Walking the Labyrinth (audiobook) by Lois Cloarec Hart

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Book Three in The Calgary Chronicles

Author: Lois Cloarec Hart

Narrated by Anastasia Watley


In this gentle, slow-burn lesbian romance set in a small town in Canada, a grieving, over-fifty security expert finds she still has a lot of living—and loving—left to do.

Is there life after loss? Lee Glenn doesn’t think so. Crushed by grief after the death of her wife, the co-owner of a private security company retreats from the world.

But love doesn’t give up easily.

Lee’s old friend and business partner convinces her to take on what seems to be a minor, personal-protection detail job. The assignment whisks her far from home to rural Saskatchewan, where she is pulled from her darkness and pain by the fascinating characters around her.

Wrong-Way Wally is a shunned, small-town oracle, who counts as his best friend, Gaëlle, a woman who seems to have a deep personal connection to life beyond life.

Lee is shocked to find herself attracted to Gaëlle, despite the woman’s exotic beliefs.

But opening yourself to love also means the possibility of pain, too. Will Lee have the courage to try again after so much loss?

An uplifting, profound story of awakening.

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Publication Date

December 2022


7 hrs and 26 mins




Ylva Publishing

1 review for Walking the Labyrinth (audiobook) by Lois Cloarec Hart

  1. Brandy


    Oddly enough, the romance is not what I liked most. I loved how the women finally came together, but what I truly loved was the message I received loud and clear at a time I needed to hear it. I know I will go back and reread many parts of this wonderful story and perhaps one day walk my labyrinth.

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