The Number 94 Project by Cheyenne Blue

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Author: Cheyenne Blue


Renovation takes a sexy turn when a cute country girl rocks up with a tool belt and plans that throw the whole gay neighbourhood into disarray in this light-hearted lesbian romance.

When handywoman Jorgie’s uncle leaves her an old house in Melbourne, it’s a dream come true. Sure, 94 Gaylord Street is falling apart, and she has to deal with her uncle Bruce’s eccentric friends thanks to his unusual Will.

But that’s okay. She’ll fire up her power tools and turn the dilapidated terrace house into a desirable inner-city pad. Then she’ll sell up and head home to the country.

Jorgie hasn’t counted on falling for cute neighbour Marta, who’s found her heart-home among the tight queer-community of Gaylord Street. Between mugs of too-strong tea and Jorgie’s lack of a working shower, the two forge a surprising connection.

But what happens when the renovation’s complete? Can Jorgie really just toss aside her tool belt and saunter away?

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November 2021


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100,000 words




978-3-96324-568-8 (mobi), 978-3-96324-569-5 (epub), 978-3-96324-570-1 (pdf)


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3 reviews for The Number 94 Project by Cheyenne Blue

  1. photoswazi


    Got to love a woman wearing a tool belt! This story felt more about the coming together of extended family, than it did about the developing relationship between Jorgie and Marta. The storyline comprised a wonderful cast of nosy neighbours who live within inner-city Melbourne that is Gaylord Street. These side characters are fabulous! Jorgie is pulled between wanting to live her own life and having a wonderful relationship and the responsibility she feels for her mother. Although frustrating, I did like the side story between Jorgie and her and in the end love wins all round. I received an arc for an honest review.

  2. Betty Harmon


    Cheyenne Blue has created another novel that I absolutely fell in love with. The Number 94 Project is a slow-burn, feel-good romance with a cast of characters you’ll want as your real neighbors, and a neighborhood we would all love to live in.
    The story begins when Jorgie arrives at 94 Gaylord Street to check out the house she has just inherited from her Uncle Bruce. A handywoman by trade, she has the idea of renovating the old home and selling it, but she has to get the approval of several neighbors who also inherited a portion of the house, including the next door neighbor, Marta. Both Marta and Jorgie are attracted to each other, but Jorgie lives in the outback, and plans to head back when the house is sold. Marta’s life is on Gaylord Street with her family of friends.
    This is obviously a romance novel, but it is really a lot more than that. It’s a tale of friends helping each other. It’s also a story of different kinds of family, both the one we are born into, and the family we create for ourselves. What makes this novel so special are the characters the author created, both main and secondary. These folks and their stories make this a light-hearted tale that will put a smile on your face, and hopefully make your day better.
    I can’t end this review without mentioning the gorgeous cover on this novel. That well muscled body in tight jeans and t-shirt…and that toolbelt. Oh my! Whoever created this cover, you did a great job, and it fits the story perfectly. Buy this novel, and once you finish enjoying the cover, read the book. You will love that even more.
    I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing for an honest review.

  3. Ameliah Faith


    Jorgie and Marta, Sittin’ In A Tree…
    Jorgie is a handy woman from a small Australian town. She has big dreams and when her uncle dies and leaves her a house she jumps at the chance to sell it to pay for her business plan. When she sees the condition of the house she knows it needs updating and luckily she can do it with the help of her quirky neighbours. Especially the woman next door, Marta, who makes her heart beat a bit faster…. Marta leads a simple and quiet life and likes it that way but when she starts spending time with Jorgie, she thinks maybe there is room for one more…If only Jorgie’s mom wasn’t so dependent on her…

    I thought this was a very sweet, light hearted, fluffy and low angst tale, absolutely perfect for a lazy day read or any time you can only read in spurts. You can put it down and when you get back to it, you are immersed quickly again, lost to the fun and flirtation. This tale revolved a lot around renovating a small house in Australia. The layout of the house that was being worked on was very different than anything Ive encountered before and I found that really interesting. I wish I could have seen before and after photos! I ADORED the people in the neighbourhood. They are so much fun and close knit, always there for each other. They are family of the heart and I really wished I had people like them in my life. They helped make this story even better. Jorgie and Marta are a perfect couple, they complement each other and just work…You cant help but want to see them get their Happily Ever After!!

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