Drawing the Line by KD Williamson

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Book Four in the Series Cops and Docs

Author: KD Williamson


An enemies to lovers, second chance lesbian romance that’s powerful, sizzling, thought-provoking, and everything in between.

Pediatric resident Dr. Dani Russell is focused on her career and there’s no room for anything else since her last relationship crashed and burned. She’s seen as standoffish and cold to everyone except her patients and her best friend Rick. That’s just fine with her.

Detective Rebecca Wells, newly appointed to Atlanta’s Juvenile Missing Person Unit, is a woman in a state of flux and on a mission to fix her unsatisfying personal life. That means reaching out to her ex, Dani, to make amends. But after sizing up the once warm, friendly woman she loved, Rebecca can’t believe how unrecognizable she now is or how hurt she is.

Is it too late for them? Has too much time passed to make things right?


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November 2018


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12 reviews for Drawing the Line by KD Williamson

  1. Ayesha


    Well…..She did it again, awesome book. This book is a bit of a slow burn but it needed to be because of the history between Becca & Dani. You see that Becca has grown but Dani still has some issues to work out not accepting her downfall in the relationship, but Becca isn’t willing to give up on her. Through everything she is always there. You will see both characters decide that its all in if they want forever. It’s a really great book, I like the other characters too, they make the book light with the tension between Becca & Dani. Crossing my fingers for another book!!!

    I received an ARC for a honest review.

  2. Donna


    KD Williamson hit it out of the park with this one. Def my fave Cops and Docs book to date. Love the main characters Dani and Becca, and their slow burn, angsty,love -hate-love relationship. More Cops and Docs please!

  3. Kim Dyke


    I really enjoy copdoc stories & KD writes them so well! Dani & Becca have been apart 4 year after a sudden break up. Becca has grown & changed coming back to town hoping to get Dani back! The hospital is where Dani has been getting over Becca & she’s trying to finally reach her dream of becoming a doctor! Leaving the relationship the way she did, Becca has some work to do to get Dani back. Can these two women overcome their issues to get their relationship back on track? There are other characters in this story that you will learn to love & the storytelling will keep you reading! Enjoy KD’s latest & I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

  4. stark74


    I’ve enjoyed very much the Cops and Docs series, this being the fourth one isn’t the exception. And being honest I can tell I love this one, even more than the others. K.D. did a great job telling the story of Rebecca (Becca) and Dani. The romantic in me can’t resist a second chance story.

    The story is about Dr. Dani Russel who is a paediatric resident. Who after a bad breakup only cares for work and the wellbeing of her patients. Also by her side is always her best friend Rick. Detective Rebecca Wells is back to town, after some self-discovery journey and growing time. And that also means she’s back to fix things with her ex, Dani. But things didn’t end well and Dani is beyond hurt by the way Rebecca left. The big question is if they will be able to leave the past behind or is too late for them.

    It’s always good to see the development of the characters, as they grow. It’s a slow burn story, but couldn’t be any other way, is the perfect pace to see everything revealed in due time. Was very interesting to see how much Becca has changed and was willing to make amends. I understood Dani’s position, but I wanted to scream at her to stop being so immature and assume her own responsibility in the downfall of their relationship. I’m glad Becca never gave up and that Rick was there for both. I was so invested with both of them, feeling for them, happy, sad, all of it and mostly thrilled of being able to see their evolution. I hope we get to read more of them.

    Loved the book, it’s very engaging, shows perfectly the human condition. Of the series this is the one I like the most. Each chapter is more exciting than the last one. It did bring so many intense emotions. I really enjoyed reading about Becca and Dani. It’s a very stimulating and enthralling story. It is undoubtedly a very appealing second chance romance. I gladly recommend it.

    I received an ARC copy of this book from the author and voluntarily leaving a review.

  5. Karen


    Here’s what I love about KD Williamson’s books. She doesn’t follow the typical “formula” in romance novels. Couple meets/couple gets together/some type of disaster or misunderstanding happens/couple reunites. I wasn’t even sure if Dani and Becca were going to make it in this book until the very last page. (Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t.) I love that. This is a second chance/enemies to lovers story with a lot of dimension. My favorite in the Cops & Docs series.

