Fourteen authors of lesbian fiction contributed otherworldly, thrilling and supernatural short stories that will keep you glued to your seat.

Andi Marquette: SpiritQuest, LLC
The ghost hunters of SpiritQuest, LLC are preparing for a visit to the historic Halstead House, where the ghost of 26-year-old Lily Halstead reportedly appears. The crew discovers that Lily left behind a female lover and a bit of a love story, which adds to the mystique of this paranormal case. Is Lily waiting for her lost love? The chance to perhaps find out, plus the mysterious Sky Adams, who volunteers to accompany them to the Halstead House, promises to give the intrepid ghost hunters a Halloween to remember.

Bridget Essex: Moon Dance
A woman on a camping trip believes she’s dreaming about her ex-lover visiting her on Halloween night…but it’s no dream. And while her love may become rekindled, her lover isn’t exactly how she remembers her.

Catherine Lane: Taylor-Made
Taylor’s ordered, boring world is turned upside down when she impulsively steals a jacket. It’s magic, and now she can’t take it off. Suddenly, she’s taking crazy chances with her future—risks that put her center stage at a première Hollywood Halloween party and into the arms of its lovely hostess. Is it a dream come true, or is Taylor losing herself to the magic?

Cori Kane: A Lesson in Magic
At her best friend’s Halloween party, Erin meets Raymond and finds him strangely attractive. Strangely, because she’s a lesbian and men haven’t been on her radar for some time. But Raymond is not quite the man his costume might suggest.

Elaine Burnes: A Certain Moon
First dates are nerve-racking under the best of circumstances. Ann really likes Erica but is convinced it can’t work out. It never has before. She pleads with her furry companions to behave. Will they? If Ann reveals her secret, can Erica handle it?

Erzabet Bishop: Ghostlight
Melanie reluctantly accompanies her friend Rachel on a ghost walk. She has no way of knowing that she will be in for a ghostly night of pleasure of her own. Exasperated by her friend, Melanie takes off to go home when she decides to stop at a quaint tea room for a bite of supper. Vykky is closing down the tea room but offers her a special brand of hospitality that will leave Melanie questioning her views about the supernatural once and for all. **First published in Coming Together Girl on Girl (Aug 4, 2013)

Eve Francis: Fresh Blood
When cop Allie gets home late from the night shift, she finds her girlfriend, Violet, home early and annoyed. The couple’s squabble turns into an interesting and feisty argument, as Allie—a vampire—must convince Violet—a human—that she has not done anything she shouldn’t while on shift. Allie thinks back on her busy night, which involved a crash, a robbery, and her feeding on fresh blood and must decide what details to reveal and what to keep hidden for later.

Lois Cloarec Hart: Walking after Midnight
Gem has carried a torch for the way-out-of-her-league Kate since they were in high school together. When she flees a party after fearing her unrequited love has been exposed, she meets a mysterious woman who gives her a whole new perspective on the situation.

May Dawney: The Road Home
Heading home from a crazy Hallow’s Eve shift at the local bar, Rebecca Linder finds herself face-to-face with a ghost story come to life. Things are not always what they appear, however, and sometimes the worst moments in a life can lead to some of the best.

Orhea the dreamer: That Day
Angela White is your average Texan living in a rural community. In great detail she describes the infamous Halloween day when she took a trip into town and met with fate in the form of a hitchhiker, who happens to be a werewolf hunter.

Q. Kelly: Hit and Run
Maxie Douglas’s husband, Zachary, was mowed down by a hit-and-run driver five years ago on Halloween. Far from grieving, Maxie is eternally thankful to the driver for saving her from the monster Zachary had become. She longs to meet her hero or heroine, but there is much she doesn’t know.

R.G. Emanuelle: Strega
In the town of Benevento, Italy, the ancient art of witchcraft was accepted and honored, unlike the rest of the deeply Catholic country, where witches were considered the devil’s minions. Raffaella, escaping an abusive marriage, stumbles upon a witches’ Sabbath near Benevento. Despite her fear, she is drawn to Serafina, a woman participating in the ritual. Serafina shows her compassion and respect and offers her shelter, which Raffaella gladly accepts, and as the days pass, something more blossoms between them as Raffaella learns the healing arts and with the magical powers of il noce, the sacred walnut tree, discovers her own special gifts.

S. M. Harding: A Winter Tale
Epifania Gordy comes home to New Mexico to mourn the death of her lover—or join her. When she uses remembered fragments of an ancient Highland ceremony to summon Sadie, what she conjures isn’t who she expected.

Steph Gottschalk: Object Permanence
In the wake of a tragic accident, a woman suspects that her wife may be haunting the house as a ghost.

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1 review for Wicked Things

  1. Ameliah Faith


    Things that go OHHH in the night
    Full of Halloween mysteries, this anthology contains fourteen stories of spooky goodness from fourteen different writers. There are some of my favouties authors such as Erzabet Bishop, Andi Marquette and R.G. Emanuelle as well as several new to me authors. Some of these tales are soft and sweet, some hard and intense but all of them well worth the read.
    Thank you Ladies!

    Spiritquest, LLC by Andi Marquette
    Ghost hunters unknowingly help a spirit reconnect with her ghostly lover. Very nice!

    A Certain Moon by Elaine Burnes
    This is someone who is new to me. I found the story sweet and endearing. I will be reading more of Ms. Burnes’ stories.

    Walking After Midnight by Lois Cloarec Hart
    Ms Hart never fails to make me smile and feel so content and happy. This story is among my favourites of hers. Maybe because I can see myself in Gem. Simply wonderful!

    Moon Dance by Bridget Essex
    OH WOW! So emotional, sad and happy and VERY erotic!

    The Road Home by May Dawney
    Good and sexy.

    Hit and Run by Q. Kelly
    This is a unique tale with some serious twists and turns….impressive

    A Lesson in Magic by Cori Kane
    Ms. Kane had me a bit worried there for a bit with Raymond…but all worked out in the end. I really enjoyed this story.

    Strega by R.G. Emanuelle
    Ms. Emanuelle has done it again…Such a soft and gentle, heartwarming and tender story…I wanted to cry at the beauty of this story.

    Object Permanence by Steph Gottschalk
    This story is a very well written ghostly love story…but really sad…

    Taylor Made by Catherine Lane
    A lovely and enchanting romance with a definite awww factor!!

    Ghost Lights by Erzabet Bishop
    Oh my…. Erzabet truly has a gift with her erotic, lusty, over heated bits of yumminess. I have never wanted chocolate sauce more!

    A Winter Story by S.M. Harding
    This is a haunting and hard read. Hard in an emotional sense, its deep and full of pain and meaning…. There is a valuable lesson to be learned in this one. It is not one to pass by.
    That Day by Orhea the Dreamer
    This is a great adventure featuring werewolves and a Hunter. Fast and exciting… this an another author I will be looking into!

    Fresh Blood by Eve Francis
    Tempting, tasty, seductive, heartfelt…. throw in some adrenaline and a set of fangs and here you go…

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