Sing for My Baby (audiobook) by Jenn Matthews



Author: Jenn Matthews

Narrated by Rachael Beresford


A beautiful opposites-attract, lesbian romance fused with music, fear, hope, and honesty.

Primary school teacher and singer Rosie Tanner has stopped waiting for someone to have a baby with. She’s diving in and going it alone…although her pregnancy plans are a secret for now.

Amber Kingsley’s only goal is to stay sober and safe, so any complications like relationships are definitely out. That is, until she accidentally joins a community choir—despite having no musical talent or interest—after laying eyes on beautiful star soloist Rosie.

It seems her heart has some crazy ideas. So should Amber actually listen to it?

Additional information

Publication Date

July 2021


11 hrs and 13 mins




Ylva Publishing


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