Major Surgery by Lola Keeley

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Author: Lola Keeley


An enemies to lovers lesbian romance about sexy, smart doctors cutting to the heart of what matters.

Skilled surgeon Veronica Mallick runs her London hospital department like she runs her surgeries: with hawkish efficiency. Then her perfect world is turned upside down by the arrival of a new Head of Trauma.

Cassie Taylor is a brash, no-nonsense army surgeon, fresh from the front lines, and trying to find her way in civilian life. She’s all action and sharp edges, not too interested in rules. She’s even less interested in bureaucracy, or playing nice with her uptight, paper-pushing colleague, Veronica.

While they’re circling each other warily at St. Sophia’s hospital, Cassie becomes entangled in some shady financial dealings.

Their shared search for the truth draws them closer together, sparking heated moments as they try to see justice done. But in exposing a scandal, can they also find some common ground? How will they both deal with being attracted to a woman they don’t even like?


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February 2019


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69,000 words




978-3-96324-146-8 (mobi), 978-3-96324-147-5 (epub), 978-3-96324-148-2 (pdf)


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7 reviews for Major Surgery by Lola Keeley

  1. Karola


    ***free ARC
    Lola Keeleys second book is also a good one. Although I sometimes lost track of who says what, all in all it was a good read. The bitchy doctor and the ex-army doctor are like fire and ice, but sometimes that’s a good match!

  2. Betty Harmon


    I really enjoyed Lola Keeley’s second book Major Surgery. This is a medical drama/romance that will keep your interest all the way through the book. The story revolves around two characters; St. Sophia Hospital’s surgical department head Veronica Mallick and the new head of the Trauma Department, ex-army surgeon Cassie Taylor. The two meet under less than friendly terms, but as the tale unfolds they slowly become friends and then more. There is drama in the story, both medical as well as personal. There is some angst and a fairly slow romance. I enjoyed the pace of the story as well as the romance.
    The only real problem I had with the book was something I don’t think the author could have helped since it involved the medical system in the UK. I didn’t understand the way the hospital system worked there, especially the way they divided up the departments. I also didn’t recognize some of the titles given to the staff, since many of those titles in the story were abbreviations that I didn’t know. I finally just started ignoring those things and hoped it wouldn’t cause me problems understanding the story. Thankfully, it didn’t and I thoroughly enjoyed the book.
    Ms. Keeley has proven with this, her second novel, that she is an excellent author. I can recommend this book to all who love a good medical romance. I look forward to reading more of her writing in the future.
    I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing for an honest review.
    Rainbow Reflections:

  3. Patricia Iserman


    Major Cassie Taylor is head of trauma and Dr.Veronica Mallick is head of acute medical unit at St.Sophia’s Hospital
    Both are highly professional,highly dedicated doctors sharing or trying to share the A and E unit.
    This is a great story.
    If you enjoy watching two head strong,complicated women work out their issues while saving lives then this is the book for you.

  4. Lahkesis21

    (verified owner):

    This was such an amazing read! I’ve been waiting for this since I heard its first announcement and it was well worth the wait. The characters were complex and incredibly enjoyable to read about. The story was engaging and I finished it in two sittings. Once I started read I just couldn’t put it down!

  5. Kitty Kat


    I think it was the exceptionally desirable characters in ‘Major Surgery’ that first grabbed my attention. Veronica appears to be a bit aloof and the classic Ice Queen, but appearances can be deceptive. Army medic Cassie makes quite an impression from the get-go. She is determined, unconventional and very, very hot. The London teaching hospital setting was perfect. It gave us a chance to wander the capital’s streets, which were recognisable and familiar and an integral part of the story.

    Lola Keeley impressed me with her previous novel, ‘The Music and the Mirror’, so I was looking forward to this new one. She did not disappoint. She writes of small, seemingly insignificant looks and glances that could be missed, except we know what they mean. When Veronica can’t keep her eyes off Cassie we know why. The slow build-up was perfect – the sexual tension at some points was palpable. I couldn’t get enough. ‘Major Surgery’ is the kind of story of that will have you cheering . Wonderful !❤️❤️

  6. petra


    Two women who know what they want from life. What could possibly go wrong? What can hopefully go right? A medical romance that has drama, both personal and professional, a great cast of characters and an interesting plot line.
    I enjoyed this story from the first page. It is realistic and well written. I look forward to reading more books from this author.
    I received an arc in exchange for an honest review.

