Defensive Mindset by Wendy Temple

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Author: Wendy Temple


In this lesbian sports romance women’s football star Jessie has her life set, and doesn’t need rebellious rival Fran getting in her way. So when they wind up on the same Edinburgh team, how will they survive?

Star footballer and successful businesswoman Jessie Grainger has her life set, and doesn’t need anything getting in the way. That includes rebellious rival player Fran Docherty, a burnt-out barmaid with a past as messed up as her attitude. So when the clashing pair find themselves on the same Edinburgh women’s football team, how will they survive each other, let alone play to win?

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April 2017


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100,000 words




978-3-95533-838-1 (mobi), 978-3-95533-839-8 (epub), 978-3-95533-840-4 (pdf)


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7 reviews for Defensive Mindset by Wendy Temple

  1. Jane Shambler


    This is my first book by this author and I’ll happily admit that I was blown away. I really enjoyed it. Firstly, I liked the fact it was set in the UK. At last it was places I knew and could relate too and not try to imagine. Secondly, it covers a subject that is handled very well with sensitivity and compassion. Thirdly, women’s football who isn’t interested. (sorry, soccer to our american cousins).

    It’s set over a year or more notably a football season. It’s an opposites attract book. but saying that I am inclined to slightly disagree with myself. I know confusing. The two main characters are very complex, but for different reasons.It is a very well written book, and a book that you can not put down but even more than that it is a book you do not want to put down.

    As I said my first by this author but most definately not the last. I really enjoyed it. I can’t wait for more and maybe even a sequel as there is plently of scope for more. Read – you’ll enjoy.

  2. Karola


    ***free ARC
    I really enjoyed this book. I love football myself and so it was great to read about women’s football. The two main characters couldn’t be more different than these two, but opposite attracts. They struggle to come together, to know each other and believe in themselves. A wonderful book which I can really recommend.

  3. Sandra


    I loved the story of Jessie and Fran.
    On the first sight, the two women are as apposed as possible. Jessie the strong willed and clear structured soccer player, who plays in the national team and works hard for her goals in sport as well as in her job as a real estate broker. On the other side Fran, with a dark past, who’s messed up bigtime her predicted career as model and musician. Who couldn’t handle the beginning success and fame.

    The first time they met, as opponent on the field, was a disaster for Jessie. But the second time was even worse, now she has to play with Fran on the same team. She’s sure, Fran will be trouble. But she has no idea what kind of trouble she‘s getting in with Fran.

    Fran would like to forget her past, but that’s not possible, every day she has to fight, has to be strong. This time she will not only survive, she will make something good for the people she’s let down. She has no time for more than sex, and she doesn’t deserve happiness. But somehow, Jessie is sneaking in in her heart.

    As time goes on, the two player slowly bond with each other. It’s a tough road the two of them has to take, but maybe in the end, they will able to find a way to make it work. Wendy made a fantastic job, I could feel with the two women, what they were thinking and feeling.

    The only thing that doesn’t fit well was the time schedule of the championship, they didn’t had a real off season, this time in the book was too short.

    Despite other readers, who can’t imagen that people with Fran’s past can play soccer on this level, they are wrong, this is possible. I know some players myself with similar past’s who could play on this level. And there are some people with drug and alcohol issues during their time as pro players.
    4 stars for Defensive Mindset. I’m looking forward to the next book from Wendy Temple.

    Thanks to Ylva for receiving an ACR for an honest review.
    Sorry for my bad English, my native language is Swiss German.

  4. Karen Mcintosh


    Defensive Mindset is set in the world of women’s football and follows Jessie Granger, estate agent and star player for the team, and Fran Docherty, a troubled and withdrawn woman with an amazing talent for the game. I must admit that I’m not a big football fan but this book is about so much more than that. Football is the background only and the real strength of this story is the depth of emotion, the understanding of despair, trust and love. Wendy Temple has written a fantastic story that deals with a relationship full of difficulties and turmoil but she also managed to make it joyful and incredibly sexy too. Jessie’s life is safe and ordered and meeting Fran has made her re-evaluate all she thought she knew. Fran is a complicated and apparently anti-social individual. Once we delve into her background we realise there is so much more to her and I really grew to admire her. The setting of Portobello in Edinburgh was interesting and I even found myself rooting for their team. I highly recommend it.
    I was given this ARC by Ylva Publishing in return for an honest review.

  5. pharridge


    I have to admit that it took me afew chapters to really get into this book. I found the pace a little slow at the beginning. However, it did pick up pace both on and off the (soccer) pitch.
    The main characters of Jessie and Fran have strong personalities with interesting back stories.
    I did enjoy how they developed and came tpogether in this sporting romance. This story offers up much more than it first appears.
    I received an arc copy in exchange for an honest review.

  6. Patricia Iserman


    Jessie and Fran are thrown together and forced to get along.Jessie loves to talk,Fran hates to talk.Jessie is outgoing ,Fran is a loner.
    I loved watching these 2 interact.Wendy Temple is such a good writer that I feel as though I can see what is going on as a movie.
    Fran has been so traumatized that it takes considerable time for the persistent Jessie to get her to open up.
    Well worth your time.

  7. Camille Gauthier

    (verified owner):

    I absolutely love this emotional slow burn. The relationship between Fran and Jessie grows so organically that by the time they finally come together, it feels believable. Both of the main characters are well fleshed-out, and Fran’s backstory was handled so tenderly, I felt. This happy ending was well-earned.

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