Driving Me Mad by L.T. Smith

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Author: L.T. Smith


A woman’s dreams start blending with reality after a supernatural encounter in this lesbian paranormal romance.

For Rebecca Gibson, her journey to a work convention will be one she’ll never forget. After driving around for four hours, Rebecca stops to ask for directions at an isolated house on the outskirts of Kirk Langley, Derbyshire.

Her initial meeting with the house’s attractive owner, Annabel Howell, seems strange and unsettling, but at her hostess’s insistence, Rebecca spends the night.

Plagued by nightmares, Rebecca senses that her dream world has blended with what she believes is reality. When she leaves the next day, her life has changed.

Can Rebecca solve a mystery that has been haunting a family for over sixty years? Will she find love along the way?   Or will the events drive her mad?

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January 2016


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107,000 words




978-3-95533-287-7 (mobi), 978-3-95533-288-4 (epub), 978-3-95533-289-1 (pdf)


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8 reviews for Driving Me Mad by L.T. Smith

  1. Amanda


    This is such a fantastic piece of work from L.T. Smith -just like all of her books. So happy to finally see this one in print, and can’t wait to get a physical one in my hands. If you like a spooky tale from the grave, this is your book. This book gave me chills on more than one occasion, and made my heart race a little at what was going to happen next. Back and forth from present to past, not to mention the amazing scenery that is so perfectly detailed by L.T., this book really delivers. I’m not going to give too much away, but it’s definitely worth every penny. It was an honor to be able to design the cover, and so excited to do many more in the future for this talented author. Now, time to read it once again. 🙂

  2. rebeccakbarrus2


    *Note: I was provided with a free copy of the book by Ylva Publishing in exchange for a fair review

    I am an absolute fiend for Agatha Christie and any sort of murder mystery, ghosts or no, so Driving Me Mad was a delight to read. From the very first page, Smith sucks you into Rebecca’s world and keeps you there for the rest of the book. It has everything—ghosts, vintage lesbians, modern lesbians, proper respect for brown eyes, and a personable narrator who will keep you chuckling. I had a hard time putting it down.

    I was wary when I saw the quote from Wuthering Heights in the beginning because Wuthering Heights is probably one of my least favorite books. Its characters are selfish and petulant, making it hard to feel sympathetic about their circumstances. Such is not the case with Driving Me Mad. The love story between Ellen and Annabel is tragic without either of them being selfish or whiny. Rebecca’s modern day romance was beautiful in a different way. Smith captured the complexity of her characters and their relationships in a way that is admirable.

    The plot was fantastic as well. Just when I thought I knew where it was going, it took a huge shift. It was very Christie-esque in that way. Smith knows how to tell a story! I’m usually that person who overanalyzes plot and pokes until I find holes, but this was solid. Or it was entertaining enough to distract me from its flaws, which is not small task either.

    In summary, I loved Driving Me Mad and plan on buying my own copy and rereading it sometime in the future.

  3. Netty

    (verified owner):

    Omg that was just simply brilliant, I definitely wasn’t expecting that.
    I’m not sure how to review this book and give it justice but I’ll have a go….

    This has got to be the best s##t your pants book I’ve read, not that I usually read this kind of stuff.
    The characters were very likeable from the first page through to the end, quite a bit of graphic detail, lots of goosebumps, the sex scenes were done brilliantly, some good old British humour mixed in aswel , a definite page turner.

    This is not a book you can keep going back to, it’s just not possible,it needs to be read in one sitting.
    How on earth one puts something like that together is beyond me, perfect storytelling.
    I couldn’t possibly want more from this story……

    I’ll never ever in my life look at my reflection in the kitchen window again Christ lol….

    Just can’t beat L.T.Smith, she’s still my favourite author

  4. Ameliah Faith


    Spooky Mystery
    Okay, I totally love this book! First I will tell you a bit about it then I will gush about it.
    Its late at night on a back road. Rebecca was lost on the way to her hotel. She feels like someone or something is watching her. Finally she finds a house with a light on and goes to it. Annabelle answers and takes Rebecca into her arms, while holding the young woman, Annabelle calls her Ellen… Some really weird stuff happens and while Rebecca is asleep she has some very real nightmares. Later she has them again in her hotel. Rebecca decides to go back to Annabelle’s only to meet Clare. There is no sign of Annabelle’s existence anywhere and the house is not the same as it was just a few nights ago. There is an instant connection between Rebecca and Clare and a huge mystery for them to solve. That is all I am willing to share.

