If Looks Could Kill (The Law Game – Book #5) by Andi Marquette

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Book Five in the series The Law Game

Author: Andi Marquette


If Looks Could Kill is the fifth and final installment of The Law Game.


Eleanor “Ellie” O’Donnell is part of a special investigative unit within the New York City Police Department. Her latest assignment has her tasked with uncovering the relationship between internationally known fashion mogul and all-around ice queen Marya Hampstead and a local Russian crime family. As legendary for her business acumen and beauty as her uncompromising and unapproachable personality, Marya Hampstead is not a woman to cross.

Unfortunately for Ellie, the only way she can get close enough to conduct her investigation is by pretending to be an aspiring designer who takes an internship at Hampstead’s company. Definitely out of her element, Ellie has to put all her acting and investigative skills to work as she delves into what at first seems a simple case of occasional public outings with a man whose family has ties Hampstead might not know about.

But when Marya’s father, an international businessman, shows up in New York, it becomes clear that something else is going on, and that there’s much more to Marya Hampstead than meets the eye. The question is, how much more and how deep is Ellie willing to go to find out?

In the fast-paced world of clothes, critics, and competition, Ellie uncovers a lot more than runway gossip, including secrets that will kill far more than a bad outfit.

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August 2016


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52,000 words




978-3-95533-722-3 (mobi), 978-3-95533-723-0 (epub), 978-3-95533-724-7 (pdf)


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6 reviews for If Looks Could Kill (The Law Game – Book #5) by Andi Marquette

  1. mzueng


    A light mystery with a happy ending

    This is a light mystery with a faint hint of romance. It is a well written book with a simple but interesting story that keeps you reading to the end (even if only to make sure you guessed right). The story is told from Ellie’s perspective but still in third person and, as usual, Andi references some fantastic superhero (or heroes).

    There is a good balance of dialogue and explanation/thinking so you don’t feel as if you were reading a text book rather than a fictional story. And, of course, some subtle humour in the mix.

    This is not erotica nor will it make you contemplate life, the universe and everything. So just enjoy it on a Sunday afternoon with some tea and snacks 🙂

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book and hope the author progress the story in a short series or at least a sequel.

    Disclaimer: I received an advanced copy of this book from the author for an honest review.

  2. Tara at The Lesbian Review


    The writing in If Looks Could Kill is tight, the pacing is perfect, the plotting is excellent (and even left me surprised at one point), and it’s so much fun I immediately wanted more. This is only the second book I’ve read by Andi Marquette, but you can officially call me a fan.
    It’s worth noting that while this isn’t a romance novel, there is a romantic thread that works very well and is left at an appropriate place that is true to the rest of the book.

    If you’re looking for a fun mystery with a lot of action, look no further. If Looks Could Kill will keep you interested from the first page to the last.

    I received a free copy from the publisher for an honest review at The Lesbian Review.

  3. Cynthia C.


    I was given an ARC of this book by the author, who happens to be someone I consider a friend, in exchange for a review. I hate reviewing books when they’re given to me by the author because it’s so difficult to then say anything bad about them. But I’ve read Andi’s work before, and have yet to be disappointed. And so…

    Simply put, I really enjoyed this one, and that’s the honest truth.
    It’s not a heavy crime thriller, I’d say it’s more TV show level on the thriller part – but I was happy to go with it as I got to know undercover cop Ellie and the more elusive Marya. This isn’t a mark down, it’s just on the lighter side which is what I needed at the time.

    Ellie is working on a case involving Russian mobsters who may have a link in the fashion world. Enter gorgeous Marya, head of a top fashion house and seemingly friends with many of those mobsters. Ellie gets an internship at the fashion house to keep an eye on Marya, and the sparks start to fly. Well, they’re flying all around Ellie, but Marya is the untouchable ice dragon boss lady with possible Russian mob ties. What’s an undercover cop to do?

    I kept getting confused with all the Russian bad guys, but that’s because my full attention was on Ellie and Marya. More than once I was shouting “Just kiss her already!” when I should have been following along with the crime plot. But I was fully immersed in the story as we wonder whether Marya is a good gal or a bad gal, and whether that kiss will ever come. It’s not a romance novel, so there’s no mushy “love” involved, and neither is there a dramatic happily ever after, but it ends the way a crime novel should and on a very satisfying note at that.

    This is part of the Law Game series by Ylva Publishing, a series by different authors with only the shared theme of “law”, so I don’t know if Andi is planning on writing any future books about Ellie. But I’d be happy to read more of her crime-fighting adventures, and also to find out more about her ex Gwen – after all, there was some sort of future drinks date that we never get to see in this book.

    So let’s see: Intricate exciting crime thriller – check! Very likable main characters (male and female) – check! Sparks between two beautiful, strong, successful women – check! One A+++ sex scene – CHECK! And a hope that I might get more Ellie in the future… this is all I need to rate it 5 stars.

  4. Carolyn McBride


    In the spirit of honesty, I received an ARC copy in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. So here it is.

    I had no idea what to expect when I started reading, but it didn’t take me long to realize first off, Ellie needs a candy intervention and secondly, I was hooked! The main characters are memorable and for the most part likeable. Except of course for the bad guys. Pretty sure we weren’t supposed to like the assassins. Now of course, I have the urge to swig coffee while chewing cinnamon candy. (I dare you to try some!)

    By the time I hit the club scene at Lucky, I was pretty comfortable in my expectations of the story. It had been an interesting read, I thought I knew what was going down.
    Tropes and expectations are turned inside out, split and stacked in this story, and without excessive handling. It’s not until you look back that you realize how well the author has done this.

    I just about spit my drink at the screen while trying not to choke on laughter and juice. I love it when a story can make me laugh, and this one did, time and time again. The humour ranged from sarcastic to understated to all out try-not-to-laugh. The dialogue was quick and punchy, which I love. I don’t need to be told who is speaking all the time, and Andi wields mastery of dialogue like so few authors do these days. An absolute plus in my books.

    The sexual tension was built slowly, but with resistance. It struck me as a dance with deadly props. Almost at the end, we learn who the real players are, and the pacing is spot on. I didn’t see the big reveal coming, and I really appreciated that. It made the ending so much sweeter.

    I’m going to miss these characters. I’m so glad I read ‘If Looks Could Kill’. Give it a chance and you might find you enjoy it!

  5. rrrahming2020


    This book was not for me. I thought it was boring, it seemed like a wanna be cop drama. The writing was okay, but it was just the content that bored me. Andi Marquette has another book that I would like to try, it’s a different kind of book entirely, and I’m willing to give it a shot.

    If Looks Could Kill, just didn’t get off the ground in my opinion. Yes, there was action and a bit of suspense, but it still dragged. I can usually tell if a books will be good or not after the first few pages, this one raised familiar red flags that signaled dud.

    I hope Andi Marquette’s other books are better.

  6. Laurie Salzler


    Andi Marquette never fails to deliver the perfect recipe for intrigue and romance… or anything else she writes, for that matter. And is par for her, she left me wanting more story about these characters.

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