Switcheroo by Cheyenne Blue

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Author: Cheyenne Blue


A lighthearted lesbian romance about shattering comfort zones and finding your place in the world where you least expect it.

New Yorker Hayley Reed is so over life, her crappy apartment, and her two jobs as a cook and bartender. When she wins a contest to swap lives with someone for a year, all expenses paid, she’s ecstatic. That is until she finds herself on a remote Australian cattle station with basic food, empty views, and an attractive butch station hand who clearly dislikes her.

Jenna Dwyer wouldn’t live anywhere except Ghost Gum Station. It’d be bliss except now she’s stuck mentoring a clueless American city slicker who’s the worst jillaroo ever to straddle a horse. But staying aloof from Hayley is difficult when she’s obviously trying so hard…and is just so annoyingly cute.

Under the long, endless skies and despite a simmering attraction, can two such opposite women ever find a way to connect?

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Publication Date

March 2024


epub (for Kindle Reader/Kindle Apps, for iBooks, Nook etc.), mobi, and pdf


83,000 words




978-3-96324-887-0 (ebook), 978-3-96324-888-7 (pdf)


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1 review for Switcheroo by Cheyenne Blue

  1. Nia


    A wonderful book with a unique story, that I have never read before.
    Original and also light, but definitely with a lot of depth.
    This romance has a seriousness that touches me deeply.
    Both main characters have had a lonely and rather difficult life so far.
    Hayley is having an extremely difficult time in Australia and is rarely given any real support, but that’s not what I mean.
    I mean how both MC’s approach things, deal with them and talk about them.
    Even the approach to each other is slow, but full of seriousness and purpose!
    It maybe starts as friends with benefits initially, but maybe it will become more. I don’t want to give too much away…
    Hayley is a New York native. She was born and raised there and grew up, albeit under tragic circumstances, mainly as a orphan in foster care.
    She has two jobs und a tiny Appartement to call her own.
    She takes the opportunity and applies for a “Switcheroo” that “New Yorker Mondays” offers for a year in order to gain money and security for her life.
    Never in her life did she think that Australia would be the chosen country.
    However, Hayley definitely wants to make it, because she needs the money. There she will encounter great difficulties, harsh landscapes and somewhat different people.
    And then there’s Jenna!
    Her somewhat rough, rather calm and yet attractive mentor!
    Jenna, who was chosen as „BFF“ for the newcomer from America, will have difficulty teaching her everything from the start.
    Bringing a city girl closer to the outback and training her to do real work, becomes a challenge.
    However, Hayley is also really beautiful, attractive and definitely doesn’t give up.
    The description of the country is sometimes harsh, wild and dusty and then absolutely breathtaking.
    It’s the same with this story!
    Cheyenne Blue writes magical, sensual and profound books in magical beautiful places!

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