Scissor Link (audiobook) by Georgette Kaplan



Book one in The Scissor Link Series

Author: Georgette Kaplan

Narrated by Anastasia Watley


An age-gap, workplace, lesbian romantic comedy about chasing that impossible, dream crush.

Savin Aerospace employee Wendy Cedar has a massive crush on her hot older boss, Janet Lace, who’s just gone through a divorce.

Her secret love is all harmless enough until Janet finds an email listing every naughty thing Wendy wants to do to her, inspired by a sex dream Wendy has shared with her friend.

Now Wendy’s been called into the boss’s office. It might be a fantasy come true…if she doesn’t get fired first.

What starts off as a no-strings-attached, office fling could become something more. The women have to decide if a romance is for them or if they’re better off as boss and employee.

Additional information

Publication Date

November 2022


8 hrs and 11 mins




Ylva Publishing


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