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Author: Jae


A womanizing surgeon falls hard for a single mom in this lesbian medical romance.

Dr. Jordan Williams devotes her life to two things: saving patients in the operating room and pleasuring her latest conquest in the bedroom. Her idea of commitment is spending a few hours together in bed.

Single mom Emma Larson is Jordan’s polar opposite. Family and fidelity mean everything to her. After an ugly divorce from her wife, a plastic surgeon, she and her five-year-old daughter move in next door to Jordan. While she finds Jordan undeniably attractive, falling in love with another womanizing surgeon is the last things she needs.

When a bad fall leaves Jordan in need of assistance, Emma decides to help her while she recovers.

Could those six weeks turn out to be the beginning of a happily ever after, or will they both end up with a broken heart?

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Publication Date

April 2017


epub (for Kindle Reader/Kindle Apps, for iBooks, Nook etc.), mobi, and pdf


122,000 words


978-3-95533-830-5 (mobi), 978-3-95533-831-2 (epub), 978-3-95533-832-9 (pdf)


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10 reviews for Falling Hard by Jae

  1. pat iserman


    Another engaging story by Jae.
    This tale starts with 2 women who could not be farther apart emotionally.
    They want different things out of life and are both afraid to go after what they want.
    It ‘s a fun ride with lots of humor and heart.( Look for references to a special sci fi story.)

  2. Sandra Meier


    A safe bet
    Jae is one of my most loved authors. And she has done another fine work with this story. I love the way she creates a story around the main protagonists.
    There’s the heartbroken single mom Emma with her little energy bundle Molly. Emma has to find a way back to life, after her now ex-wife, has cheated on her. But that’s easier said than done, with not only her own well being at the task, also the happiness of her little girl.
    And there is Jordan, the surgeon, who thinks of herself as a no-relationship-material. She can’t and doesn’t want do relationships.
    Jae describes very well the struggles of both women. Emma who doesn’t know how to trust again, especially when the sexy neighbor seems to be the greatest womanizer on earth. She trusted once before and now she’s divorced and a single mom. Is it fair to Molly, for bringing a new woman in her life, when she’s still missing the other mama?
    Also Jordan has to think a lot during her involuntary rest. It is very nice to read how she’s struggling with the unfamiliar feelings. How she slowly comprehends, what’s going on with her and the beautiful mom with the funny little daughter, from the other part of the duplex, she’s living in. I had the feeling that I was sitting in their backyard and watching them growing closer and closer.
    It’s a funny and beautiful romance, a safe bet as always, coming from Jae’s pen. My rating 4,5 stars.

  3. karola.meyer


    ***free ARC
    Another book from Jae which is again a beautiful love story, filled with love, fun, trust and a happy ending. You can never go wrong with one of her books. She puts a feeling in you while reading, like you know the characters as well. Absolutely to recommand.

  4. Ro


    Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “The giving of love is an education in itself. “ This seems to be very true for the main characters, Jordan and Emma.By giving their love to each, a process that did not come too easily for either one, they learned to trust, to commit to a relationship, and to be there for each other. Jae does a superb job of engaging the reader into the lives of her characters, with realistic dialogue and problems. It was especially endearing to see how the author also focused on 6 year old Molly’s relationships, not only with her mom, but with Jordan as well.The interaction and dialogue between them at times were also quite witty.
    This is a wonderful book and is highly recommended for anyone who wants to enjoy the power of love.

  5. Ana Leamaro


    *free ARC for a honest review*

    I enjoy very much this book. Two people with opposite ideas about love and what they want from life. As usual the story is very well written, with a slow narrative filled with humor and fun. All the characters are very interesting you can easily imagine them as your neighbor. Highly recommended.

  6. Jane Shambler


    Jae, I admit is one of my favorite authors. I always found her books easy to read and entertaining. This book I’m pleased to say stays within Jae’s normal high quality, I was not let down. However, this book has a few surprises. Yes, it’s easy to read, it’s very entertaining and it’s amusing with a five year old causing alot of the laughs. No – that is not a detriment it is in fact a compliment. The book has three main characters, four if you include Mouse, who is a lion (you’ll have to read to understand).

    I admit I didn’t catch on immediately but we met two of the characters in Heart Trouble. (Hope and Laleh).They don’t play a huge part but their influence is there. Also Hope puts an excellent green cast on Mouse. You are going to have to read it if you want to know more. I bet your curiosity is spiked thinking who or what is this Mouse.

    i really enjoyed this book, and honestly could not put it down. It is really well writen. All the characters are likable and realistic, even the ex is not too bad. Although the need to punch her got quite tempting. Tackles some interesting issues with compassion. mainly interracial. Which I have to admit was the child handled with honesty and humour. Although how aware she was of this I’m not sure but I was definately proud of her.

    Anyway you decide, I loved it and would definately recommend it. Enjoy!

  7. Marina Ash Burn

    (verified owner):

    Simply amazing. I just can’t stop laughing throughout the novel. I’m a slow reader. So that’s 7 hours of grinning and laughing. My cheek kinda hurt after that. But my emotion definitely lift up.

    I would definitely recommend it.

  8. Karen Mcintosh


    Jae has the great knack of writing stories that the reader can become totally immersed in. ‘Falling hard’ is no exception. Hot surgeon and major player, Jordan, insists she will never be ready for a relationship and is quite happy playing the field. That is until single mom Emma moves next door with her adorable daughter Molly. Fresh out of a divorce Emma doesn’t want any kind of romantic complications either. But you can’t fight what just feels right. I loved seeing how the blossoming romance developed and how it changed each of them for the better. It was cute and sweet and increasingly, teasingly sexy. Emma was so wary at the start but she really grew in confidence thanks to her friendship with Jordan. I felt Jordan found something she really needed. I got completely lost in this book and didn’t want it to end.

    I was given this ARC by Ylva Publishing in return for an honest review.

  9. Kiwigirl55104


    Happy Tears

    Falling Hard is one of the most tender and sweetest books I’ve had the pleasure of reading for quite some time. The thing I like best about the book I that the interactions between the characters is so often sweet, warm and peaceful all the while giving me constant warm fuzzies in my chest. There is a gentle and genuine feeling to the book as if everything could actually happen. Its easy to believe a potential girlfriend would go to the store for juice for her love interest’s ill child. Or that the love interest would be cautious about asking too much from the other when the child is involved. It’s a fine balance and Jae finds it and straddles it so well. I found myself tearing up more than a time or two with the beautiful writing and situations. It is just such a wonderful story!
    Jae writes from the heart for the heart and this book is proof positive.

  10. pharridge


    One thing about finding an author you like is that for the most part, you know you’re going to like any book they write. As with all of Jae’s books, ‘Falling Hard’ is well written with great characters that you want to get to know.
    The main characters of Jordan, Emma and Molly (& Mouse) are absorbing, charming and fun. You want to keep reading to see how things develop, what obstacles they face and what the outcome is.
    I really enjoyed reading this book. Romance is alive and well. It kept me hooked page after page with both drama and humour. You do get to hear from characters from a previous Jae novel but they don’t play a big part. Overall a wonderful read.
    I received an arc copy in exchange for an honest review.

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