Darcy McGregor who uses her popular UK television show to take “ordinary” people and restyle them to be what she calls rejuvenated and stylish. Her life is flowing normally until Darcy meets her next show challenge in the form of Kate Bonvilston, a self assertive security guard whose mother secretly signed her up for the show hoping to help Kate in her love life. The sparks fly as soon as the two meet and only grow in severity as the minor characters around them add fireworks to those sparks.

    I’m actually in a quandary over this review. I really had trouble with the narrative of the book, especially during the first half. I could not get into the characters or see much of a connection between them.I also found the narrative choppy, probably because a lot of the narrative included the thoughts of the characters without showing in some way that they were thoughts and not just narrative. That pulled me out of the story and made it harder for me to enjoy. Once I realized how the narrative had been written, I kind of changed the way I was looking at the story, and I began to enjoy the book more. I really liked the story by the end. I just wish I could have enjoyed it all the way through.I can recommend this book with the note that the reader may have to adjust the way they read the narrative. There are three stars at the top of this review, but if the review sites allowed it, you would see three and a half stars for this review.

  4. Kitty Kat


    ‘In Fashion’ by Jody Klaire is utterly superb. There was so much more than just girl meets girl to this story. There was layer after layer and every layer more fascinating than the last. Darcy McGregor is a former catwalk model, now Style Surgeon on her own ratings winning TV show. She comes across as an appearance-obsessed bitch, but into her life walks Kate Bonvilston and things are never the same. Security guard Kate has no interest in how she looks and doesn’t buy into Darcy’s vision. Until she ends up as one of her ‘patients’.

    The story is hilariously funny and the characters are real. They are so well written and I could easily imagine them. I fell in love with so many of them – not just Darcy and Kate. I loved Kate’s brother Mickey. He was an insightful wee guy. Darcy might like people to think she’s a bitch but she is adorable underneath and I loved her. The dynamic between her and Zoe was ascerbic and fun and her relationship with Susannah shows so much more about her.

    I found myself laughing out loud at some of the hilarious encounters and the banter between Darcy and Kate and Darcy and Zoe – and not just when I was reading it- but later when scenes popped back into my head.

    It was a totally absorbing book that made me smile.

    I was given this ARC for review.

  5. Karola


    ***free ARC
    At the beginning I couldn‘t get the feeling for this book. But the more I read, I found a liking for these characters, especially Mikey. Darcy is a royal bitch, no one is really getting close to her, she wouldn‘t let that happen. Until Kate happens. She‘s beautiful, very down to earth and doesn‘t like Darcy. But they have to work together and start to get to know each other more and more, until they find the other one more than likable. In the end a really nice book.

  6. pharridge


    An entertaining, funny, heart warming story about what we are on the outside is not more important than what you are underneath. Bitchy Darcy meets her match with security guard Kate. The storyline is a little slow to begin but soon gains speed and drew me into the charcaters lives. I had a love hate battle with Darcy’s character…I just wanted her to wake up and look at what was in front of her! It was great because she would occassionally show some insight and knew things would develop more positively between the main characters.
    This was the first book I’ve read by this author and am happy to say how much I enjoyed this novel. I look forward to more from Ms Klaire. I received an arc in exchange for an honest review.

  7. Jenn M


    Fantastic book with funny, interesting and different characters. Wonderfully written with colourful and clever dialogue. Brilliant younger characters – Mikey and Suzannah – cute and real.

    The story flowed well and was smartly paced. The style of writing was also good, with quick remarks occasionally that kept my interest.

    A great romance about finding yourself and then being true to yourself. Definitely 5 stars. Brilliant read.

  8. Velvet Lounger


    4.5 stars

    Cross Trinny and Susannah with Mary Portas and you have the concept of “In Fashion”. Super model and super bitch Darcy McGregor is the TV makeover queen with a complicated past. When her daughter and producer decide to shake her up by picking a gorgeous lesbian security guard for her next patient, everybody but Darcy can see she has met her match. Down to earth Kate dislikes fashion, thinks Darcy is shallow and is uninterested in becoming the latest victim of her attention.

    This is a very comical romp with some serious messages. It’s laugh out loud funny, with wonderful characters, amusing dialogue and a literal clash of wills that challenges both women’s assumptions. Underneath the fun we find a sensitive handling of mental disability, a fight against bullying and watch how the media and social media can destroy a person’s life.

    Th characters make the book, genuine and very real, warts and all. Darcy’s a woman locked in her own heard headed self-loathing, but a wonderful mother with a brilliant relationship with her typically teenage daughter. Kate’s a totally adorable soul who doesn’t realise how amazing she is. The family and friends form a great ensemble piece, but it will be Mickey, Kate’s wonderful brother, who will steal your heart.

    Well written, genuinely witty, empathetic and full of clever human observation this is an excellent read, I literally couldn’t put it down

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