You’re Fired by Shaya Crabtree

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Author: Shaya Crabtree


Hitting the road with the hot boss you hate could ruin a perfectly good vendetta in this romantic lesbian comedy.

When poor college student Rose Walsh gives out an inappropriate gag gift at her office Christmas party, it backfires horribly. The gift’s recipient is her boss, the esteemed president of Gio Corp., Vivian Tracey, and the only thing that can save Rose now is her smarts.

Instead of firing her, Vivian blackmails math major Rose into joining her on a business trip to New York to investigate an embezzlement. A week out of state with a woman she can barely stand seems like the last thing Rose wants to do with her winter vacation. Only, maybe Vivian is not as bad as she seems. Maybe they can even become friends…or more.

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February 2017


epub (for Kindle Reader/Kindle Apps, for iBooks, Nook etc.), mobi, and pdf


61,000 words




978-3-95533-755-1 (mobi), 978-3-95533-756-8 (epub), 978-3-95533-757-5 (pdf)


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4 reviews for You’re Fired by Shaya Crabtree

  1. Karola


    ***free ARC
    Vivian receives from her Secret Santa a gag gift, which turns into the best gift she’d ever got. Instead of firing Rose for giving her boss such an inappropriate gift, she gives her a promotion, because Vivian just needs Rose’s talent in finding wrong numbers in the accounting. Although they can’t seem to get along with each other, they’re heading for NY to the headquarter’s office for a week, where they have to share a room. They get to know each other on a complete new level and find the other one not so bad at all.
    I liked that book alot, had some laughing out loud times and moments where I needed a break from the reading (or a cold shower)! 🙂

  2. ana.leamaro


    ***free ARC
    Very light reading, with a simple story, sense of humour and hot sex scenes. A prank that could have ended bad but after all has a happy ending thanks to mathematics and embezzlement. The characters are interesting and funny and even if I was not “lolling” It kept me amused from the beginning till the end. It’s a great book for a mindless rainy afternoon in front of your fireplace, under the blanket. Enjoy it!

  3. Karen Mcintosh


    You’re Fired is a lovely feel-good type of story. Rose gives her boss a rather unusual present in the Secret Santa draw at work and sets of a series of events that are really funny and intensely sexy. I loved the irreverent humour throughout. The seemingly uptight Vivian is not so reserved as she seems and seeing her unwind is wonderful. Shaya Crabtree really knows how to write romance but I must say she is highly skilled in the art of the sex scene. Extremely descriptive and hot! I raced through this book as I really wanted to know what happened next and it is one of those stories that had me smiling rather a lot. Highly recommended.

    I was given this ARC by Ylva Publishing in return for an honest review.

  4. jane shambler


    This was a book that I felt was good but could have been so much better. There was so much scope for so much more. I kinda feel robbed. I know, sounds weird but the author could have made so much more of not only the storyline but also the sub plolt. It’s well written but I wanted so much more. It started out funny and opened the door but it closed so quickly, as I said robbed. But I feel the author has alot of promise just don’t make me wanting more. So many amusing points that could have been expanded but was said then moved on. Read it. You’ll enjoy it and maybe understasnd what I’m saying. Enjoy!! It’s the reason for only 3 stars.

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