Sing for My Baby by Jenn Matthews

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Author: Jenn Matthews


A beautiful opposites-attract, lesbian romance fused with music, fear, hope, and honesty.

Primary school teacher and singer Rosie Tanner has stopped waiting for someone to have a baby with. She’s diving in and going it alone…although her pregnancy plans are a secret for now.

Amber Kingsley’s only goal is to stay sober and safe, so any complications like relationships are definitely out. That is, until she accidentally joins a community choir—despite having no musical talent or interest—after laying eyes on beautiful star soloist Rosie.

It seems her heart has some crazy ideas. So should Amber actually listen to it?

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February 2021


epub (for Kindle Reader/Kindle Apps, for iBooks, Nook etc.), mobi, and pdf


94,000 words




978-3-96324-470-4 (mobi), 978-3-96324-471-1 (epub), 978-3-96324-472-8 (pdf)


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4 reviews for Sing for My Baby by Jenn Matthews

  1. Karola


    ***free ARC
    I really felt for Rosie through her pregnancy. Jenn Matthews has pointed out some very typical things a pregnant woman goes through. And to fall in love with someone in this time may not be easy, too. So I think while you read this book you get a good insight of it all. Jenn Matthews has done a great job with this book. If you like a romance book with a happy end I can absolutely recommend this one.

  2. stephasselin


    They say nothing strong can be built from lies, but this novel has a way to makes me think otherwise.

    Sing for my baby by Jenn Matthews is about Amber Kinsley, who has been sober for a complete year. With her coveted chip in her hands, she hopes to stay strong and safe from falling again, avoiding messy relationships, and even more, avoiding any lies, since they bring her back to a ‘’Not so nice’’ moment in her life. When Rosie Tanner, a beautiful singer enters her life as a complete misunderstanding, leaving her standing in the choir’s rehearsal, the unsaid takes its toll on Amber.

    But Amber is not the only one keeping a secret. As both women grow closer and develop an interesting friendship and chemistry reaches its high point, they are both conscious that the secrets they are keeping from the other one have to be told, to start the relationship on something strong. That leads to an interesting yet infuriating conversation about Amber’s sobriety and Rosie’s secret pregnancy.

    This is not my first read by Jenn Matthews, and certainly won’t be my last. I am confident that being a mom made me relate to this book in so many ways, since I was hooked from the first pages, where the author describe the home insemination process, I felt drawn to Rosie and her project since it hit close to how we proceeded. I felt closure and could not drop the book. I also had a lot of compassion towards Amber and all the progress she has made to achieve the life she yearns for.

    I enjoyed how both characters develop amazing chemistry together from their first meeting going on, and how fast the book can be read. I will admit, only two things bothered me a little. One being the reason why they fight and the fact that with the intensity of it, and the words used, for it to be so quickly oven and simply forgotten without that much of a sincere apology made me hope for more. Don’t get me wrong, the intensity of the scene filled with angst was so good, I would have taken more angst and love-filled moments. Also, I would have loved a chapter or two more in the end, as I felt there was so much more to be written (and missing) about the newfound state of their relationship and how they gravitate towards (and with) each other. It would have been nice to see more, to know more. My happy ending needed more happy ammunition because even if I like angst, I am a sucker for a really happy ending just as much.

    I would recommend this book.

    *I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review*

  3. blondi987


    I really enjoyed Sing for My Baby by Jenn Matthews.

    It is a lovely slow-burn, opposites-attract love story set in the same universe as her first novel, Hooked on You.
    Sing for My Baby is a tale of two women who come from very different life experiences. Rosie Tanner wants to have a baby, and has decided that she is not going to wait for a partner. She is going it alone. Amber Kingsley is a recovering alcoholic whose goal is to stay sober, which means avoiding any kind of relationship that could send her spiraling back into her addiction. Then Amber accidentally joins a choir that Rosie is in, and a friendship develops. But do they want more than that?

    The story had a bit of a slow start, but in spite of that, I quickly connected with the main characters, especially Amber. It took me a bit longer with Rosie, but I eventually understood her character better and connected with her as well. It is a beautiful romance with a layer of angst that runs through most of the book. It’s a touching story and even with the angst, I felt quite happy at the end of the tale.

    As I mentioned above, this novel is set in the same universe as Ms. Matthew’s first book. Those of you who have read Hooked on You might recognize a few of the minor characters in this story. However, both of these books are standalone novels. You do not need too read both of them in order. If you love good slow-burn, romances though, then I can easily recommend both books.

    I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing for an honest review.

  4. Ana Leamaro


    Free ARC
    It’s a sweet story about love and pregnancy. It didn’t move me and I couldn’t relate with the characters. I liked the way it was written but I thought all the characters could be more deep and better built. It’s a good read for a rainy afternoon.

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