Tight Knit by Shaya Crabtree

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Author: Shaya Crabtree


Four years ago, Lara Spellmeyer left her small-town life in Perry, Oklahoma, to pursue her dream of starting a cat sweater business. After being swept up in online fame and success, Lara is suddenly back home, dealing with her grandmother’s poor health and potentially career-ending negative press.

The only bright spots are Tight Knit, the knitting circle she starts with her friends, and Kerry, the charming young woman her best friend sets her up with.

When Chief Editor Paige Daley asks Lara to appear in her local paper’s Hometown Heroes series, it just might restore Lara’s image to its former glory. But working with Paige on the story is a battle between Lara’s loyalty to her community and a reminder of the suffocating small-town mentality she grew up with.

It doesn’t help that Paige is her ex, completely maddening, and can’t see eye to eye with Lara on anything. How could this possibly end well?


A charming, second-chance lesbian romance about finding love in all the old places.

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Publication Date

August 2019


epub, mobi, and pdf


72,000 words




978-3-96324-240-3 (mobi), 978-3-96324-241-0 (epub), 978-3-96324-242-7 (pdf)


Ylva Publishing

3 reviews for Tight Knit by Shaya Crabtree

  1. Betty Harmon
    Rated 3 out of 5


    This review of Tight Knit by Shaya Crabtree is going to be a mixture of good and bad. Overall, I liked this book. I want to make that clear right from the start.
    The premise of the story is a good one, and the setting is perfect. Most of the characters, especially the secondary ones from the small town of Perry are well developed.
    The main characters, Paige Daley and Lara Spellmeyer are not treated as perfect people, which I like. It makes the story more realistic to let your characters have some flaws.
    However, the more I read through the novel, the more irritated I became with Lara. That became a big problem because the story is written in third person POV through Lara’s character. Lara has some major baggage about the town of Perry that kept me from fully enjoying the story. This baggage caused a lot of the conflict between Lara and Paige, and I really wanted Lara to just “get over it” much faster than she did. It felt unrealistic to me that someone would let their past affect their present life so badly, and Lara’s actions made her look selfish and petty.Then I remembered someone that I personally know in real life who has similar baggage and has reacted the same way Lara does in the book. Irritating or not, Lara is written true to life. Once I realized that, I was able to enjoy the story more.
    I’m glad I read this book and I will look for more from this author.

    I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing for an honest review.

    Rainbow Reflections:

  2. Karola
    Rated 4 out of 5


    ***free ARC
    Lara and Paige, an ex-couple, don’t like each other. Too many bad words has been used in the past and too much is unsaid. Thanks to Laras grandma they have to work together on a competition. The more they meet the more they realize their own faults in their relationship and start to work to clear the clouds.
    All in all I liked this book, although sometimes I had my doubts and couldn’t follow straight the story. In the end it was clear, but for me I would have liked it more to know some things earlier in the story.

  3. petra
    Rated 4 out of 5


    I enjoyed this book although it did take a few chapters to be drawn into the storyline.
    The main characters are flawed individuals who have to work together for competition sakes. Time together because of a competition allows Lara and Paige to work through their history and possibly move forward towards a future neither expected. They are supported by a great support cast. Life in a ‘Tight Knit’ town, second chances, change and and re-evaluating what’s important in life all come together, wrapped in a nice package.
    I received an arc copy in exchange for an honest review.

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