  7. payanke_



    That’s in exchange of an honest review that I received an ARC of « Major Surgery » from Ylva (Thank you for that) … So, here it is !!

    I confess that I was a little bit surprised by the narration made at the present tense so it took some getting used … but after a while it seemed a lil bit more « natural » to me.

    Since I haven’t read « The Music and the Mirror » yet, I can’t compare the books and, I had no expectation when it comes to Lola Keeley’s work … I just wanted to read a good hospital/f-f romance/mystery novel, but …

    My rating : 3 ⭐️

    The story focuses on Veronica Mallick, mother of a 13 years old boy and skilled surgeon who runs both her London hospital department & her surgeries with hawkish efficiency, & Cassie Taylor, former no-nonsense army surgeon who’s all action and sharp edges and runs the Trauma Unit like if she still were in a warzone while trying to find her way in civilian life. They seem to be polar opposites and clash right away … but the surgical needs bring them together all the time and some feelings start to develop …

    The PROS :
    ° the bi-racial couple
    ° the good touches of subtil humor
    ° the sweetness hidden under both the MCs’s tough exterior
    ° the author’s good wording
    ° the hospital scenes.
    ° the very interesting vocabulary …. we’ve got some medical terms (thanksfully just a reasonable amount of them not to fry the reader’s brain) but also someLondoner colloquialisms and slang terms giving the desire to make some digging in a dictionary and learn a couple things in the process … At least it was like that for me and I appreciated a lot since I love learning something new everyday …

    The CONS :
    ° the not deeply enough developed MCs ‘s background … Think it would have been interesting to know more about each lead characters. Maybe in a prologue the reader could have learnt some things about what Cassie’s life looked like when she was in the army and what Veronica’s life was during her numerous years with Angela …
    ° this book is supposed to be a mix of romance (enemies to lovers) & mystery (about the financial troubles) BUT, sadly, none of these themes are fully worked in the storyline from my POV=> Cassie’s troubles were announced in the plot (« Cassie becomes entangled in some shady financial dealings. ») but the intrigue is not well developed enough … we really learn about this near the too rushed end. It would have been interesting to have a longer novel and more details on how Veronica really leads her little personal investigation … and a real development about how the MCs work together to expose the scandal like they were supposed to . In the plot it’s said : « Their shared search for the truth draws them closer together ». => Yeah ??? Sadly, it’s not the impression I had while reading almost all the novel … I had the feeling they were drawned together by everything else but this …
    ° the lack of real suspense … A lil bit more of intrigue would have been appreciated ‘cause, with the current story, we (at least I …) have the feeling that the resolution of the mystery happens by a wave of a magic wand … Daniel’s temporary disappearance seems occupy more place in the book than the mystery itself and it’s really a shame.
    ° the secondary characters … there are a few of them who could be interesting (mainly : Daniel, Alan, Lea, Pauline, Peter and Elie) but they are not enough developed for my own taste. Since they know Veronica for years, it could have been interesting to have more info about their relationship (or lack of …) and how they interact with Cassie too once they are introduced to her.
    ° the MCs’s 1st real intimate encounter .. it’s the very erotic on the paper but brought into real life it’d be unhygienic as hell (which makes even less sense considering that both C&V sanitize their hands all the time, it’s like a second nature for them due to their jobs … )
    ° the lack of an actual epilogue in which we could have had some details about what would both main and secondary characters’s future be, not just the snippets of information given in the dialogue at the end (« the end » which was not even mentionned BTW).

    Oh, BTW, I also caught a few suprising typos (and I wasn’t even in beta reader so I wasn’t looking for them). Since it’s an ARC I have with me, hopefully they have been corrected before the actual release of the book …

    If I had to make a very short and quite different version of my review it’d be something like this :
    Did I enjoy this book? => Yes and no …
    Did I find the characters believable? => Aside the lack of background, yes, and very touching too
    Is this book now included in my « must be re-read »-list? => Nope … unless there’s a re-worked and completed edition of the story … (I even volunteer to beta read an eventual new version …)
    Will I purchase the paperback? => Nope … unless there’s a re-worked and completed edition of the story
    Would I read another book by this author? => Yes …
    Would I recommend this book => Yes … ‘cause it’s good nonetheless & I bet some people will love the story no matter what …

    Hey guys and gals, the best thing to do for you is to grab your own copy and make your own opinion …Don’t you think ??

    Enjoy (or not) your reading …


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