Irregular Heartbeat by Chris Zett

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Author: Chris Zett


After nearly a decade as a professional drummer, Diana Petrell leaves her rock-star life behind to continue her residency in emergency medicine. She’s determined not to let anything stop her—not even falling in love with her aloof mentor, Dr. Emily Barnes.
Emily has only ever focused on her career as a senior attending in the emergency department, and she isn’t happy about having to babysit a resident with a ten-year gap in her résumé, no matter how intriguing she is.
But every time they work together, it’s not just their patients’ heartbeat that gets a little irregular. Soon, the once-clear lines between work and personal life begin to blur.
When Diana’s unorthodox secret past is revealed, putting her job in jeopardy, Emily has to choose between her career and her relationship.

A lesbian romance that asks how much we’d risk for love.

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Publication Date

October 2018


epub, mobi, and pdf


94,000 words




978-3-95533-997-5 (mobi), 978-3-95533-998-2 (epub), 978-3-95533-999-9 (pdf)


Ylva Publishing

8 reviews for Irregular Heartbeat by Chris Zett

  1. Mary-Melanie Burkitt
    Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I finished this book in 4 days, the storyline is mesmerizing. I am looking forward to reading more of her books in the near future.

  2. Betty Harmon
    Rated 4 out of 5


    ‘Irregular Heartbeat’ by Chris Zett is a lovely slow burn medical drama/romance that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. The story is about Diana Petrell, a former drummer in a famous rock band who has decided to return and finish the medical residency program she had left nine years ago for the band. In the ER she meets Dr. Emily Barnes, her attending physician and mentor. Of course there is an attraction between the two, but their lives have been so wildly different. There is also a mystery to be solved and secrets that could hurt them both.

    I loved the character development in the story, especially Emily’s change and growth. Ms Zett did a fantastic job with both characters. The medical setting also seemed realistic and I really liked the medical scenes in the story. I believe this is a debut full length novel for the author, though I know she has written several very good short stories. Great job on this novel, Ms. Zett. I can recommend this book highly for anyone who loves a good medical romance.

    I received an ARC from the publisher for an honest review of this book.

  3. stephasselin
    Rated 5 out of 5


    Diana gets a second chance at a medical career she is determined to pursue after spending years off the grid, living a Rockstar life. The only things being asked of her are to lay low and prove she is dedicated and able to follow the group, which she is more than ready to prove.

    Emily is a workaholic, dedicated to her job, always expecting the best of her colleagues and apprentices. She has wonderful work ethics and definite goals in her life.
    Can they find a common ground, or will Diana’s secret keep her from proving herself to Emily and her expectations?

    ‘Irregular heartbeat’ was my first book by Chris Zett but will certainly not be my last. I loved the writing style of the book. It was different but got me hooked right from the first pages of the book.

    I always had a soft spot for Medical centered books, and the rhythm it was written with really helped the reading flow, giving it an appreciated fast pace. I loved that there were no filler moments in the book, every part of the story was pertinent. At times, it reminded me of some of Grey’s Anatomy episodes, with all the medical dramas surrounding the story, in a positive way.

    I always give bonus points when the characters are well built, and complete in their own individual ways before they even meet. The fact that there is no need for a love story for the characters to grow into loveable and intricate characters is always a positive factor.

    I appreciated Diana’s character because of her history, and the fact that she isn’t portrayed as a dumb Rockstar, but more like a grown-up adult that belongs in the spot she is given in the book.
    I also loved Emily’s personality and the fact that it is clear by the secondary members of the story that she is not the most loved person in the ED and the fact that Diana must prove herself to her.

    The way their interactions are written keep the reader intrigued, never sure whether if Emily will snap or not. It was also great to read how smooth and fast their attraction grew, without both really realizing it was there. Both of their professional attitudes was a must in the complete story.

    I gladly suggest Irregular Heatbeat for all the previous reasons mentioned. I know this book deserves its spot into every reader’s shelf. It was a great surprise and a pleasurable experience to get the chance to read and review this lovely book. I give it an easy 5/5.

    *I received an ARC in exchange of an honest review*

  4. Patricia Iserman
    Rated 5 out of 5


    I loved reading this book.The author seems to know her way around a hospital.Her description of working the night shift was perfect.
    If you like slow burn then your are in for a treat.The development of Emily and Diana’s relationship through all the ups and downs makes for a very interesting read.

  5. Ana Leamaro
    Rated 4 out of 5


    I received an ARC from the publisher for an honest review of this book.

    I really enjoyed this book and the characters, their growth and development. There are some points in the book where I think the story was too slow and could be a little faster. Maybe the drama of the secrecy of Diana’s former rock star career could be better explained in the sense how the hospital could be hurt, and why the colleagues wouldn’t take her serious because of that. It felt unrealistic to me and forced in the story just for the drama. I didn’t think it was necessary because I’m sure an ER has enough dramas worth of telling.

    This is the first book I’ve read from this author and I’m keeping an eye on futur releases because I really like her writting.

  6. pharridge
    Rated 4 out of 5


    A very enjoyable medical romance. Dr Diana ‘rockstar’ Petrell and Dr. Emily ‘conservative’ Barnes face many challenges along the way, but none more so than the attraction they hold for each other.
    A slow burn romance between the main characters kept me intrigued throughout the novel. Will they, won’t they…
    I loved the support cast made up of best friends and medical collegues. A good read.

  7. Karola
    Rated 5 out of 5


    ***free ARC
    I really loved that book. It‘s easy to read written, a beautiful story and a romance between Diana and Emily that‘s growing and burning. If you like a book that you almost can‘t put away, this is it!

  8. jklnjo24
    Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Great story! I loved the two main characters.

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