Rescue Me by Michelle L. Teichman

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Author: Michelle L. Teichman


Life is exciting if you’re one of the top RCMP officers in the country. With a few good years under her belt and a promotion so close she can almost touch it, Staff Sergeant Kristen Bailey of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police has everything figured out. Until she meets Ashleigh Paige.

Beautiful, naïve, intelligent, and trusting, Ashleigh is the perfect possible lead for Bailey’s case. All she has to do is get close to her. The only problem is Ashleigh’s a paramedic, and in Toronto, paramedics and cops don’t mix.

Undercover and searching for answers as a Toronto police officer, Bailey uses her charm to get Ashleigh to trust her and open up about what she knows surrounding the case of a dead police officer and the paramedics who might have murdered him.

The trouble is, the closer she gets to Ashleigh, the more the line between informant and intimate gets blurred.

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October 2016


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94,000 words




978-3-95533-763-6 (mobi), 978-3-95533-764-3 (epub), 978-3-95533-765-0 (pdf)


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17 reviews for Rescue Me by Michelle L. Teichman

  1. Lu


    I just read through your new book “Rescue Me” in literally less than 24hrs. Let me tell you that i hate reading and have never read a book in a months time yet alone 24hrs. It was amazingly captivating and I couldn’t put down my phone! I was so hooked that i even had siri read it to me while i drove because I couldn’t wait until i got to my destination to see what happened next! This story brought out all the feelings from tears of heart ache and sadness to warmth of love and passion. I felt like i knew the women personally and even wanted to go to tangos to find them. Reading about familiar places like the Toronto streets and the bar in the village made it feel more personal and gave me a stronger connection and understanding of the woman and their jsurroundings. Michelle you are an amazing writer and I would like to thank you for sharing your gift so that myself and others can remember what it feels like to fall deeply in love with someone or to give those who have given up hope to keep looking. I look forward to reading your other book “The space between” and all the future stories that you bring to life in your books..

  2. SN


    This was such an amazing book! I loved the characters and that there was a mystery. Following along and watching the characters’ feelings develop for each other really kept my interest. The police procedure was very accurate and the action scenes were so well done. I loved the little details the author put in to those scenes that really made me feel both inside the characters’ heads and right in the action with them. I liked how all the sub-characters played a part and added to the book without ever taking the plot or story off track. The author does romance so well. I felt everything the characters were feeling and going through. Without spoiling anything, trust me when I say it’s worth the read and was worth the wait. If you like romantic suspense, or just romance, or just suspense, this is a must read. This is my new favorite book. After reading all of Teichman’s books now, I can’t wait to see what she comes out with next.

  3. Shell


    Rescue Me was a great read! The plot was well thought out and I felt like an action movie was materializing between the pages! Teichman relays the sex scenes from a perspective that only a woman who loves other women could explain. The erotica was described so well and vividly! The way she describes the intimacy was poetic, adding a deeper layer of insight to the main characters. I read other works by Michelle Teichman and am impressed with this latest piece. She is maturing as a writer and I forward to more romance/erotica novels in the (hopefully) near future.

  4. WH


    Rescue Me was a great read. The characters were strong but sweet; Ashleigh’s vulnerability around her personal life really came through, but I never doubted her internal strength and capabilities. Kristen came across natural in her role as a cop and I found myself quickly warming to her. Despite the tough exterior, she so obviously had the empathy, warmth and compassion that can be sometimes missing from cop characters in an attempt to be gritty. The Cop/Paramedic dynamic gave the story the excitement, action and suspense I always enjoy with a romance. I thought the back story of the missing officers was intertwined and paced very well throughout the investigation, and a little character twist toward the end left me pleasantly surprised as I didn’t see it coming. The romance wasn’t rushed; it created the same level of anticipation as the suspense element and moved along well with the story until both ultimately collided. The author has clearly done her homework so that although not a traditional police procedural or medical drama, I knew both these roles were written true to life. Setting it in Toronto was also real treat for me, as a Brit who’s always wanted to visit. I found myself rooting for the two main characters and the pages kept turning in my anticipation to uncover the truth. Well written throughout, it’s the little details make all the difference and whisk you away with the characters. That’s what separates a good book from a great one.

  5. Allison Hasanen


    This book is further testament to what we already know about Teichman’s ability to create in-depth, three dimensional characters. The storyline was very exciting and I was actively trying to solve the murder mystery. Having the story take place in Toronto and at district landmarks and bars made the characters more real. I felt like I could pull up a chair and have a drink with them at Tango. I look forward to whatever is next from Teichman.

  6. Nicole


    Another must read! I’m quickly coming to the conclusion that Michelle Teichman can write any genre. I’ve read three of her books now, and they’ve all been so delightfully different and wonderfully amazing. One of my favourite things about this book is how instantly you feel connected to the characters of Ashleigh Paige and Kristen Bailey. Nothing about them reads fake or forced as individuals, and the connection and chemistry between them is palpable. I sometimes find romantic suspense novels to feel rushed and disjointed, but the pace of this novel was perfectly timed out and both the crime and love story were intertwined perfectly. For those of you who read her last release, The Space Between, be prepared for a little more heat in this one! I hate when I’m reading a book and I feel ripped back to reality by obviously false or exaggerated situations, and so I have to applaud Teichman for her ability to keep me immersed in the world of cops and paramedics so realistically.
    I’m a huge fan of Michelle Teichman’s, and as always, I eagerly await her next release.

