Never-Tied Nora by Cheyenne Blue

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Book One in the Girl Meets Girl Series

Author: Cheyenne Blue


Footloose Nora discovers the woman she’s fallen for is from a family battling a blood feud with Nora’s own proud Irish family. Oops? A fun, sexy, reformed-player lesbian romance.

Paralegal Nora Kelly loves her carefree London life where there’s always a new woman to seduce. Her big Irish family tease her about her carefree ways, but Nora knows she’s in no danger of losing her heart.

Her family has only one rule when it comes to dating: Nora can date any woman she wants—as long as she’s not a Flannery. The Kellys and the Flannerys have been feuding ever since both families arrived in London from Ireland sixty years ago, and time has not lessened the hatred.

But never-tied Nora has just met the woman of her dreams, a sexy redhead architect, and suddenly commitment isn’t a dirty word. Trouble is, Geraldine is a Flannery.

Can Nora convince Geraldine that, despite their families’ bad blood, they are meant to be together?

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December 2015


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38,000 words




978-3-95533-452-9 (mobi), 978-3-95533-453-6 (epub), 978-3-95533-454-3 (pdf)


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8 reviews for Never-Tied Nora by Cheyenne Blue

  1. Ameliah Faith


    Fighting Irish

    Only a few writers make me as happy as Ms Cheyenne Blue does. She constantly writes really, really good and sexy/erotic stories that are touching and emotional.

    This adventure is the tale of Nora Kelly. She is a major player until the day she meets the beyond beautiful Geraldine. She knows without a doubt that this is the woman she wants to settle down with and yes, even marry. The only problem? Ger is a Flannery. The Kellys and the Flannerys have been in a 60 year feud the still leads to fights in the streets. Easy right?

    I loved watching the relationships each woman has with her family, each other and herself. I liked how these relationships changed and grew and changed some more. Told from Nora’s POV Ms Blue lets us see who she really is and how her mind works. This, to me, makes the character all the more real, likable and believable. You can not help but sympathize with her struggles. The eroticism in the tale is pure Ms. Blue. Hot, sensual and intense, her trademarks. I can not wait for book two in this series.

  2. Shay Crabtree


    Never-Tied Nora is the Irish, lesbian version of Romeo and Juliet. Nora Kelly and Geraldine Flannery are two women in London from feuding Irish families who fall in love despite the fighting, despite Nora’s player ways, and despite Geraldine’s recent heartbreak. But unlike Romeo and Juliet, nobody is thirteen, nobody dies, and there might actually be a a chance for Nora and Ger. It’s a fairy tale romance that’s sickeningly sweet – in the best way possible if you’re into cavity-inducing love stories. With so many angsty narratives, especially in queer romances, it’s nice to read something so sappy from time to time. Nora and Geraldine’s relationship develops quickly – or, rather, instantaneously – and while that along with some of the grandiose declarations of love they make for each other are a bit unrealistic, love stories don’t always have to stick to the strict realm of believability. Nora and Geraldine’s story is exactly what we all wish love was like, a force so strong it can change lives and prevail over any obstacle that tries to prevent it.

    And while you’ll be smiling at the love scenes, you’ll be biting your lip at the /love/ scenes. The smut is nothing to bat your eyes at (especially chapter 11!), but it isn’t overwhelming either. There’s a delicate balance between the sex scenes and the main plot of the novel that favors the latter as it should. The steamy scenes are present enough, though, that they will definitely capture and keep your interest.

    This is the love story of all love stories. No making the romance a subplot. No dark, gritty realism. No heart-crushing sadness. Just a whole lot of cute and a touch of hardship to make you sympathize with the characters and root for their relationship that much more. It’s also a quick read, almost a novella rather than a novel, with a familiar, straight-forward plot line that is tried and true for the romance genre. If you’re looking for a happy book to gush over that won’t put you through intense emotional turmoil, Never-Tied Nora is the perfect fit.

