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Author: Lola Keeley


Tennis champ Elin is used to winning—but not when the woman she’s falling for is on the other side of the net. A lesbian sports romance with friends-to-lovers working out what matters—on and off the court.

World No. 1 tennis star Elin Larsson is in hot pursuit of a record number of Grand Slam titles. But between pressing injuries and growing anxiety, it’s starting to feel like her heart isn’t in it.
Gorgeous rival player Toni Cortes Ruiz bursts onto the scene, chasing her first slam.

As their paths keep crossing in big matches, a growing attraction starts to burn between the competitive women.

When scandals, the media, and the world starts closing in on them, Elin and Toni need to decide whether they’re competitors or on the same side.

A sparkling sporty workplace romance about rivals and romance, and putting everything on the line.



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Publication Date

October 2019


epub (for Kindle Reader/Kindle Apps, for iBooks, Nook etc.), mobi, and pdf


100,000 words




978-3-96324-276-2 (mobi), 978-3-96324-277-9 (epub), 978-3-96324-278-6 (pdf)


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5 reviews for Slammed by Lola Keeley

  1. Karola


    ***free ARC
    Lola Keeley mentions her crush on Steffi Graf, well I had one on Martina Navratilova. Should answer all questions…! In the book Toni has a crush on world number 1 Elin and she gets her chance to know her better. With some intrigues from different sides they stick together and help each other, fighting against each other on the field and falling in love on their journey from one tournament to the other. Lola Keeley creates scenes where you really can feel into it, mentions situations of which you sure never thought of in the life of a tennis player. Gave me a new view and admiration for them (and all sports where you have to travel so much) and what they do. Very good book

  2. Ana Leamaro


    Free ARC

    Good book and based on the carrier of one of my favourite tennis player of all times. The book is very interesting and when you start you can’t put it down. I love sports books, specially Tennis. This has become one of my favourites.
    I didn’t like this authors first book but decided to give it a second chance and I don’t regret it because it’s a very well written book, all characters are well created and I specially loved Alice. If you like sports books that this is one you can’t miss.

  3. Betty Harmon


    Lola Keeley has a hit on her hands with her newest novel Slammed. This is a story told in the first-person POV through the eyes of Elin Larsson, the number one women’s tennis player in the world. At the age of thirty-two, she has just about done it all in her sporting career. In fact lately she has been feeling that her heart is not really into competing, except for one goal she has yet to meet. She wants to beat the current record of winning grand slam titles.

    The record is twenty-two wins, and at the beginning of the story, Elin has twenty. With only three more slam title wins to beat the record, she is determined to continue at least that long. But there are many obstacles in her way, including a persistent injury, and all the talented competitors she has to face at each tournament. Then there is Antonia (Toni) Cortez Ruiz, a young and very talented tennis player moving quickly up the ranks. They keep meeting at different tournaments, and the attraction keeps getting stronger between them. But will any relationship they may have survive the competitiveness they both have for the game, especially if it interferes with Elin’s career goal?

    I am so glad Ms. Keeley decided to let the reader see the story through the eyes of Elin. She did an excellent job writing in this POV, and made the story come alive. We also have a better understanding of Elin’s thoughts and feelings about all the people and action happening around her. It made the tale feel real to me. The plotline is riveting, especially the second half of the book, when the conflict of the story gets really exciting and complex. The romance between Elin and Toni is handled perfectly. It isn’t rushed and weaves its way beautifully through the story.
    I loved this book. It is well-written and one that you should not pass up. I am very pleased I had the chance to read Slammed.

    I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing for an honest review.

  4. Kiwigirl55104


    Game On
    Beautiful but insecure and anxious, Elin is a privileged white tennis player, number one in the world to be precise. She is on her way to break the record number of slams. She is only three away but while she’s on a winning streak, things just aren’t quite right. When sexy Toni arrives back on the scene after a serious back injury they become close friends. It’s awkward to play against her when they have to because of the growing awareness Elin has about Toni. As they continue to get to know each other more, Toni changes Elin’s way of thinking and makes her reevaluate her plans for the future. Meanwhile, some of Elin’s friends and her ex bring an issue to her notice. All the women of colour are being drug tested FAR more than the white women, even the ones that lose their matches. It has gotten even worse when Toni’s ex-coach is being investigated for doping. Not willing to let that go, she sets out to bring the attention to the public, even at the risk of her career.

    This is a great book. There are so many great details about tennis that I’ve never considered. From the travel, the court types, the other players and even the sponsors and tennis officials, from the ball kids to the men in suits that enforce rules… Ms Keeley makes not of everything. Elin is fascinating. She is called The Ice Queen because she doesn’t talk much, tries to stay to herself and never shakes hands with anyone. She has her reasons but after Toni waltzes into her life she is more at peace with herself and finds courage to do the things she couldn’t before. Toni is so special. She’s sexy, bubbly, outgoing and totally hooked on Elin. They have a lot to work out to become a happy couple but they are more than up to the challenge. I loved watching the go from friends to lovers. They are so good together! Happy, dreamy sigh… There is also a lot in this book about family. Elin’s mother is her coach, her sister is an artist that visits her often and her dad used to be heavily involved with her career as well. There is a bunch of family drama for both women. Toni’s mother is very distant but her grandmother is a sweetheart of a woman who loves her to pieces and welcomes Elin with open arms. There is even more to the tale and I could go on and on but the important this is, You NEED to read this (even if you aren’t a sports fan)!!!

  5. lyle

    (verified owner):

    Just love the slow burn romance in this book, plus the drama was wonderfully done. It was cute how introvert Elin worked at trying to figure Toni out and I love the tennis matches.

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