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Author: KL Hughes


A prominent figure amongst New York City’s fashion elite, Elena Vega is a successful businesswoman and single mother to an adorable three-year-old son, Lucas. Her love life, however, is lacking, as those closest to her keep pointing out.

At the persistent urging of her closest friend, Elena reluctantly agrees to a string of blind dates if she can find a suitable babysitter for Lucas.

Enter Allison Sawyer, a free-spirited senior at New York University.

Elena is intrigued by Allison’s ability to push her out of her element, and the young woman’s instant and easy connection with a normally shy Lucas quickly earns Allison the job.

After each blind date, Elena returns home to complain to Allison about her lacking suitors. As they bond, Elena begins to realize that the person possessing all the qualities she most desires might just be the woman who has been in front of her the entire time.

The vast difference between the two women’s social statuses, however, may be an obstacle not easily overcome.

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September 2015


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113,000 words




978-3-95533-266-2 (mobi), 978-3-95533-267-9 (epub), 978-3-95533-268-6 (pdf)


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11 reviews for Popcorn Love by KL Hughes

  1. Marcy


    I was hesitant to purchase this book based on the description of the story line. I had read a similar story line last year about a mom and a babysitter and thought it would be too much like that story. After 3 different times of seeing this book pop up in my searches for new books, I took the bait. I bought it last weekend and had a hard time putting it down, I loved this book!

    This is such a wonderfully enjoyable story from start to finish. The two main characters are fun to follow and watch them grow through the book. The supporting characters were amazingly entertaining. The writing was refreshing, funny and not always anticipated. The one liners that still have me laughing! This is a book I will probably read once a year for the enjoyment. I would love to see follow up stories with some of the supporting characters that also involve Elena, Allison and especially Nora!

  2. Momo


    I was lucky enough to get a hold of an e book copy of this book. I read it from start to finish in 24 hrs. I loved it!!! It was no where near as perdictable as most romance novels i read and it kept me on the edge of my seat. I was so enthralled with the book i search for more of this author’s titles! Good read! If you fond this book…no matter your genre of choice, grab it and run to your reading room and get comfy!

  3. Neeka


    I never enjoyed a story from beginning to end so much! Sometime you get so caught up in a story to only have it lack in the mid to end, but Popcorn Love was light hearted, funny, and just plain adorable. I could see this as a cute romantic comedy that I watch over and over again. Love this book!

  4. Kamolth


    First time buying a book from ylva publishing. If all your books are as good as this one I will buy often. I got an hard copy of this book.

  5. petra


    I loved these characters… I’ve already read it a couple of times!
    Elena and Allison are witty, developed and fun characters, who are surrounded by wonderful people who include her family, BFF Vivian and Allison’s college roommate Macy. All of the cast make this book enjoyable to read from start to finish. Elena’s dating escapades followed by her post date debriefs with Allison are great however the lunches and phone calls with Vivian are hilarious.
    A great read for those who like a good romcom.
    I would definitely recommend this book. Strong characters with flowing dialogue allow readers to immerse themselves in the story.
    I can’t wait to read more from KL Hughes in the future.

  6. Kim


    I really loved this book. The prose was easy to follow but really beautiful and thought-provoking. Both the main characters and the supporting cast were extremely well-written and jumped off the page as real, complex people. I would highly recommend it to any fan of contemporary/realistic romance.

  7. je


    Loved this book. The character are developed, the style is engaging. But then I already loved it when it was still a fanfic

  8. Hayley


    I absolutely adore this book. I don’t often make time for reading anymore, as much as I would love to, but this is one book that I will read from start to finish the second I pick it up. The characters are so well developed and witty and you fall in love with them from the very beginning. I caught myself smiling so many times. I was so excited to be able to order this book the second I knew it was available. Great author.

  9. edengiral


    One of my fav books! Characters are well developed; the love story is very sweet, always funny, sometimes sexy, and you might fall in love with Elena and Alli like me. Others characters like Lucas, Vivian, Macy or even Elena’s mother are great. I’ve even add “She’s so high” from Tal Bachman to my Spotify, just because of this book (Elena’s serenade) 😉 Read it!

  10. stephasselin


    This book has been on my list for a while but somehow always got pushed back. I am so glad I finally took the time to read it. I’ve known KL Hugues’ work from the fanfiction days and it’s the first book I’ve read since ‘’The Art of Us’’.


    KL Hugues did a great job with her characters in this book. Their banters and their chemistry are so well written, that it is impossible not to fall in love with all the characters in this book. More than once in the book, when Elena opened the door to meet her date, I was always looking forward to reading Allison’s opinion on the guy, because she usually wasn’t wrong, and it was in those moments that we could see them evolve. The storyline is entertaining. I could clearly see this become a great movie. The dialogue is adorably hilarious at times.

    I would recommend this book to anyone out there who is just like me, hesitating and pushing it back down the pile. It is a nice, easy read between two main characters with clashing personalities. On the plus side, there is no complicated situations, no uncertainties. It feels like how most love stories in real life are started. They build slowly without anyone noticing it, but once you realise your feelings and are in the relationship, you are in. There is no need to complicate things with hesitant feelings. This book is great for all the lovers at heart out there who can’t bear getting their hearts broken by a book.

    Get the full review at https://rainbowmoosesreviews.wordpress.com/2018/07/02/popcorn-love-by-kl-hugues/

    Get it on Ylva: https://www.ylva-publishing.com/product/popcorn-love-by-kl-hughes/

  11. Betty Harmon


    I kept meaning to read Popcorn Love by K.L. Hughes, but for some reason, I didn’t get the book until now. I am really glad I finally got this story to read and review.

    Popcorn Love is an absolute joy to read; a sweet and very satisfying love story that is well written and engaging. K.L. Hughes is an excellent author, and it shows in this book. The characters are well drawn, both the main characters and the secondary ones. In fact, the story is so much better because of her secondary characters. I love how the two main characters grow together and the sweet romance that just flows through the tale.

    If you haven’t read Popcorn Love yet, don’t wait any longer. This is too good a book to miss.

    I received an ARC for an honest review.

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