The Set Piece by Catherine Lane

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Author: Catherine Lane



A lesbian’s plan to pose as the fake wife for a famous gay ASL player goes awry when she falls for his pretty assistant in this lesbian sports romance.

Smart and athletic, Amy Kimball should have it all, but her life’s in a tailspin. She’s working two menial jobs to make ends meet, barely a paycheck away from financial disaster, and women aren’t exactly lining up at her door.

Enter soccer star Diego Torres, who’s keeping a big secret: he’s gay. His manager fears that if he’s found out, his endorsements and his chance to play for the national team will evaporate into the wind.

Amy jumps at the chance to act as Diego’s fake fiancée, even though it means signing her life away in a non-disclosure agreement. On the surface, the job couldn’t be better: the money’s great; the living accommodations are luxurious, and she gets to watch her favorite soccer team from the players’ box at the stadium.

But she soon realizes that this new life is even harder to navigate than her old one. Diego’s manager is as sleazy as they come, and this easy job soon turns complicated, possibly even dangerous. More important, all the lies Amy is forced to tell are starting to eat away at her soul, especially when she finds herself attracted to Casey Palmer, Diego’s pretty assistant.

Will Amy watch from the sidelines, or will she find the courage to get back into the game?

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June 2015


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64,000 words




978-3-95533-373-7 (mobi), 978-3-95533-374-4 (epub), 978-3-95533-375-1 (pdf)


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2 reviews for The Set Piece by Catherine Lane

  1. Ameliah Faith


    Still Adoring Ms. Lane

    As with all of Ms Lanes books this was a really sweet romance. The story is about a woman, her pseudo fiancee and his Personal Assistant.

    Amy has been hired to pose as Diego’s fiancee to keep a secret from the world. His PA, Casey, is a major fly in the ointment. Amy can’t stop thinking about the sexy, leggy former soccer star. The woman is driving her crazy but Casey is straight and in love with Diego…right? Amy really needs to get her head together because someone has pictures of Diego that could harm is good boy image.

    I fell in love with Amy. She is so easy to relate to. I really liked how she handles her problems and deals with with her code of ethics. She really does try to do the right thing even if it means hurting and loosing her best friends. Ms Lane shares Amy’s growth and determination as she becomes a strong female character.

    I felt such compassion for Casey and mourned the loss of the woman she was suppose to become but could not stop smiling at who she is. They both made me laugh and were delightful with each other!

    Diego was a bit dense and self focused except when it came to Amy. He truly loved her and depended on her. It was a fascinating relationship and it was nice to see it evolve.

    There were several other minor characters but every one of them essential to the success of the book.

    I was taken by this book. The story was sound, well written and had charming, believable characters, as believable as you can get in Rom Com anyway. This was a fast, fun and easy read. I hated to see come to an end. Oh, and I have to agree with Isabella, they would make beautiful babies!

  2. Dee


    3.5 stars

    I played soccer as a teenager so the cover for this story totally called to me, not to mention the fact that I love a good scandal and lesbian romance.

    When Diego drops the ball, over stress of being outed, his manager finds him a fake fiancée. Amy is suspicious at first, rightly so, but when it becomes clear the offer is legit she’s totally onboard. A $1,500 weekly pay check and lush surroundings would be hard for many people to pass up, especially for someone who can’t even afford to put gas in their car.

    The scene when Amy quit her job, and stuck it to her pig of a boss, was classic.

    My heart went out to Amy roommate, Simon. For the brief part he played he came across as a top-notch guy. The way she dropped him like a hot potato left me cold. By the time Amy tried to redeem herself the damage had been done. I’m glad Simon didn’t fall at her feet as he’s the only character who seemed to have a spine.

    I didn’t care for Diego at all, he came across as a wimp. I think in part that’s due to the fact the story’s told completely from Amy’s point-of-view. There’s the hint of a scandal when pictures of Diego in compromising situations come to light, thus begins Amy and Casey’s pursuit into uncovering the ‘mole’. To me it was so clear I thought I had to be wrong, whether or not I was I’m not going to say.

    The relationship between Amy and Casey, or should I say attraction, moved fast once the ladies made it known they were into each other. Amy took a huge risk by spilling her guts, and I’m surprised no lawsuits followed.

    I love learning new things while reading and in this story it was soccer golf. It sounded like such fun.

    Summary, while this story didn’t blow me out of the ballpark, unlike Heartwood also by Catherine Lane, I still found it an enjoyable read and am sure many others will too.

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