Heartwood by Catherine Lane

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Author: Catherine Lane


A young lawyer sets out to prove herself and stumbles across a mystery—and love—in a women’s resort town in this lesbian romance.

All Nikka thinks about is making partner in the law firm she works for. So, when the firm sends her to the Springs, a women’s resort town and home of famous lesbian author Beth Walker, Nikka jumps at the chance to prove herself to her sexy boss, Lea.

But nothing in the Springs is as it seems. Beth is hiding secrets about her mysterious past with movie star Dawn Montgomery. Lea may only be out for her own gain and keeping Beth a prisoner in her own home. And the only person who might see the truth of the situation is adorably impulsive Maggie.

Will Nikka stay true to her life’s ambition, or will she dare look into the mystery—and into her own heart?

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July 2016


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86,000 words




978-3-95533-675-2 (mobi), 978-3-95533-676-9 (epub), 978-3-95533-677-6 (pdf)


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6 reviews for Heartwood by Catherine Lane

  1. Ameliah Faith


    Heartwood is the story of Beth and Dawn and Nikka and Maggie, past and present. In 1960 Beth loved Dawn so much that she wrote a story based on their love. The book became a cult it and many women throughout the decades prize it for helping them realize the truth about themselves. Fast forward to the present. Beth is now a recluse who relies on her law firm to manage her affairs, including a live in nurse. Maggie is hired to be Beth’s personal chef but is not allowed to get anywhere near the author. She feels there is something really wrong but has no way to confirm it. Meanwhile Nikka is an up and coming star in the law firm that handles Beth’s affairs. Lea, her boss, is the one responsible for keeping the writer off limits. Nikka accidentally sees Bath and knows something is up. Can Nikka and Maggie get to the bottom of the mystery or will they both be exiled from the estate and their jobs? Who is the girl with the cherry blossom tattoo?

    Ive been a fan of Ms Lane’s since her very first story. She has a beautiful, emotional style to her writing that I just can not stay away from. Heartwood is a darker novel with more depth and substance than her previous books. Her characters are so easy to care for. Whether you love them or hate them or fear them, you will care. I very much enjoyed having two stories that merged into one. There is so much more time to get to know the characters and see why they behave the way they do. I found myself falling for Young Beth. Her story is very bittersweet and memorable…sigh.

    The apprehension the mystery caused was just divine, who doesn’t love to worry about the safety of the leads? I love how Ms Lane can make me scared for the “good” gals (vs the “evil” ones), excited about the events, I was heartbroken, happy, relieved and finally contented with a big smile on my face. I commend Ms Lane for stretching her wings in this novel and I hope you will care for the book as much as I do.

  2. Patti Cobb


    I really can’t stop thinking about this book. Just saying…

  3. Dee


    This is the first book I’ve read by this author and wow does she have a way with words. The vivid and emotional writing style submerged me right in the middle of this drama, slash love story, slash mystery!

    From very early on it becomes apparent something extremely wrong is going on behind closed doors. But what? I’m loathed to reveal too much about the plot for fear of giving anything away. I will say all is not as it seems.

    Although this story is of a time gone by, the forbidden love of Beth and Dawn, and the present day blossoming attraction between Nikka and Maggie, the pace between past and present was perfectly spaced out. It allowed me time to become totally invested in all characters without getting reader whiplash, or worse lost in the timeline! My heart broke for Beth and Dawn, and I kept wondering who the mysterious tattooed girl was, Maggie stole the show for me. Gosh damn… I want a Maggie.

    While sex is far from central to the plot, there’s a little spice for those who enjoy such, I’m one of those readers. I tip my hat to Ms Lane for writing one of the most sensual, sexy scenes I’ve encountered in lesbian fiction! She goes to show you can word things in such a beautiful way that a person can see and feel where fingers are going without having explicit names for the genitalia thrown in your face. Not that I mind that from time to time. But yeah, subtlety sometimes works best.

    I could rave and rave about all the things I loved about this story, but rather than do so I’d encourage you to pickup a copy and decide for yourself how good it is, I highly doubt you’ll be disappointed.

    I recommend Heartwood to everyone who enjoys a good mystery, well developed plot, and characters you’ll be rooting for.

  4. Karen McIntosh


    Sometimes a book grabs you and won’t let go. Characters take a hold of your heart and their story becomes a part of you. ‘Heartwood’ is one of those books. The story takes place in Steelhead Springs, a small town made famous in literary and lesbian circles by author Beth Walker. It goes between young Beth’s life in 1960 and the present day, when she is living as a recluse. Young Beth falls madly in love with a Hollywood star, Dawn, and starts to become the woman she needs to be. Their love affair is beautifully told but it is complicated, confusing and not without tears. In the present day she is hidden from the world in the house where she and Dawn fell in love. What is really going on? Is she really a recluse or is there more to the story? Finding out these answers had my emotions all over the place. Her chef Maggie is worried and needs to make others see there is a problem. Lawyer Nikka finds herself torn between a high powered career and doing the right thing. I loved the dynamic between those two and the heat practical jumped off the page when they were together. I loved this book, felt I knew the characters. Rarely can an author pull the reader into their world and make them want to stay there. I thoroughly recommend this book and five stars is just not enough!
    I was given this ARC free by Ylva Publishing in return for an honest review.

  5. Risa


    i had a really good time reading this book! i love the idea of steelhead springs and the characters in the town were interesting enough for their own stories someday! the stars of the book were multi-dimensional and never dull. it was great to follow each of them through their separate but parallel stories. the last novel i read was ‘before the fall’ and i enjoyed this one more!

  6. Edwin Fell


    My wife passed me this book to read because she thought it was great. She was right, as usual. The characters have a quality of realism to them that I could relate to. I know someone just like Maggie. Impulsive, full of fun and lots of wisdom under that carefree exterior. I also enjoyed the two story lines. I never found cutting back at forth jarring since past and present were always connected by the same theme. They came together at the end so well. A great read with a very easy style.

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