Walking the Labyrinth by Lois Cloarec Hart

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Book Three in The Calgary Chronicles

Author: Lois Cloarec Hart


Is there life after loss? Lee Glenn, co-owner of a private security company, didn’t think so. Crushed by grief after the death of her wife, she uncharacteristically retreats from life.   But love doesn’t give up easily. After her friends and family stage a dramatic intervention, Lee rejoins the world of the living, resolved to regain some sense of normalcy but only half-believing that it’s possible. Her old friend and business partner convinces her to take on what appears on the surface to be a minor personal protection detail.

The assignment takes her far from home, from the darkness of her loss to the dawning of a life reborn. Along the way, Lee encounters people unlike any she’s ever met before: Wrong-Way Wally, a small-town oracle shunned by the locals for his off-putting speech and mannerisms; and Wally’s best friend, Gaëlle, a woman who not only translates the oracle’s uncanny predictions, but who also appears to have a deep personal connection to life beyond life. Lee is shocked to find herself fascinated by Gaëlle, despite dismissing the woman’s exotic beliefs as “hooey.”   But opening yourself to love also means opening yourself to the possibility of pain. Will Lee have the courage to follow that path, a path that once led to the greatest agony she’d ever experienced? Or will she run back to the cold comfort of a safer solitary life?

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June 2013


epub, mobi, and pdf




67,000 words




978-3-95533-049-1 (mobi), 978-3-95533-050-7 (epub), 978-3-95533-051-4 (pdf)


Ylva Publishing

1 review for Walking the Labyrinth by Lois Cloarec Hart

  1. Carolyn McBride
    Rated 4 out of 5


    I enjoyed this book a great deal. The beginning of the tale started exactly where it needed to, deep in the grieving process that Lee is wallowing in one a year of the loss of her wife. Through a deathbed-requested intervention, Lee’s friends and family pull her back into the land of the living, and she is convinced to take on a personal protection detail through her company. Through the case, Lee meets Gaelle and despite their differences in beliefs, they become good friends. Eventually, there is romance, but I have to say, I liked how long they took to get there. It was refreshing.
    I had no problem with their many discussions of spirituality and what happens after death. I thought that added an often-ignored layer missing from so many lesfic romances these days, a discussion of substance. Without giving too much away, I thought the conflict was realistic, as well as Lee’s response to it. Overall, this was a multi-layered story that you think you can predict, but there are a few surprises in store.
    And that cover is a thing of beauty!

    Highly recommended.

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