Perks of Office by Liz Rain

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Author: Liz Rain


When your new boss is hot as hell, what hope is there for a poor lovestruck office worker? A light-hearted, age-gap lesbian office romance with sexual tension leading the polls.

After high-powered politician Bridget O’Keefe sweeps into the uninspiring life of Australian electorate officer Emma Ives, nothing is the same again.

Hapless, hopeless Emma is smacked with an instant crush on the polished woman who’s her new boss…her hot, untouchable, straight boss. Yes, she knows she’s an idiot because unrequited lust at work is a terrible idea. Even so, she can dream.

One long night changes everything. A political scandal leads to a fall from grace and Emma suddenly finds herself the one Bridget turns to for comfort. There’s a lot for Emma to wrap her mind around, even as her body loves wrapping itself around Bridget’s curves.

Is it just a meaningless night of passion, nothing more? Because there’s absolutely no way ambitious, beautiful Bridget wants anything more from Emma. Is there?

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May 2022


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61,000 words




978-3-96324-662-3 (mobi), 978-3-96324-663-0 (epub), 978-3-96324-664-7 (pdf)


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6 reviews for Perks of Office by Liz Rain

  1. Rachel Flynn


    AMAZING! Such a fun story and a wonderfully colorful writing style. Please read this it’s fabulous.

  2. Michelle Askers


    I absolutely loved this book and can’t believe it’s the author’s first one; I DEVOURED it over two days because I couldn’t put it down. I had all the feels while reading it. Age gap romances are super hot, and this book was really steamy. I also loved the powerful love interest with her high-power job as a politician. I had quite a few belly laughs and loved the quirkiness of some of the characters. Having said that the serious parts gave me huge heart pangs and the author really captured feelings and vibe and mood well while still going at a good pace. The writing was great and in fact disappeared for me. What was left was great characters, really well done love scenes and a great read. I craved a good build up with a huge release and was not disappointed. Highly recommend and I can’t wait to see what else Liz Rain has to offer. I don’t blame Emma at all, the Minister love interest does sound really hot. I want to read it again already!

  3. Karola


    ***free ARC
    Liz Rain‘s first book? Wow, great job done. Falling in love with your boss is always not the best of situations you can get yourself into, but what can you do when your boss is looking that good? And what happens when your boss likes you, too but is in politics and still in the closet? Elections are also to go through in the next couple of months! Do you really want to be the dirty little well kept secret? Emma has to make that decision although it’s not that easy.
    I hope to read more books of Liz Rain, because this one was pretty good.

  4. Sarah Schwartz


    This book draws you in as soon as Emma and Bridget meet and keeps you with the characters. One warning is once you start reading you won’t be able to stop until the end. Can’t wait for Liz’s next book.

  5. Betty Harmon


    I have a hard time believing that Perks of Office by Liz Rain is really a debut novel. It is a well-written, polished and very engaging book to read.
    This story gives us an age gap, office romance all wrapped up in Australian politics with a healthy dose of comedy added in. It also includes some steamy scenes and just the right amount of angst.
    I have to admit I totally fell in love with Emma Ives, the main character and the person we see the story through since it is written in first person. She is very good as an office manager and always seems very professional…until she opens her mouth and speaks. Then she is very good at saying the wrong thing, or saying the right thing the wrong way, which adds all sorts of comedy to the story. It also makes her character quite endearing and lovable. I had a little trouble connecting to her love interest Bridget O’Keefe, the politician Emma worked for.

    As I read, I kept thinking that Emma was too good for Bridget even as I was hoping the two would work things out. I must give kudos to the author for creating such intriguing and interesting characters. The somewhat comedic glimpse into Australian politics was also fun to read. It was definitely refreshing to see people mostly working together for their constituents instead of what we have in North America currently.

    I really enjoyed this novel. I look forward to reading more from this author.
    I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing for an honest review.

  6. Susan Cooper



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