The Business of Love by Charley Clarke

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Author: Charley Clarke


The only thing worse than fake marrying a woman for a job is falling in love with her! An opposites-attract lesbian romance that puts the ache in fake relationship.

Driven, reserved businesswoman Mackenzie Watson has one goal—take over her family company and secure her little sister’s future. The only wrinkle is her late grandmother’s decree that her company’s CEO must be married.
Adding marriage into Mack’s well-ordered life is a recipe for disaster. Her oh-so-logical solution? She’ll just hire a woman to be her wife for a year. Besides, maybe a little chaos is exactly what she needs…

Enter Taylor Sutton, the woman Mack accidentally stood up for a date six months ago. With a mountain of college debt, the barista could seriously use the money that comes with playing Mack’s wife. The big hitch—so to speak—is that her new wife is pretentious and arrogant and Taylor can’t stand even being in the same room with her.

God, Taylor pities anyone who’d fall in love with annoying, gorgeous Mack Watson and her kissable lips.
Wait, what?

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February 2023


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97,000 words




978-3-96324-753-8 (ebook), 978-3-96324-754-5 (pdf)


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3 reviews for The Business of Love by Charley Clarke

  1. Henriette


    f/f sweet, slow burn with extra depth
    I am a sucker for fake-relationships. Throw in an enemy-to-(fake-)lover vibe and I am in. I really liked this sweet and very slow burn f/f romance where the two main protagonists start totally off on the wrong foot. I loved how those initial scenes gave spice to the novel and at the same time revealed so much about the insecurities and flaws of the two main characters, Taylor and Mack: Taylor with her low self-esteem and insecurities about her body (and her non-existing career), Mack who is a workaholic with social anxiety and an very bad experience in her past.
    I was initially not quite sure if I liked those two, but then the story takes its turn into fake-relationship territory and Clarke lets us in into their world: both come out with flying colors as „good people“ and had me cheering for them all along. BTW who wouldn‘t like little Sophie, their „little sister“ – an adorable side character who captured my heart. Another great side characters was Henry, Mack‘s father-in-law, who takes her in and under his wings.
    The background-story about „battling“ for becoming CEO was not quite so clear-cut and would have needed in my opinion some more work to make it well-rounded and believable.
    Ylva has added another very good, sweet romance to its selection. It is an easy, low anxiety read – just right for a relaxing evening or weekend. I am looking forward to read more of this new-to-me-author.

    Thanks to Ylva for the ARC. The review is left voluntarily.

  2. dmonisha001

    (verified owner):

    meh….not so much chemistry between the main casts.

  3. Betty Harmon


    The Business of Love by Charley Clarke is great read for those who love their romances with multiple tropes. This particular novel has some of my favorites including opposites-attract, financial-disparity, enemies-to-lovers, and the most important one for this story…fake marriage. What impressed me the most about this narrative is that, even with some of the more volatile tropes such as enemies-to-lovers which almost guarantees angst, the love story turned out to be quite gentle.

    Mackenzie (Mack) Watson has one big goal in life. She wants to take over the top spot at her family’s company. Doing this will secure her and her younger sister’s future, but there is a huge catch. To become CEO of the company, she must be married…and she isn’t.

    Taylor Sutton is working as a barista in a bookstore/coffee shop as she tries to figure out what to do with her life. She has a college degree (and the mountain of debt that goes with it), but she is unsure what to do that will make her happy. Taylor and Mack have some of the same friends and tend to hang out with the same crowd, but they had a very unfortunate beginning when Mack accidentally stood Taylor up on a blind first date. Since then, Taylor has snubbed Mack every time they meet, until she overheard Mack’s wife problem and her outlandish idea of “hiring” a wife for a year. That’s crazy, right? It would be even crazier for Taylor to offer to be the fake wife, right?

    The way these two women interact with each other really makes this story special. They go from dislike to grudging respect to friends and finally true partners. I totally enjoyed watching them make that journey. I also appreciated that Taylor bonded with Mack’s little sister Sophie. She ends up being quite an important secondary character.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this gentle, yet exciting, tale of two women falling in love.

    I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing for an honest review.

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