  3. Sabrina


    I enjoyed reading Never-Tied Nora, despite being the same old tale about two households, both alike in dignity, with an ancient grudge. From each family two women develop feelings for the other but the family feud has turned violent and civil blood makes civil hands unclean. Ger and Nora are kept apart. What makes Cheyenne Blue’s novel different is the use of Irish vernacular. It allows for a greater freedom in language if you use feck instead of fuck. The way the characters speak breaks them out of the star-crossed lovers story mold. Easy and refreshing read. Little warning: The word “moist” is used 😉 Sex happens too.

  4. petra


    Romance, heartbreak, family loyalty and sex all mixed into one very well written story. Nora and Geraldine are a modern day Juliet and Juliet who live to tell their tale. Strong characters who are interesting and realistic. The secondary cast made up of Nora and Ger’s family keep the feuding alive and literally kicking!
    This novel also introduced Nora’s best mate Sue (and Moni) who are the central characters in Cheyenne’s next book.
    I won this book in a competition and in so doing introduced me to Cheynne’s work. I have to say I’ve become a fan and look forward to reading Book 2 “Not So Straight Sue”.

  5. Dee


    3.5 stars
    This story is told in first person and entirely from Nora’s point-of-view. I liked that to a point as I really got to know Nora, however there were times I would have like to know Ger’s thoughts. That said her actions were described in such a way it wasn’t difficult to know what was going on in her head!

    I don’t want to give too much away about the plot, more so what threatened to drive these two ladies apart, as to do so would be a huge spoiler. Let’s just say what came to life took me aback! I didn’t see it coming at all. Sadly, a well-meaning reviewer has pointed that out in her posted review, something I’m pleased I didn’t see before reading Never-Tied Nora.

    I loved the leading characters and reading their plight. The story kept me wondering how they would ever overcome the obstacles in their path.

    What didn’t work for me – the hotel scene! What I’m sure was supposed to be hot, was all just a little bit too creepy for me to enjoy! Somethings are sacred. To not have sex with someone then engage in something way more intimate, in my opinion, felt off! And I’ll leave that cryptic comment as it is! What I didn’t enjoy I’m sure another person will love.

    Then we have the entire Kelly / Flannery family feud. A grudge that has been held and passed on for over sixty years. I am sure some people install hatred in their children for whatever reason. However, it was an aspect of the story that was overplayed and I struggled to grasp.

    This story also suffers a little bit of first in a series syndrome. I loved Nora’s friend Sue, and even though the story wasn’t about her, a lot of page time was given to her, clearly setting up book two. But that’s also well played, because I’m looking forward to reading more about Sue!

  6. Tara at The Lesbian Review


    This book was really cute, the Irish lesbian Romeo and Juliet I didn’t know I needed, especially since it doesn’t have the poison and tweenagers of the original. I loved the whirlwind nature of the relationship, even if I didn’t love how Nora handled the breakup aftermath as much. Very much looking forward to reading the sequel.

    Full review here:

  7. Karen Mcintosh


    Never- tied -Nora left me feeling elated and joyful in a way no book has done for a long time. The wonderfully sexy and romantic story of Nora, a love-em and leave-em type and gorgeous red-head Ger was just perfect. I’ve read the next two books in this series by Cheyenne Blue and thought I should go back to where it all began. I’m so glad I did as I fell madly in love with their story. Trying to find a way to be together despite a long running feud between their families causes untold heartache for them both. The love between them is so powerful and hot and I was rooting for them from the start. A brilliant read and worth 5+stars.
    I was given this ARC free by Ylva publishing in return for an honest review.

  8. Jane Shambler

    (verified owner):

    I kinda read this series weirdly, like I started with number 2, then read 3 and came back for number 1. However, saying this all three books can be read individually, as the author is very good at keeping you up to date. However, by finally reading the first book, this book several things fell into place for exacmple how they all met. This book is really well written. I mean really really well written. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry and then laugh some more. It also points out all our petty issues and quarrels are usually pointless. i loved this book and series so much I gave them to my non lesbian sister to read. Hey she asked and I felt Cheyenne was a good intro into lesbian fiction. Well she was still smiling at the end of the week so i take that as a win. Excellent author, I’m definately reading more of her works.

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