Bunny Finds a Friend by Hazel Yeats

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Author: Hazel Yeats


It’s close to Christmas in Amsterdam, and Cara Jong isn’t having the best of days. Her girlfriend has left her, and her new job isn’t nearly as glamorous as she hoped it would be. A run-in with Jude Donovan, who’s playing Santa Claus in a department store, does little to lift her spirits, even though there’s clearly an appealing woman hidden beneath Santa’s beard.

When Cara finds out that Jude is actually a well-known author of children’s books, she’s intrigued and decides to attend Jude’s reading. A bizarre misunderstanding breaks the ice between them, and they share a heated kiss that same night.

As the weeks go by, they begin to fall in love and hope to leave past experiences behind. But Cara doesn’t trust her luck in love and soon breaks things off, leaving Jude baffled and broken-hearted.

Can Cara’s meddling sisters and a hilarious road trip convince Cara to go after her happily-ever-after with the writer?

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January 2016


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55,000 words




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3 reviews for Bunny Finds a Friend by Hazel Yeats

  1. Kurt Ozinga


    “Bunny finds a friend” is a very nice story written by Hazel Yeats in 3rd person. The setting is Amsterdam in the Netherlands, about a woman, Cara, who is aimless in life meeting another woman, Jude, who is very focused and quite successful. They fall into a quick love that surprises them both, but neither are mentally or emotionally prepared for the depth of this instant attraction.

    I should say in the review of this that there is no description of sex or the erotic in this.

    There is a subplot which grounds things and enables the author to flesh out Cara’s thoughts and feelings for the reader. Cara has three sisters and they all live in Amsterdam and get together once a week. They are explored, as characters, enough to know who they are when speaking. They are amusing, help to add some variety to the story and are vital to the ending.

    I enjoyed the story probably more than I normally would with this theme as Ms Yeats’ style of writing is very fluid and well edited. I only found one typographic error in the book. The author includes a “Dutch thing” referring to the northern principality of Groningen as having its own language that is difficult for the rest of Holland to understand. Groningen and Friesland both have a myriad of dialects and Friesland her own language and are frequently teased by their southern neighbors.

    Cara seemed real to me, a real person, with Jude slightly less so only because the narrative does not include her. Both women’s thoughts and feelings are well described and known. The dialogue in the story is very well thought out and natural enough for me. This is a romance, but with more. I recommend this book and author.

  2. Tara at The Lesbian Review


    Bunny Finds A Friend by Hazel Yeats is her debut novel. It is a unique romance novel with a balance of quirky whimsy and self-exploration that I haven’t seen anywhere else before.

    Cara Jong doesn’t want to be tied down by any woman or career, and in the run up to Christmas she’s having one hell of a bad day. Her girlfriend has left her for a formerly straight coworker and she has to serve court papers to Jude Donovan while he’s playing Santa at one of the malls in Amsterdam. Except Jude Donovan isn’t a he. Jude is a she with beautiful eyes and a smart mouth.

    Days after serving Jude, Cara can’t stop thinking about her and those eyes and is shocked to learn that she’s THE Jude Donovan, wildly successful children’s author of the Bunny series. Through a silly misunderstanding involving a bunny suit and a roomful of eager toddler fans, Cara and Jude finally properly meet, talk, and fall madly into lust with each other, and eventually maybe even love. But can they make it work when Cara has nothing to offer and Jude is a single mom who’s a little gunshy following a bad divorce?

    What makes Bunny Finds A Friend so special to me is that while, yes, it is a romance novel, it’s also about coming of age in your early 30s. As much as movies and tv want us to believe that people figure out who they are in their teens and early 20s, a lot of people don’t figure it out until later on. So while this might sound a little cheesy, I think there’s something beautiful about Cara figuring out how to love herself so she has the confidence that she can be a good partner to someone else.

    Full review here: http://www.thelesbianreview.com/bunny-finds-a-friend-hazel-yeats/

  3. Dee


    3.5 stars

    This story is told in third person and completely from Cara’s point of view. So first and foremost I’d like to state, the story is really about her journey and any romance is secondary to that, at least that was my experience while reading. At 32 years of age Cara is a free spirit, seeming to drift through life, with no fixed job or commitments. Then she has the onus task of serving papers on Jude. From that day forth she can’t get the woman out of her mind.

    With the help of her sisters, Cara discovers Jude is a famous writer of children’s books and she conspires to cross paths again. The event that unfolded was a lot of fun! Things get heated but there’s no on-page sex, frankly it wasn’t needed. And that’s rich coming from me – a self-confessed smut lover.

    Moving on, things quickly went downhill and their ‘union’ was short lived. Cara didn’t gel with Jude’s five-year-old daughter for one. I was a little disappointed that this was glossed over later in the story. Much like the plagiarism charge which essentially bought the two ladies into each other’s lives. But then this wasn’t Jude’s story so I guess that’s to be expected?

    Cara is very close to her sisters, and sister-in-law, their weekly catch-ups will appeal to many readers. They’re a mixed bunch. To quote Cara – “I’m too flaky, Inge eats too much, Alice spends too much, and Myra has too much unprotected sex.”

    This was a fun story. I really enjoyed the setting, Amsterdam. With the various places so well described, I felt like I’d been transported to a place I’d love to visit.

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