Gingerbread Hearts – Six Lesbian Christmas Stories

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Authors: Alison Grey, Corinna Behrens, Emma Weimann, Jae, and RJ Nolan


The anthology consists of four new and two republished, re-edited short stories.

Alison Grey: Holiday Outing
As if spending Christmas with her parents, siblings, grandparents, and the rest of the extended family wasn’t nerve-racking enough, Susanne has decided to come out to her family on Christmas Eve. Or she at least tries to, because saying the three words “I’m a lesbian” is not as easy as it seems.

Emma Weimann: It’s in the Pudding
As Christmas approaches, Ida vows to make a fresh start and open her heart to new possibilities. Her mother’s old Danish tradition gives her just the chance she is looking for: the person who finds the almond in the Christmas pudding has one wish. However, a trip to the dentist wasn’t what Ida had in mind.

Corinna Behrens: Devgo
Even during the holiday season, Rebecca, a successful business woman, continues to chase after the things that matters least. Instead of spending Christmas with family and friends, her only concern is making more money. Will that change when a strange creature appears in her bedroom a few nights before Christmas and challenges her view of life?

RJ Nolan: A Magical Christmas
A week before Christmas, Erin’s ex once again breaks a promise and disappoints their children. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he also ruined the romantic getaway Kris had planned for Erin. Kris is determined to make it up to Erin and the children. What better place to do that than the happiest place on earth?

Jae: The Christmas Grump
For Rachel Lewis, a security guard at the mall, the Christmas holiday season is one big headache. She wants nothing to do with the celebration of love, peace, and family harmony. Her disenchantment with the holiday slowly begins to change when she meets seven-year-old Tyler and his mother.

Jae: Kissing Ms. Santa Claus
Rachel is counting the days until she and Lillian celebrate their first Christmas together as a couple. She is filled with longing for only one thing to make her holiday complete: a long-term commitment from Lillian. She sets out to find the perfect gift that will reflect her love and devotion.

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November 2012


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31,000 words




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2 reviews for Gingerbread Hearts – Six Lesbian Christmas Stories

  1. Ameliah Faith

    (verified owner):

    Winter Wonderful

    This is a book of six sweet and wonderful lesbian winter holiday stories by five different and excellent writers. All of them will melt your heart.

    Holiday Outing by Alison Grey. A woman struggles to come out at Xmas time. With the help of a few relatives she finds its not as hard as she feared.

    Its in the Pudding by Emma Weimann. A woman’s Xmas wish comes true after needing an emergency dental appointment on Christmas day.

    Devgo by Corinna Behrens. A power hungry woman driven by wealth gets a midnight visitor sent by both Forces of Heaven and Hell.

    A Magical Christmas by RJ Nolan. A super sweet tale involving a mother whose girlfriend comes to the rescue after the children’s father lets them down once again.

    The Christmas Grump by Jae. This one brought tears to my eyes. It was tender and gentle. A security guard who hates Christmas learns its not so bad with the help of a single mom and her son.

    Kissing Mrs. Claus by Jae. This is a continuation of The Christmas Grump ten months later. Really beautiful and mushy.

  2. Adan Ramie


    This collection was funny and sweet. Unlike most anthologies, I actually liked ALL the stories in this one. The authors did a stellar job in writing complex characters and in-depth situations in such a short medium. These stories are uplifting and got me into the holiday spirit a little too early this year. I’ll have to re-read it in December when I’m already sick of hearing Xmas music!

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