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Author: Liz Rain


Two soccer stars share a secret along with a rivalry that stretches halfway around the world in this light-hearted, second-chance lesbian romance.

Knockabout Australian Keeley McGee is living her childhood dream of playing soccer at the World Cup. The only thing that could kill her focus is coming up against the cool and dispassionate US team’s star striker.

Beautiful, brilliant Christine Delacourt was the college girlfriend who dumped Keeley out of the blue years before.

What will it be like reuniting under the stadium lights, especially since they know the other’s game—and each other—so intimately?

Despite a strict “no distractions” rule from her coach, Keeley finds herself drawn to Christine in a way that feels almost dangerous. Will Keeley be able to rekindle what she once shared with her now on-field enemy with the eyes of the world on them? Dare she even try?

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July 2023


epub (for Kindle Reader/Kindle Apps, for iBooks, Nook etc.), mobi, and pdf


61,000 words




978-3-96324-825-2 (ebook), 978-3-96324-826-9 (pdf)


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7 reviews for Onside Play by Liz Rain

  1. Betty Harmon


    Onside Play by Liz Rain was a novel I was looking forward to reading. I love watching women’s soccer. I can’t play it worth a damn, but I love watching it, especially the national teams. I have to admit that I ended up having mixed feelings about this book though.

    First of all, there are some really good things I can say about the story. This is a well-written and edited novel. The subject matter is interesting, and the author obviously knows their soccer. Their descriptions of the game, the plays on the pitch, and the practices are written so well that even those who don’t know the sport can follow along. The idea of two competing players falling in love creates the opportunity for a lot of friction, angst, and of course passion. I also loved that the author made the three top teams in their Women’s World Cup my three favorite national teams.

    My problem is with the two main characters and their romance. I actually had trouble liking Keeley McGee and Christine Delacourt. They both seemed too immature and sometimes even selfish, which turned me right off. I had trouble seeing a romantic connection between them. Desire, yes…lust, definitely, but not love. It was difficult to believe in a Happy-For-Now ending for these two, much less a Happily-Ever-After.

    I can recommend this book to those who enjoy stories set around women’s soccer. I don’t think I can recommend it to those who are just looking for a romantic tale. I’m giving this novel a 3.5 star rating.

    I received an ARC from NetGalley and Ylva Publishing for an honest review.

  2. Darcy V


    Had it all! And a Women’s World Cup at the right time! That would have taken some planning, very impressed. I wish I was that organised! So much to say. Firstly, I love that this author acknowledges First Nation peoples, specifically the Turrbul and Jaggera peoples, as the traditional owners of the land on which the book was written: yes! And legend Lee Winter was also mentioned in the acknowledgements- I just love to see this little detail and think how Ylva writers interact- don’t mind me. It truly is a small world, especially when you see TikToks and Reels from around the world talking about Liz Rain from Australia. And for good reason! This book got me deep down. I think Liz Rain is so much more than a simple, cookie-cutter Sapphic author. Her stories have depth, great characters, heart and steam. I loved the queer-joy scene with the elegant suits…..heart be still! How many queer people have agonised or not been allowed or prepared to go to an important event in the attire they so wish for? The suits in this book made me drool with envy and desire. I also loved that one of the MCs was a person of colour and one of the supporting characters was non-binary. I recently went to a writer’s festival and asked each and every female+ author I met “Do you have any people of colour or queer people in your romance books?” All the authors said no. How sad is that! Do you know what they said? “I wouldn’t know how to do that.” To which I then said “Well do you have any male characters? How do you write from their point of view?” Pathetic excuse! As long as you utilise sensitivity readers, which Liz Rain has done beautifully, all stories deserve to be told. So thank you Liz Rain for not shying away from diverse characters. The love story was epic- I loved the build over time. It was like Carol for me- will they won’t they- time goes by- more details come to light and then BOOM! I won’t spoil it for you, but the bus scene- THE BUS SCENE! People! Read this book! This is not a drill! (get it?) I also loved the cameo from Perks of Office, Rain’s first book. No! I’m not going to spoil it for you! I also loved Christine’s sister. And I loved Fletch. Fletch was the character I have been waiting to read. I loved them. And I loved the settings and hearing Liz Rain’s Australian settings and language come to life. Made it much richer. This.Book.Was.FABULOUS!

  3. Becky Campbell


    This book was awesome. Lots of hard-won feelings, feelings over time, great characters and lots of laughs. The characters were really well developed and I liked Liz Rain’s writing style. The story was epic. I couldn’t stop reading it and was really tired at work until I finished it because of some late night reading…shhhhhh. Be ware- it’s addictive. Now I’m going back to smash her other book. Really great find, glad I checked this book out due to the Women’s World Cup.

  4. Sandra


    Loved it wonderful book

  5. Michelle CB


    First time reading this author and glad I did. Really enjoyed this book. I loved the story and backstory which had a build of suspense. I think this book could be enjoyed by anyone they don’t have to be a sport or soccer fan. The love story had depth and I enjoyed all the characters. A really rich background with Australian English and slang that wasn’t off putting. I hope to read more from this author.

  6. Sharon w


    Really good read, thanks. Hope to read more from Liz Rain. My friend wants to borrow my copy because she loved Perks of Office which I haven’t read. So now we’re going to swap.

  7. A.J.


    Loved it but wish it had been longer because now I’m in withdrawal. The characters were so warm and alive.

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