Not for a Moment by Cheyenne Blue

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Author: Cheyenne Blue


Desperate situations call for desperate lies in this charming, fake-relationship lesbian romance.

Andi Barrons has no time for kids or the chaos they bring—certainly not when she runs a high-end decorating business. Mischief and little fingers around expensive materials? No thanks!

But then her gorgeous friend, Sarah Santoro, winds up in a custody battle with Sarah’s former in-laws and now… Well, somehow Andi’s agreed to pretend she’s Sarah’s live-in partner.

She’s still not quite sure how she got stuck playing a role she’s so utterly clueless about and that’s everything she doesn’t want in life. But as long as Sarah and Noa, the world’s cutest seven-year-old, don’t get a hold of her heart, she’ll be fine.

Easy, right?

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Publication Date

March 2023


epub (for Kindle Reader/Kindle Apps, for iBooks, Nook etc.), mobi, and pdf


85,000 words




978-3-96324-774-3 (ebook), 978-3-96324-775-0 (pdf)


Ylva Publishing

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5 reviews for Not for a Moment by Cheyenne Blue

  1. Henriette


    Love, all I need is love – fabulous f/f fake romance
    It‘s tough to be a single mom, even if your ex supports you.
    It is even tougher, if your former in-laws are gunning for your daughter when said ex is temporarily out of the picture.
    Sarah has to navigate these choppy waters. To her surprise rescue comes from the most unlikely of shining knights: the committed childfree lesbian Andi. And off goes a wonderful story where you fake it until maybe you make it. A story with a whole gamut of the feels: poignant at times, heartwarming, heartbreaking, awkward, fun moments, the raging injustice of it, reluctance, desire, heads, hearts and love in so many, sometimes misguided forms.
    As a reader I couldn‘t turn the pages fast enough: so many twists, so many feelings. This story is all out and spared nothing to pull those little strings attached to my heart.
    Apprentice Noa (I am chuckling with fond memories), Sarah‘s daughter, was one of my favorites. I waited with baited breath for her next shenanigans, wise words and outbursts of love and goodness.
    And what about Andi, resilient, wounded warrior Andi? Ah, what a great character and so well written – and swoon: she comes with a toolbelt and tattoos.
    Sarah is ordinary. Beautifully, lovely ordinary, no billionaire, not a super successful doctor, lawyer or what not. She panics, she is insecure and she adamantly stays her ground when her daughter is concerned.
    Those are good people, salt of the earth – and there are the not so good people which you come not to hate but to pity – all done with a genius change of point of view.
    The writing is excellent as I have come to expect from Cheyenne Blue. I really, really liked that the editor left us with a good flavor of the local vernacular aka Aussie slang. I like to get a taste of the setting via words and language („the tennis“) – without having to use a dictionary. The chapter titles were fun – my favorite was: „Part of the Conntrack“ (reading is believing).
    Are you looking for a fake romance with all the feels, a cute kid, ordinary, good people and set in Australia? Give this one a try and enjoy.

    Thanks to Ylva for the ARC. The review is left voluntarily.

  2. Alison Ritchie


    If you love a book where the tough butch is reduced to jelly, then you’ll love this book! Andi, rough tough butch not interested in settling down just yet and, certainly not when children are involved, succumbs to the charms of little Noa who, worms her way into Andi’s everyday schedule. A rash Princess in shining armour declaration knocks Andi’s world sideways and before she knows it, that declaration escalates big time! An interesting and frustrating journey for Andi and Sarah but little Noa will grab you right off. A very good story that reads excellently.

  3. Christine Reid


    wow what a beautiful story the main characters were a perfect match their connection was perfectly balanced their journey through it all was a rollercoaster ride of the purest emotions,another outstanding book by cheyenne blue congratulations

  4. Betty Harmon


    Cheyenne Blue really begins her newest novel, Not for a Moment with a bang. Her two main characters, Andi Barrons and Sarah Santoro have a major problem thrust upon them in the first few pages of the book, and thanks to a spur of the moment gut reaction by Andi, the two must now pretend to be a couple.
    In what Andi believes is a moment of insanity, she claims to be Sarah’s live-in partner to help her in a possible custody battle, and now she’s stuck. To back out would mean Sarah could very well lose custody of her daughter Noa, but Andi doesn’t want to be even a fake parent. She has always avoided dating ladies with children because she wants to live a child free life for many good reasons. But she can’t back out now. Andi can’t do that to Sarah and Noa, can she?

    This is a tale of love, both parental and romantic. It’s also a lovely story about finding family, especially the family we make. It is easy to understand the actions and feelings of these characters as they negotiate this minefield of problems, emotions, and fears.

    The story is definitely a slow-burn romance, and it was heartwarming to watch Andi and Sarah slowly fall in love through their trials. Though it takes some time to happen, this book has one of the best love scenes I’ve read in a while. It was also touching to watch Andi and Noa grow close in spite of Andi’s fears of being around children.

    Not for a Moment is a heart melting love story that will leave you with a warm feeling inside and maybe a tear or two in your eyes. You should read this special story.

    I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing for an honest review.

  5. Karola


    *** free ARC
    Sarah is living her life with her daughter after the divorce pretty well. Her ex-wife is supporting them, but she‘s in a foreign country and very hard to reach. Sarah‘s life is turned upside down when the ex in-laws want to take over custody for her daughter. Her friend Andi is stepping up for her in the heat of the moment, but will she keep it up and help Sarah for the long run? Because Andi is so not the family type and kids? A big no no! A very good read, typical Cheyenne Blue!

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