A Curious Visit by Jess Lea

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Book Two in Murder Under the Gum Trees

Author: Jess Lea


Lesbian fiction’s funniest odd couple is back, investigating tall tales, extinct creatures, and a crumbling house filled with secrets, in this offbeat Australian romantic mystery.

Partners in love, life, and earnest museum appreciation, Margaret Gale and Bess Campbell desperately need a break. Strict, meticulous ice queen Margaret has been fired for frightening her auction house customers, while free-spirited Bess hates her office job.

While holidaying in Tasmania, they receive a call for help that leads them to a creepy, old house in the wilderness. There, they meet a mysterious woman from Margaret’s past, who warns she’s being stalked and something terrible is coming.

What’s going on? What secrets lie within Crossroads House? And why on earth are there hidden cameras around the grounds, recording everything that happens?

Unexplained incidents turn sinister, endangering Bess and Margaret—and their trust in one another. But they don’t give up easily…


This sweet, eccentric sequel to A Curious Woman can easily be read as a standalone story.


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Publication Date

April 2023


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91,000 words




978-3-96324-780-4 (ebook), 978-3-96324-781-1 (pdf)


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2 reviews for A Curious Visit by Jess Lea

  1. Henriette


    Quirky cozy mystery set in Tasmania
    What a treat: A cozy mystery set in Tasmania (still on my bucket list, sigh), featuring the quirkiest of quirky characters with a side-dish of sapphic story-line.
    A really, really loved how Jess Lea brings to us the parochial, rural side of Tasmania. I loved her descriptions of the bush, the near abandoned house, the large pinch of Australian history, the wildlife (I keep my fingers crossed for the Tasmanian tiger), the close knit community, the drafty cold – last stop before Antartica. I felt transported to the setting and immensely enjoyed it. Add to that the unabashed Australian-English (and some Latin fittingly used by one of those quirky characters) and I am a very happy camper indeed.
    As a cozy mystery set in a rural area the story lives from the setting, the main and secondary characters as well as some secondary storylines. There is nothing fast paced, Jess Lea takes her time to unfold the story and lovingly polishes the nooks and crannies – at times quite literally. It is a story to savour which lingers in your mind once you put the book down.
    Bess and Margaret, quirky heroines and amateur sleuths, are as unlikely a couple as ever. Bess, the easy-going hippie embracing the world, and Margeret, stark, socially unadapted and no-nonsense. It is interesting to see how the situations challenges them and their relationship. I love how they defy many a preset notion of a sapphic relationship. But what else have we come to expect from Jess Lea‘s brilliant writing?

    And no worries: if you haven‘t read the A Curious Woman where Bess and Margaret met, A Curious Visit can be perfectly read as a stand-alone or you‘ll have the pleasure to read two cozy mysteries.

    Thanks to Ylva for the ARC. The review is left voluntarily.

  2. Karola


    ***free ARC
    A great sequel to „a curious woman“. Margeret is still her aloof, straight to the point self, Bess is always the social butterfly. On the inside, Margeret is more and more aware that she needs to open up and Bess is realising her jealousy. Two headstrong women trapped in a mystery on their holiday. Jess Lea has done a wonderful job and keeps the reader on their toes until the end of the book.

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