Long-Distance Coffee by Emma Sterner-Radley

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Book one in The Midnight Coffee Series

Author: Emma Sterner-Radley


A lesbian romance about closing the distance.

New York personal trainer Erin Black lives a solitary life plagued by insomnia. Isabella Martinez, a former CEO turned writer, is stuck in a platonic relationship in Florida with her baby boy.

One sleepless night on social media, they strike up a conversation that changes their lives and makes them question everything.  Over midnight cups of coffee, they try to resist the powerful chemistry that builds between them. They soon discover their connection could be the key to unlocking their personal issues.

Questions remain though. Are they more than friends? Could they be right for each other? And if they are, how will they handle a relationship a thousand miles apart?


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December 2017


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65,000 words




978-3-95533-911-1 (mobi), 978-3-95533-912-8 (epub), 978-3-95533-913-5 (pdf)


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8 reviews for Long-Distance Coffee by Emma Sterner-Radley

  1. Miira


    Long-Distance Coffee is the first part of Midnight Coffee, the story of two people who meet online, become friends and then more. Both are women, both have trouble sleeping, both love coffee.

    Isabella, a CEO turned full-time mother and aspiring writer, spends her nights (and days) trying to write a book while taking care of her baby. Erin is an insomniac who works as a personal trainer and is more than a bit of an introvert.

    The characters are funny yet realistic, the dialogue believable and the story flows beautifully.

    It would seem that there isn’t very much action, but if you’ve ever been a part of a long-distance relationship (friendship or whatever) you’ll know how much can happen over text, e-mail and video chats.

    I loved this book and couldn’t put it away until I’d finished it. Then I read the best bits again (having bookmarked them on the first round)!

    Long-Distance Coffee is a treasure.. and I can’t wait for the conclusion!

  2. angeladams69


    I am so in love with this delightful story about the journey toward happiness, self-fulfillment and new love all wrapped up in the delicious aroma of coffee. Both women had to overcome issues of believing in themselves and fully accepting the fact that they are phenomenal human beings. I just love the flow of the story and the use of social media because it made the story more realistic to me. I am anxiously looking forward to reading the sequel to this lovely story!

  3. Carolyn McBride


    I loved this book, sacrificing late nights because I just couldn’t put it down! My only disappointment was that it ended! Can’t wait for the sequel!

  4. Betty Harmon


    This is a delightful book! I fell in love with the characters right away. This story touched me because in RL, I met my soulmate in a very similar fashion. Except we hadn’t found Twitter then. The story does not end with this book, and I cannot wait to read more. The author has written a gem, and I hope the next one is just as good!

    I received this book as a free ARC in exchange for an honest review, but even if I’d bought it, it is worth every cent!

  5. Karola


    ***free ARC
    The story of Isabella and Erin starts so simple, just a chat you read, a note you left, a reply comes along and everything starts to get big. More chats, more personal informations, a video call, more feelings in these daily chats. Until they have to admit that there’s something between them that’s more than just a friendly chat. I’m looking forward to this sequel, because they might run into troubles when personal problems or a very strict mum come along.

  6. pharridge


    Bring on the next book in the series! That was my final thought when i turned the last page of this book. The characters of Erin and Isabella are interesting and likeable from the get go. It’s amazing what can happen when taking sex out of the equation…having to work harder at a long distance friendship can have it’s rewards.
    I can’t wait to see what happens in this series when the distance between Erin and Isabella is greatly reduced! Will they..won’t they? Who knows. I loved getting to know the main characters. It’s a different approach for a romance book.
    I received an arc copy in exchange for an honest review.

  7. Jane Shambler


    This book at times drove me a little nuts. It is pretty well written but I felt you needed to have a little bit of patience as a reader. Unfortunately that is not my biggest strength. I needed a crash course because at times the book was so slow I thought it had stopped. The main reason I gave it 2.5 stars. That is in no way meant to disrespect the author it was just the way I felt.

    The story is based around two women Erin in New York and Isabella in Florida. Both are insomniacs and they meet on line. Now the weird thing is that although romance is developing, it stays on line. There is no discussion to meet whatsoever.

    Radley’s writing is definitely what kept me reading and I did like her dry sense of humor. I personally think the internet can be used to get to know someone, but my question is can you truly love someone you have never met in person. I just feel that physical intimacy is just as important as vocal intimacy. One doesn’t work without the other. But that is my opinion. I would definitely recommend the book and I’m hoping the next one takes us to the next level. Enjoy!

    *ARC provided by publisher via Ylva Publishing*

  8. stephasselin


    Have you ever felt an instant connection with someone? A connection so intense and so strong that goes beyond what you are able to understand, a feeling that changes everything in your life and quickly sweeps you off your feet.

    This is what happens when an insomniac, coffee addicted, personal trainer Erin Blake stumbles upon a tweet that catches her attention. When one thing leads to another, she ends up on Skype with the author of said tweet, Isabella Martinez, a former CEO turned writer, mom of a little sunshine.

    The chemistry between Erin’s introvert’s personality and Isabella’s sarcastic one automatically connect like two pieces of the same puzzle made to be together. Soon enough, their midnight coffee and Skype date become a part of their routine. Will the distance separating them be enough to keep their blossoming friendship contained behind a screen or can their friendship become more?

    This story is blurring the lines between friendship and relationship to a point when you are definitely waiting for them to discuss their mutual attraction, while still being anxious because of both of their previous relationships and status. Both characters are enthralling and nicely presented with both their qualities and insecurities.

    I discovered this book pretty much just like Erin discovered Isabella, by wasting time online. I will never be more grateful for the Amazon suggestion to buy this book even if I had never heard of the writer before this series. Emma Sterner-Radley does wonder recreating the online atmosphere and all its ups and downs. I will be sure to buy her next books as well.

    I related to this novel mostly because I’ve been making amazing friends online and the reality of having them only a text away, but out of reach at the same time is something I am constantly struggling with. I like how easy the conversations flow and the easiness with which they talk about anything. This book is the proof that all people you meet in your life have an impact on the person that you are, weather it is directly or indirectly, online or in real life. I am lucky enough to have made the greatest of friends online and to have reconnected with my girlfriend online after years of being separated.

    This book is a fast read and its sequel, on which I will be making a review as well, is just as much. The sleepless night will be worth it. I read it all in one sitting except for the few last chapters because I wanted to make the pleasure last longer, and still, putting the book down has been physically painful.

    RainbowMooses Reviews

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