Heart’s Surrender (audiobook) by Emma Weimann



Author: Emma Weimann

Narrated by Kathryn Laplante


The worlds of a poor handywoman and a rich, pampered housewife collide in this sexy, opposites-attract, lesbian erotic romance.

Single mom Gillian Jennings is bored with life when she meets knockabout painter Samantha Freedman. Their attraction is immediate and powerful and they jump into a simple, no-strings-attached affair. The absolute last thing they want is a relationship. Right?

But can their sizzling nights of fun lead to something more? Or are the differences between the two women too vast for such a crazy coupling to last?

This rich-girl/poor-girl romance mixes paint-spattered jeans with pant suits and pearls for one wild, satisfying ride.

Additional information

Publication Date

July 2017


8 hrs and 38 mins




Ylva Publishing


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