All the Little Moments by G Benson

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Author: G Benson


A successful anaesthetist, Anna is focused on herself, her career, and her girlfriend. Everything changes abruptly when her brother’s and sister-in-law’s deaths devastate her and her family. Left responsible for her young niece and nephew, Anna finds herself dumped and alone in Melbourne, a city she doesn’t even like. She tries to navigate the shock of looking after two children battling with their grief while managing her own.

Filled with self-doubt, Anna feels as if she’s making a mess of the entire thing, especially when she collides with a long-legged stranger. Anna barely has time to brush her teeth in the morning, let alone to date a woman—least of all one who has no idea about the two kids under her care.

Just when Anna finally starts to feel as if she’s getting some control of the situation, the biggest fight begins and Anna really has to step up once and for all.

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August 2015


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132,000 words




978-3-95533-342-3 (mobi), 978-3-95533-343-0 (epub), 978-3-95533-344-7 (pdf)


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7 reviews for All the Little Moments by G Benson

  1. grldownunder19822004


    What more is there to say than this was a truly wonderful story!

  2. Ameliah Faith


    Contented sigh
    Anna’s brother and sister in law died leaving her to care for their two children. Anna had never wanted kids and in spite of the life she had in another city she moves back to step up, leaving her shallow girlfriend behind. Soon she will make true friends, a new girlfriend and start a new relationship with her mother, but through it all she makes it clear, the kids come first!

    I really loved this book. It was so sweet and romantic and mushy…. it was just soo good! I admired Anna’s strength and courage to give up everything and give her niece and nephew a stable loving life. Her new friends are also just as strong as they make their way past their own pain. Lane and Kym have each others backs and Anna’s even when she can not cope with another thing and all are there for each other even when things look the bleakest. I would love to have friends like that! I also liked how Anna was able to forgive her mother and they could move on to have a whole different kind of relationship than they did before Anna moved away. Even when things were bad their love shone through. It was all so gosh darn warm and fuzzy and I can not wait to read it again!

  3. Lauren Noble


    A truly outstanding debut with everything one hopes for in a novel! Equal parts ease-of-reading and wit,humour and heartbreak, can’t wait for the next from this author!

  4. Tara at The Lesbian Review


    All the Little Moments by G Benson is an absolute gem. It deftly and delicately explores the challenges of navigating a new life while grieving, including when joy starts to pop up again, but also provides a satisfying romance.

    Anna Foster has rushed back from a beach holiday in Indonesia because her brother and sister-in-law were killed by a drunk driver. Within a month, her life is entirely different; not only has she lost her best friends, but she’s raising their two small children alone in Melbourne, away from her happily childfree-by-choice former life with her now ex-girlfriend in Brisbane.

    One day Anna runs her shopping cart into a beautiful woman who’s flirty and funny. Lucky for her, this woman is a nurse at the hospital where she just started as an anaesthetist, and is happy to move at any speed Anna is comfortable with.

    Plenty of lesroms explore grief in the context of widowhood, but this is the first I’ve seen with a story like this. Benson nonjudgmentally explores how it’s possible to grieve for many things at once (people, a former life, the future you thought you were going to have), acknowledging that sometimes it means working through thoughts and feelings we’re not proud of. Anna’s guilt at realizing she’s starting to be happy is beautiful and sincere, something that anyone who has ever grieved will identify with.

    Full review here:

  5. Cathryn


    I cried I laughed and I read in a day. Enjoyed the whole story and could really feel the characters even little Ella. Well done over already downloaded the next

  6. matsu

    (verified owner):

    Brilliant book. Romance, tension, suspense, new relationships (of all kinds)… it has everything. And I’m a big bad butch; books generally don’t make me cry, ok? This one did, and not just once. I still loved it. Damn you, I mean thank you, G Benson!

  7. lobster


    This one’s a bit tricky to rate, and even trickier to review. It has a nurse + doctor romance in it (ugh) and small children (gasp), neither of which is what I’m usually looking for when choosing a book.

    However. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the author and she is such a lovely, charming and sweet bundle of happy bubbles and so lovably excited about having published her first novel, and so I thought, what the heck, I’ll give it a try.

    Well, what can I say. I haven’t regretted it. It’s a lovely, heartwarming book. Yes, there’s a doctor and a nurse falling in love with each other, yes, there’s small children and yes, family issues are pretty much in the centre of this story. There’s heartache and loss, there’s sappy romance and cuddling, there’s angst and hurt – but while this may sound like your average tearjerker and, even worse, like perfect ammo for the romance-bashing critics out there, let me tell you it’s not a tearjerker and it’s anything but stereotype.

    Although it’s pretty much en vogue to label everything AWESOME and BREATHTAKING and GUT WRENCHING and yada yada, I would label this book lovely and heartwarming. It almost qualifies as comfort read. It’s refreshingly drama-free without being bland. Take Anna’s and Hayley’s break-up, for instance (don’t worry, this is no spoiler because a) it’s mentioned in the blurb and b) it happens pretty much at the beginning of the book). There’s no door slamming and bitching, and Hayley doesn’t turn from formerly loving partner to murderous uberbitch. Sometimes, something so drastic and heartbreaking happens in one’s life that there is just not enough energy left to create a massive scene. Then a decision must be made, and quickly, and this is what happens. There’s this new situation and it turns everything upside down, and Hayley knows she won’t be able to handle it without causing more damage. So she delivers the blow and as the story progresses, it turns out it was the right thing to do. Instead of becoming somebody ice cold and in the distance, however, she keeps Anna in a special place in her heart and she does what she can to help when help is needed. I liked that a lot. There’s just too many books out there where the ex suddenly turns into this hateful bitch making the hero’s or heroine’s life hell. It’s so nice to see a change from this trope.

    (In fact, I’d be delighted to find out how Hayley’s been doing since the break-up. Hoping for a novel probably is too much, but maybe a novella? And while we’re at it, Kym deserves her own story, too. Thank you.)

    While Benson does touch tricky subjects – how do you handle your grief, or that of a friend, or that of a child? How do you cope with people frowning upon your ‘lifestyle’ (not giving that away because, SPOILERS)? –, she does so with a very light hand. I didn’t bite my nails, I didn’t stay up late to read the next chapter, and the next, and the next… but I did look forward to it because I wanted to know how the story continued, and the tedious train rides to and from work passed away quickly and pleasantly.

    ‘Light entertainment’ sounds horrible, I know, but it’s actually an art form. It takes a truly talented writer to deliver a light novel with adult/grown-up contents that doesn’t fall into the soap opera trap. I don’t want to bite my nails, and I don’t want to stay up too late all the time, but I do want to read good stories. And sometimes, a book that calms me down after a stressful day at work is even more welcome than one that gets my blood pressure up.

    I’m giving four stars because I was pleasantly surprised and much enjoyed reading about Anna, Ella Bella and Tobes. Well done, Ms Benson!

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