Never Say Never by Rachael Sommers

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Author: Rachael Sommers


An age-gap, opposites-attract lesbian romance between a nanny and her career-climbing boss that ends in a puddle of melted ice queen.

Ambitious corporate shark Camila Evans might have just lost her marriage, but she decides she doesn’t need love to build a television empire and raise her young son alone. What she does need is a nanny, but the incompetent idiots sent her way make her lose faith in ever finding anyone useful.

Enter Emily Walker—fresh out of college, bright, a little naive, and new to New York City. Emily is everything Camila is not, and frankly it’s a little unsettling how innocent and gentle the young woman is.

That’s not all that’s unsettling. Camila’s growing feelings for Emily are making it hard to maintain a professional distance. Surely she can’t possibly be falling for the nanny? God, it’s such a mid-life crisis cliché. But would it be too impossible?

As time goes on, Camila starts to wonder if maybe even she can get her happy ending after all.

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March 2021


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75,000 words




978-3-96324-430-8 (mobi), 978-3-96324-431-5 (epub), 978-3-96324-432-2 (pdf)


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6 reviews for Never Say Never by Rachael Sommers

  1. stephasselin


    Emily Walker recently moved to New York to be closer to her sister after finishing her astrophysics classes at Yale and while she is waiting for university to begin. Looking for a job, she applied for a Nanny’s opportunity. The purpose of the job itself is great, and she has the experience to support it, but getting the possibility to be a nanny for the son of her all-time ultimate crush and idol, Camila Evans; that is unbelievable. And when Emily Walker enters Camila’s office for the interview, you get hooked.

    Rachael Sommers. Remember the name! For a debut novel, Never Say Never was both fun, heartbreaking, easy to read, flowing constantly, nicely written and complete with a captivating storyline. Never Say Never brings us both age-gap and ice-queen novel, beautifully written. I was surprised at the quality of the novel that I was lucky to read. I will be looking for the audiobook, should it ever come out, because I want to hear the interactions between both main characters.

    There were so many highlights to the story that I find it hard to remember and explain them all.
    Let’s go with the first one; there is chemistry. Tons, and tons of chemistry. Overload of chemistry. Everywhere and with almost every character. Camila-Emily; Emily-Jaime, Emily-Maia, Emily-Jessica. It makes me want to be friends with that Emily too.

    I also loved the way that the book starts with Emily already knowing that hiding her everlasting crush on Camila Evans will be though, near impossible, but is still hoping it will not be too obvious to the older woman. But with Camila’s flair and experience, it so is. I loved how even if Emily is only 23, she can stand up for herself, both in conversations and in interactions. I loved her courage all through the books, from warm and sweet, turning hard and heart-clenching. Hell, even I almost fell for her.

    I enjoyed greatly how perceptive Jamie is to everything and everyone around him, mostly the feelings of the adults around him. He always knows when something is up. I do have to add that I was impressed at how good and age-appropriate Sommers wrote him. There have been so many stories in which children are supposed to be a certain age but act totally out of age and dialogue does not make sense. With Jamie, it is the opposite. He is written nicely in the story, his interaction and the way he sees things and acts are perfectly believable. I appreciated how shy he is around everyone, but Emily breaks down his walls in a matter of minutes. It makes my mama’s heart swell; imagining how Camila must feel seeing it unravel in front of her. Perfection.

    I appreciated how guarded Camila is written, and how easily her walls come off as soon as she enters her home. And how on/off her Iceberg tendencies come and go. I also appreciated how most of her actions/reactions are led by determination or fear. Impressive woman.

    One thing I regret from this book is how fast the ending happens. The build-up of the book took a long time and was so perfect, that I somewhat expected a lot more chapters in the end. The epilogue was great, but I would have taken more. I will still rate it 5 stars, because I trust the story was perfectly written and complete in most aspects and the fact that I wanted more has nothing to do with the story lacking some crucial point, just me being needy and having high expectations.

    I recommend you all grab your copy and stay on the lookout for Rachael Sommers because I do believe that Never Say Never is just the first book of all of hers to come, which I will happily probably end up reviewing.
    *I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. *

  2. Betty Harmon


    I may soon be adding a new name to my list of favorite authors, and that name is Rachael Sommers. I just finished reading Never Say Never, which is Ms. Sommers’ debut novel, and I’m very impressed with her writing.

    Of course, it helps that the story is in a genre I love to read. Who doesn’t love a slow-burn, age gap romance with a celebrity ice queen and a strong, intelligent, and beautiful young woman as her love interest. Add in a New York City setting and an adorable four year old boy, and you have most of the ingredients you need for an awesome love story.
    The premise of the book is great. The characters are well-developed and easy to connect with. The chemistry between the two is off the charts, and the pacing for most of the story is good. There are hurdles in the tale that could keep the couple apart. After all, it isn’t easy to melt an ice queen. It sometimes takes a good bit of angst.

    I have only one real critique of the story. The ending seemed rushed and a bit abrupt even with the epilogue. However, for a debut novel, this is a well written romantic tale that I recommend. I look forward to reading Ms. Sommers’ next novel.

    I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing for an honest review.

  3. Ameliah Faith Ryan


    Camila is a powerful and busy woman who owns a TV network. She’s been divorced for the third time and is raising a 5 yr old son. She has no time and even less desire to find love again, after all, she proven to herself that she is no good at it and her heart is bruised enough for a life time. Right now she needs a new nanny more than anything. Emily is a recent college grad and has decided to make her life in New York to be near her sister. She’s bright, bubbly, sweet and looking for a job. When she finds out there is a job for a nanny and its for her idol and crush Camilla, she jumps at the chance for the job. Luckily for us she gets it because now the scene is set for a wonderful romantic book by newcomer Rachael Sommers.

    I adored this book! I can’t believe it is a debut novel. It is so well written, both the storyline and technically. It flowed well, no mistakes that I picked up, it was interesting and kept me attention all the way through. I really enjoyed this tale. It was sweet and fun, engaging, entertaining and enthralling. Camila was a bit of an ice queen but with all of the responsibilities she has its not surprising. Emily was a perfect balance for her with her calm, nurturing temperament. I loved their chemistry and the way they danced around their attraction while pretending that they didn’t feel the way they do. Jamie, Camila’s son, was so adorable. He was the perfect bit of glue to bind Camila and Emily together. He was just so darn cute and I loved watching him and Emily bond…. It gave me the warm fuzzies! This is such a good book and I know I will be re-reading it soon!

  4. Karola


    ***free ARC
    This book contains everything a slow burn age-gap romance needs. Add the cute little boy and a mean mother and the story gets even better. Rachael Sommers has done a pretty good job with this book, I can only recommend it.

  5. Ana Leamaro


    ***Free Arc
    This is the first book from this author and I really liked it very much. I was not fond of Camila, I was always thinking “make up your mind woman!”. This is in fact a complement to the author. I normally don’t speak with characters unless I’m feeling something about them. For me that’s a plus in a book, even when I don’t like the characters. It means the author created deep and interesting characters that will involve you in the story. Bring in the horrible mother and the cute kid and it gets better. Though I think the kid was a little too mature in it’s language for a 5 year old. I would also suggest a little humor to spice up the story.
    I recommend this book, it’s a very good story and I’m waiting for the next one from this author.

  6. Anne-Katrin Clemens


    I love coming back to this book. I must have read it at least three times and it never fails to make me feel all the feels. Maybe it’s partly because I find myself in Emily sooo much, but Rachael’s writing is so amazing I get pulled into the story no matter how often I re-read.
    This is a book that makes me feel right at home whenever I pick it up!

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