  7. Karola


    *free ARC for a review*
    The story is action, passion, love, mystery and everything a really good book needs. I really felt connected to the two main characters, I couldn’t put the book away. And it was nice to read about a place other than LA, Chicago, NY… It’s the first book of M. Teichman I’ve read, but sure not the last one. This book is also high on the list “reading a second time“.

  8. Karen Mcintosh


    I absolutely adored this book and can’t recommend it highly enough. Ashleigh is a rookie paramedic in Toronto and meets the rather tetchy and ascerbic cop, Kristen, who is really an undercover RCMP investigating the death of a cop the previous year. Some believe that two paramedics killed the cop. The relationship between the paramedics and cops has broken down to such an extent that all trust has gone between them and the cops won’t even let the medics treat them. Ashleigh and Kristen are new to their jobs in Toronto and manage to overcome the animosity and become friends. Both want different things romantically and it seems at first they won’t be able to get past that. Ashleigh wants a Princess Charming but Kristen sticks to one night stands and has secrets from her past that keep her stuck in that mindset.
    The investigation into the cop killing is slow-paced, with more and more revelations that kept me interested. It is teased out perfectly with a level of threat simmering under the surface. Kristen hasn’t told anyone but her brother what she is really in Toronto for and it made her developing relationship with Ashleigh more and more risky. Was she putting her at risk? Would it ruin everything with Ashleigh? Together they were so right and their story was so heart-wrenchingly romantic and sexy. This was a beautiful love story that at times made me so happy and totally invested in their relationship. Kristen at first seemed a tough cookie but there was so much more to her and I wanted her to just let go and allow Ashleigh in. Ashleigh knew what she wanted all along as she had been hurt in the past and had no intention of letting it happen again. She could see the good in Kristen and was a fighter in her own way. An excellent novel.

    I was given this ARC free by Ylva Publishing in return for an honest review.

  9. Josh


    Excellent read!
    I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

  10. WNW


    Michelle Teichman has delivered another excellent book. I highly recommend it.

  11. Laura R


    I always love a good murder mystery and Michelle Teichman definitely delivers in “Rescue Me”! Not only is the story itself great, I was guessing until the very end, but the characters are also well developed. I loved both Ashleigh and Kristen even though they could not be more different. Kristen’s sense of humour, as well as Jared’s, was a perfect balance to the gruesome murder investigation. Character development can often be overlooked in the mystery genre, but this was not the case for “Rescue Me”. Another thing I loved about this novel was Teichman’s use of Toronto and Algonquin as backdrops for her story! The descriptions of Algonquin were breathtaking, I wanted to live with Jared and Cyndi by the end of the book! I cannot recommend this book enough, it has something for everyone – love, mystery, humour, action. This is a must read!

  12. Renate Z


    A great read, couldn’t put it down!
    Loved that it was Canada, very well written.
    Will most certainly read more from this author.

  13. Miika Hasanen


    Thrilling read. I highly recommend it.

  14. Cheryl Shrock


    I really enjoyed this story. The romance was rich, warm and exciting. But this was not just a romance novel. It was a intriguing mystery. Very clever and unpredictable. We get to experience a professional cop on the job, but unfortunately flawed in her personal life. I loved the action parts and pleased that Kristen was clever and capable, not making unlikely mistakes that you see in so many other books. Love scenes were very loving, tender and very hot. The relationship felt very genuine and strong. Great read, I highly recommend it.

  15. jane shambler


    This is my first book that I have read by this author and I can say without a doubt it won’t be my last. It had a bit of everything but what I liked the most that this could have been a mainstream novel, it is that high a quality. That is meant as no disrespect to any authors just that it would not be out of place. I enjoyed it from the first to the last page and even read it again a few days later. It evoked many emotions and that was achieved by the writing quality of this author. I look forward to seeking out many more of her novels in the future. Enjoy, I did.

  16. pharridge


    I very much enjoyed Teichman’s writing style. Rescue Me has a strong story which is enhanced by the realism of the main characters Kristen and Ashleigh.
    I was drawn into the drama and suspense from the beginning trying to guess who was involved etc. The possibility of romance between Kristen and Ashleigh was a bonus as they work well together…but does being on opposing teams mean they’re like oil and water or can they overcome the love hate relationship between paramedics and cops? This book is definitely worth a read.
    I received an arc copy in exchange for an honest review.

  17. Stephanie Cardinal


    LOVED IT—I highly recommend this one! Rescue Me is a well-written, enthralling, riveting, steamy, seductive read; Ms. Teichman is a talented writer, and a fabulous storyteller! ?

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