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Book two in The Scissor Link Series

Author: Georgette Kaplan


A lesbian romantic comedy with a side of fake relationships, small towns, and holiday love.

In college, Elizabeth Smile shared a magical tryst with her roommate, Michelle Harlow. She had no idea the night would leave Elizabeth pining after her for the next ten years. Now Michelle is back with a strange offer: Will she pretend to be Michelle’s lesbian lover to beat Michelle’s cheating husband?
Of course, it’s a terrible idea. And it would mean leaving the New York nightlife behind and spending Christmas with Michelle’s family in Ohio–an overly accepting father, a pill-popping brother, and a suspicious sister who seems to have her own agenda with Elizabeth.

Worst of all, it’ll mean facing up to some old feelings she’d rather not revisit. But, really, she can handle all that. How hard can it be?
This twisty holiday romance is about getting more than we bargain for.


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February 2018


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70,000 words




978-3-95533-977-7 (mobi), 978-3-95533-978-4 (epub), 978-3-95533-979-1 (pdf)


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7 reviews for Face It by Georgette Kaplan

  1. Kurt


    *I was given a copy of this ARC in exchange for a fair review

    I dropped my rating from five to a four after thinking about my lack of enjoyment of the middle of the book (visit to Michelle’s family) and the character of Michelle herself. The quality of much of the early conversation (and much later) stayed with me and impressed.

    I knew a girl once for whom I would have done anything and when I was with her I never knew I could be so happy. Then it ended like it was nothing – much like Elizabeth’s affair with Michelle in College. I could easily empathize with Elizabeth’s feelings, and to her holding on to this idolized memory of a girl, Michelle and being overwhelmed even ten years later when Michelle turns up and proposes a deal for them to be in a sham relationship for financial reasons. It wouldn’t be about the money offered for Elizabeth to take part in this chicanery but more a second chance in her mind.

    I found this book to be very well written with a lot of clever dialogue and inner thoughts. For a while, it seemed every sentence had been gone over and polished – quick, imaginative sentences. I must be the correct age to understand all of the cultural references with Elizabeth and her friends and found their conversations humorous. The story proceeds to the meeting of the bogus couple with Michelle’s family. Here the story falters as Michelle mostly disappears, there are too many other bizarre characters, tangents, and the week’s visit feels like a month. Michelle is quite unlikeable henceforth and Elizabeth must confront this “one that got away” with new light and understanding. To say more about this visit would invite spoilers so… enough said.

  2. Karola Meyer


    ***free ARC
    ok, maybe I‘m too old or it‘s just that I‘m not american, but I just couldn‘t get alot of the meanings of the dialogues. Therefore I found it a little bit strange. The story of Michelle and Elizabeth is becoming a little bit weird while they‘re with Michelles family.

  3. Betty Harmon


    I would like to give this book three and a half stars, but that’s not possible. I just couldn’t give it four. I am the wrong age for this book, the target audience for this one should be those born in the mid-eighties, or perhaps later, but not any earlier.
    The dialogue and characters are very good in the beginning. It is well written. Those younger than mid-life will understand what the characters are saying and doing, but I had a hard time. Some of it is funny, just not enough. I have to be invested in the characters to fully enjoy a story, and I just wasn’t with this one.
    If you were born in the mid-eighties or later, you’ll probably enjoy this book.

  4. Ana Leamaro


    Free ARC Copy

    I didn’t like this book. I couldn’t emphatize with the characters and I didn’t like the authors writing style. Characters may talk the author seems fit, however when the narrator uses “street language” it’s a deal breaker for me. I did not finish the book. Maybe it’s the middle age thing and being European but I prefer books with a little finesse.
    Three star out of respect for the author’s work.

  5. pharridge


    Not sure if this was my type of story but thought I would read it and see. Overall, I enjoyed this book and found that the storyline was interesting. Having said that, I don’t think I overly liked the main characters as I couldn’t relate to them as fully rounded people.
    It initally took a while to get into the story and I found it slow to gain momentum and therefore delve deeper into the characters. The story was funny at times and well written but just does not resonate with where I am in my life.
    I received an arc in exchange for an honest review.

  6. Jane Shambler


    I can’t seem to make up my mind about this book. By that I mean I am not sure if I enjoyed it. This is the second book in the scissor link series and I can’t even say if you would benefit from book one.

    I found myself skipping a few pages just to end it faster. I did laugh out loud at the supermarket scene.

    Kaplan definitely does have a unique style. She writes at a fast pace that sometimes I feel I have to take a breathe for her. Comedy isn’t an easy genre to write. She did a good job with the snarky comments and some …. lets say near the mark jokes. It is definitely worth a read. I gave it 3 stars. Enjoy!

    *ARC provided by publisher via Ylva Publishing*

  7. Francesca McCormick

    (verified owner):

    I’d like to start by thanking Ylva for providing rather substantial previews for their books. I do not believe I would have read this book otherwise. It is a fun holiday romance that uses familiar holiday story tropes in new ways. Frankly, the only reason it even caught my attention is because of how few stars it had. Within the wlw romance community, I feel that most people often rate books higher than their merits. As an audience we are so thankful that these stories are being written and are now so easily obtained. Good books can get five-star rave reviews, while otherwise unremarkable stories can get four just for the effort. Was the bury your guys trope averted? Check. Was there no incest/pedophilia/transphobia? Check. Automatic four stars. Personally, if I don’t really like a book, I won’t leave a negative review. I am so very appreciative of the attempt. So, when I stumbled across this novel with only three stars, I downloaded the pdf with a kind of morbid curiosity. What kind of trash-fire novel could possibly elicit these responses on Ylva’s own website? What I found was a light Christmas romance. After some initial confusion surrounding an early love scene involving characters I did not know (I hadn’t read the first in the series, but I do not believe it is necessary), the novel transforms into the familiar faux-relationship-at-the-family-Christmas story. I was intrigued enough by the preview that I purchased the full story and quite enjoyed myself. After reading, I returned to Ylva’s website to figure out what had irked enough people to leave such bad reviews. From what I can figure out, it really comes down to the fact that I am an American Millennial. The dialogue is (unfortunately?) how we talk. The sibling interactions are not too different from my own. Now, I can understand how that may be off-putting to a mainly European audience. If I could escape the Nihilistic Hellscape that is the mind of the American Millennial, I would. I do not blame you if you want to put your e-reader down after the preview. Yet, the reason I am writing this review (when I never write reviews for anything), is in case some other poor millennial or gen-z person who would definitely enjoy a story like this, passes it by due to the misconception that it is bad. A novel rated three stars within a sea of five stars comes off horribly. It might not stylistically be your taste, but it is not bad writing. Just as I have to plague my google search history with questions like, “who the hell is Alan Titchmarsh?” or “how many kilometers are in a mile?” when I watch a BBC comedy, you may not understand all the cultural references, but it is not bad writing. As the Christmas season rolls around in the U.S., we will be inundated with literally hundreds of cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies. Every conceivable trope is crammed into the next 5+ weeks. There are apparently dozens of small countries with eligible princes that are just dying to marry an American girl! None of these hundreds and hundreds of movies will involve women loving each other. The most LGBTQ+ representation will come from perhaps five minutes of screen time for a quirky friend character. The Tumblr kids are dying for our Hallmark Christmas movies-for stories like this to come to the small screen. I know I would welcome it with open arms.

    TL;DR: Please try the preview! Fun Christmas romance! American millennial humor is the trash-fire not the writing!

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