    Now, let me first say I have NEVER been disappointed with Ms Smith. Her writing is always solid, her characters easy to love and there are excellent story lines. Everything she writes is wonderful but this…. wow, she really brought her A game!! I thought I had at least part of it figured it out but it turned out I was wrong! I was bewildered but in a “oh goody, its a surprise” kind of way. I seriously could not read this fast enough I wanted to throw a tantrum when I had to put it down to fix dinner, who needs food when you have a spooky mystery to solve??? Darn wife… Anyway, I got back to it asap and didn’t stop until I was done. Oh my goodness, it is SOOOO good!!! Thank you so very much Ms Smith!

  5. Sabrina


    The opening of Driving Me Mad in its Gothic style just pulls you in. The style changes after that and is only revisited in dream sequences. They at times gave me chills.
    The description of the scenes from the visual to the acoustic is always on point. I can see the action unfold but am not overwhelmed with details.
    As someone who reads mostly in AE the British profanities used in the novel seem almost endearing. (Which includes a word for female lady parts). I love the protagonist’s thought process and her odd reasoning. The novel was an exciting read, along with the characters I went through strong emotions. One answer had plagued me for a bit which then is addressed at some point and that reflection was refreshing.
    Smith managed to create an exciting and unique story with only a few characters. Bravo.

  6. Shay


    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

    What makes this book so great is the combination of characters and plot. The main character Rebecca is exactly that, a character. She has a wonderfully believable and enjoyable personality that makes her feel very real. The book is narrated through her thoughts, which are scatterbrained and hilarious and make for a great perspective on the entire situation, which is just as enchanting as the main character. This is a mystery that turns into a paranormal mystery that turns into a murder mystery, and the twists just keep coming. Nothing about this book is predictable, and I love that. It makes the book that much harder to put down.

    The romance is also fantastic. It’s a classic soulmates story with a twist. The love story is tied in with the mystery and the two story lines play off each other in a way that makes both even better than they would be on their own (and they’re pretty good on their own).

    If anything about the genre or the description of this book appeals to you, you won’t be disappointed. Give it a shot.

  7. Dee


    L.T Smith is a new to me author, and right off the bat it was clear she has the gist of the gab! Her descriptive writing skills are phenomenal. The story is told in first person and entirely from Rebecca’s point of view, so be prepared to be in her head the entire time.

    At the start of the story I found myself chuckling at her unfortunate dilemma. It was both scary and comical at the same time. Who can’t relate to being stuck in a car, needing to pee, without a bathroom in sight? With no other option but to pullover and answer to the call of nature, Rebecca does just that. Relief soon turns to fear. Seeing a light in the distance she hightails it to the closest sanctuary, however not all is as at seems and her encounter with Annabel Howell, sets the scene for one hell of a spooky and mysterious story, full of twists and turns.

    Plagued by dreams and the ghost of someone wronged, Rebecca unwittingly becomes a medium between the living and the dead in unearthing an evil act and avenging the slain.

    I must admit, to begin with, I had a hard time keeping up with the time line of past and present events. And I found the story a little wordy. There are a few instances of repetitive dialogue but in saying that, it was part and parcel of the character so fitted the plot.

    The erotic content, peppered here and there, complimented the story and was tastefully written. Tasty, as in delicious.

    I recommend this story to people who enjoy full length novels, with a complex plot, paranormal elements, relatable characters, and the mystery of an age old murder.

  8. sun

    (verified owner):

    The plot was super cool and solid. Good characters and never boring. It has a happy ending. It is spooky as much as snarky.

    However it left me a bitter taste afterwards. The outcome happens about in the third quarter of the book, and following that point it becomes redundant.

    There is also a pair of scenes that are needlessly violent. Don’t add much to the plot. It looks like they are just there to make us hate the villian, as if that was necessary at that point.

    The clousure falls short, because a few pages before the author made us feel rage and frustration. Even the epilogue feels out of place.

    It is a shame ‘cause before that point, this book was totally enjoyable. Or maybe I just have an unhealthy desire of revenge that this book didn’t provide.

    Still I would recommend it very much.

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