  6. Alex


    KD Williamson presents us with a second-chance romance that has all the ingredients to keep you reading until you get to the end of the story of these complex characters with whom I ended up having a love-hate relationship in the best way possible. Rebecca and Dani have a shared story together, a crazy and toxic relationship that made them took different paths in life. When they meet again they are not the same persons they used to be and while Rebecca has changed for the better, Dani has immersed herself in a very dark path where rage and distrust define her new self. We know they are gonna end up together but what is a stake here and what is so much more Important than becoming a couple again is for them to find peace. For Dani to be able to look herself in the mirror and love what she sees, to accept herself and get rid of the sour baggage the past left on her shoulders.
    There are not a lot of authors that accomplish what KD Williamson has with every new book and it’s make you feel deeply interested in the characters’ story, making the book so much more than a romance and providing the plot with a deep trip to the characters’ emotions and motivations. You get to see the good and bad, the best and the worst of them and that’s why I connected with Rebecca, that’s why sometimes I wanted to punch Dani and the reason I felt so deeply for her. Because I know the path she is walking, I know how hard it can be and seeing her evolve and change has been delightful. So yes, maybe I wouldn’t define Drawing the Line by KD Williamson as a romance, at least not your typical lesbian romance, but it’s real, bitter and touching for all those who have tried to find themselves when life throws you a curveball.

    I received an ARC copy of this book from the author and voluntarily leaving a review.

  7. matsu


    The fourth book in the Cops & Docs series (but only the second I’ve read). Exes Dani and Rebecca are thrown together again after a few years and there’s a whole lot of tension – not just the sexual kind. It’s like the aftermath of a war between these two, but they have to learn to get along again.

    At first there’s a whole lot of bad blood between the two main characters, and their individual storylines reflect that. They are not together, and both try to to focus on their jobs. One’s kind of cold at work, too, one just tries to adjust to a new workplace.

    There are a few important supporting characters who are really fleshed out, complete people with their own traits, flaws and storylines. Main focus is still very much on Dani and Becca, with all the angsty slow burn you’d ever want, plus even a bit of hate sex and hurt/comfort thrown in, so this was quite a ride. I liked it!

  8. Mariacomet


    In “Drawing the Line”, KD Williamson tells the story of a relationship that ended four years and yet remains a painful ever-present force in the daily life of the protagonists.

    Dani, a doctor in her final year of residency answered her heartbreak by pushing back from life and diving into her work. The one exception to this is her best friend, Rick, the person she can’t quite shut out. Rebecca still carries regrets, and though she’s tried to change for the better by becoming a police officer and serving something larger than herself, she’s trapped by what she still feels. Rick, once again, is one of her closest friends. When she moves back home after her Aunt’s funeral, Rick is caught between the two women. Initially, they try and come to some sort of truce for his sake. Their baggage, however, keeps getting in the way.

    My favorite part of the story is the reconnecting that starts through texts. They are so honest with one another in this format and KD does a great job of showing their souls and fears. (Note: If KD ever wants to tell one of those ‘romance that starts by a wrong number text,’ I am so down.) They both discover that they still aren’t entirely happy with who they are and wonder if they might be able to help one another. They decide to try to become friends while still working through more complex feelings. KD explores this, showing many missteps and wrong turns along the way. Rebbecca expresses it best at one point wondering aloud if Dani wants to kiss her or the person she was four years ago. These parts of the story are both powerful and delightful. Dani’s fragility, in particular, is compelling and moving.

    (Note: One hurt/comfort scene made me sigh happily in a way that earned a judgemental look from my cats. They aren’t romantics.)

