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Book one in The Scissor Link Series

Author: Georgette Kaplan


An age-gap, workplace, lesbian romantic comedy about chasing that impossible, dream crush.

Savin Aerospace employee Wendy Cedar has a massive crush on her hot older boss, Janet Lace, who’s just gone through a divorce.

Her secret love is all harmless enough until Janet finds an email listing every naughty thing Wendy wants to do to her, inspired by a sex dream Wendy has shared with her friend.

Now Wendy’s been called into the boss’s office. It might be a fantasy come true…if she doesn’t get fired first.

What starts off as a no-strings-attached, office fling could become something more. The women have to decide if a romance is for them or if they’re better off as boss and employee.

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December 2016


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72,000 words




978-3-95533-679-0 (mobi), 978-3-95533-680-6 (epub), 978-3-95533-681-3 (pdf)


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6 reviews for Scissor Link by Georgette Kaplan

  1. Karola


    *free ACR copy
    The story of employee has a crush on her boss isn’t that new, but this turns out quite different. Although the story is peppered with names of old airplanes and technical things, it was a good read and Wendy seems like the girl you really like from the minute you’ll meet her. Living her life as she wants, with these dreams about her boss, which will become reality. And that reading was…, whew I need a cold drink, a very cold one!

  2. Dee


    Even though the cover and blurb appealed to me when selecting this story to read, I can’t say I was entirely sure what to expect.

    It says this is a rom-com, and while I found myself laughing out loud on more than one occasion, this story has a lot of depth, and heat. Humor, as in jokes, can be subjective. What one finds funny another might not. The latter only happened to me upon the mention of Trump, twice.

    What really enamored me to these characters was the witty banter between them. Wendy was a breath of fresh air. Despite the story being told from dual point-of-view it took me a while to get to know her boss, Janet. In fact, I found her character contradictory at times.

    The heat – Being a lover of power exchange, the erotic content was an absolute treat for me. The sexual dance, tension and eventual release, was palpable.

    Around the 75% mark, from memory, the leading ladies questioned their relationship. I found it a little contrived given the women’s ages and all they had shared. But hey, apparently conflict is mandatory to drive a story.

    The outcome left me smiling and I’d definitely read more by this author.

  3. jane shambler


    I guess asking someone to buy them a drink is not the norm nowadays. I need to get out more. Ok, joking aside, it’s a great book. Unusual but very well written. It has you needing to know what happens next. so yeah, very difficult to put it down. I’ll admit it is not the type of book I would normally read, but I for one am glad I did. I’ll also be looking for more by this author. Enjoy!

  4. Millie Ireland


    In the publisher’s blurb on ‘Scissor Link’, the book is described as a “lesfic rom-com”. I really, really enjoyed this book but, funnily enough, didn’t laugh out loud once. For me, it was not funny in the way that Robin Alexander’s books are side-spittingly hilarious. It was, however, exceptionally witty and clever. And these are things that I really like in a novel.

    Scissor Link is a novel to read carefully. While the plotline appears simple – office romance – the devil is in the detail. And there is plenty of detail. Its setting, Savin Aerospace, is a place where the best people care deeply about what they do. It is their utmost care for what they do that brings Wendy Cedar, lowly intern and Janet Lace, Vice President together. Based on what she learns about Wendy at that meeting, Janet headhunts Wendy. The professional engagement and romantic relationship that follow are pursued with great passion. Nothing is easy about the journey and it is marked by some extraordinary twists and turns. You have to hold on tight – but it is so worth it.

    I have no idea whether the author has any aerospace experience, but there are scenes and scenarios in this book that have the ring of truth about them. The love that each of the protagonists have for flight features in important ways throughout the text.

    I loved both of these characters. They are courageous and fearful, straightlaced and outrageously explicit, joyful and pain-filled. They are exotic and down to earth real. The support cast are strong and add to the story.

    What a great novel. I’m looking forward to reading more by Georgette Kaplan.

    ARC provided by Ylva

  5. Velvet Lounger


    Scissor Link – Georgette Kaplan

This is a genuinely unusual book. It is extremely well written, clever and entertaining, but I cant actually decide if I liked it.

The story brings Wendy, a 26-year-old intern, to the attention of Janet, the Assistant Vice President of Production at Savin Aerospace. Wendy is an engineering geek with a dry sense of humour, a crummy flat and a loud motorcycle. Janet the wound up, extremely controlled and controlling career woman, whose wife has just left her for a younger, more flexible model.

Wendy’s crush is huge, her drooling amusing and her dreams decidedly wet. When her boss accidentally finds said dream written out in a work email, she decides to see if the slightly kinky play is as fun as it sounds. And so ensues a sexual romp of that starts with telephone sex, explicit pictures and progresses from there. But it’s more than a sexual encounter for both women, whether they admit it or not.

Wendy is instantly likeable, her interactions with others, particularly her sister, are amusing and highly entertaining. Janet, who appears the big bad wolf, turns out to be a caring person who supports her staff; it’s not her heart that is suspect, just her manner. Her completely out of character friendship with her PA is extremely amusing, but she isn’t an easy person to like.

And there’s the rub. While it is extremely clever, witty, and a decidedly interesting story on many levels, from aerospace intrigue to mild bondage, the emotion is thin on the ground. Both are deep and complex women, and we are told the love is there, but it doesn’t ooze off the page, neither of the characters are the type to ooze, although both manage to gush on occasion.

I think the best way I can define it is as an intellectual romance with good sex and a wicked sense of humour. I certainly wouldn’t define it as a romcom, because that for me implies a light and easy read, and there is nothing about Janet that is either light or easy. I was entertained, amused and intrigued, so in the end I guess I liked it, even if I cant quite define why.

  6. pat iserman


    This story was OK.I got lost in Wendy’s meandering thoughts.Can’t say I was wild about either character.I did enjoy learning a little about the helicopters but I wouldn’t call this one a must read.

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