    There’s a bravery is telling a “will they/won’t they” story where the romantic leads already did and it didn’t work out. There needs to be understanding of what happened in the past and faith should be kindled that there’s a chance things will be different this time. Why the characters initially got together and what happened to slowly dissolve the relationship – is never entirely clear to me. Clues are provided, of course, but it remained blurry and unformed. In this same vein, we are told that they used to be very different and have both changed. That too never transcends into something we are shown. This disconnect makes the flow at the beginning a little disjointed at points.

    However, in terms of giving the reader faith that there’s a chance love might full-on win, that beacon of hope starts small and grows. It’s never a certainty, but it’s a constant. Occasionally the beacon also sizzles. I don’t want to spoil that part but, trust me. Ahem, back to my point. Most of us read lesbian fiction because we are desperate to believe that no matter how lonely or unwanted we sometimes feel in society, we can find total, unconditional acceptance in the heart of another. This story protectively nurtures that idea and will leave readers with hope.

  9. Jade


    Real. Gritty. A great read.

    This was the normal type of break up story because for once it was realistic and honest. Dani was hurt…but so was Becca and it was due to some far fetched plot by someone else but something that happens in real relationships.

    I started off being angry at Becca but this book is the epitome of there are always two sides to a story. The emotion was not always pretty but that is what made this book such a great read.

    I love that both characters had to work on themselves and it wasn’t just one person begging forgiveness.

    *4.3 stars

  10. Betty Harmon


    Drawing the Line is the fourth book in the cops and docs series by K.D. Williamson. Even though it is part of a series, it is also capable of being read as a stand-alone book, though I would encourage you to read all four of them as well as anything else you can get your hands on by this author.

    This is an angst filled second chance romance. Dr. Dani Russell and Detective Rebecca (Becca) Wells broke up as a couple four years ago. It was a bad break with bitter feelings that followed them to the present. Now Becca has moved back to the same city and would like to at least try to make amends, but those hard feelings are really difficult to get past.

    Oh my goodness, this book grabbed me at the first page, and I just could not put it down. The chemistry between these two characters was hot. The secondary characters are well written and complement the main characters. The plot and the flow of the tale was perfect, and it was so good to see a bit of my old Southern stomping grounds again in the setting of this story. You would not believe the looks I get way up here in the North when I ask for my coke with extra ice. And my mouth just watered when Ms. Williamson reminded me of biscuits with sausage gravy. Sigh.

    If you love a good angst filled romance with cops and docs as the main characters, then make sure you pick up this novel. It’s definitely going into my favorite read-multiple-times folder.

    I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing for an honest review.

  11. Karola


    ***free ARC
    I don‘t know why cops & docs stories are always that great. But KD Williamson knows for sure how to write these stories. I loved her first three books and now this one is another favourite. Dani and Becca are ex-lovers and for sure not two easy characters. How to reconnect and become friends (or maybe more) again, is alot of work. With the help of friends and coworkers they find a way to get to know each other and themselves again. A great book which I can really recommend.

  12. Ana Leamaro


    free ARC
    This is a second chance story, which I like it very much so my expectations were high, specially since I’ve read the all series,which I love it. I was not disapointed by the book but I was expecting better. This is a slow burn book, but I felt that the characters building was rushed, as well as the end. There was something missing which prevented me to be abble to connect with Dani and Becca. It was not clear to me how Dani had hurt Becca to the point of making her leave without saying a word. I was hoping for some windows of their past where we could feel the hurt on both sides. Why was Becca so angry all the time, what were her issues and what kind of person, that she felt the need to change? We only had a glimpse of what Dani felt when she got home, late again and found the apartment empty. How that suffering turned her into a bitter person
    The author described thourougly their inner struggle, to the point I started to skip some paragraphs because it was to much of the same thing. I would have prefer to read and understand how theraphy helped Dani to trust again, and forgive Becca. One paraghaph she’s scared and in panic of her feelings, the next paragraph she’s declaring her love and all is forgiven and solved. I like the story but I was hoping for a different approach with more insight on both characters.
    The other characters are great, specially the other cops, I like their sense of humour. So in the end, I liked the book, though it’s not one of my favorites.

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