Listen Up! Ylva Publishing’s Audiobook Lineup: 2023 Edition

Hey, audiobook aficionados! As we wrap up another incredible year in the world of sapphic fiction, let’s tune in and celebrate the fabulous audiobooks released by Ylva Publishing in 2023. Brace yourselves for a spectrum of wlw stories, from heartwarming romances to gripping tales of self-discovery and beyond!

 For the Long Run”, an opposites-attract, lesbian sports romance by Cheyenne Blue

This lesbian sports romance sets the stage for a thrilling journey to the finish line, entwining passion with the thrill of competition. Follow Shan and Lizzie from their disastrous meet to their happily ever after in this adorable tale.

See Right Through Me”, a sapphic medical romance by L.T. Smith

Join schoolteacher Gemma Hughes as she navigates the maze of emotions and uncertainties with the beautiful Dr. Maria Moran. Perfect for those who love to read about deliciously complicated relationships.

The Loudest Silence”, an ice queen, opposites-attract, workplace lesbian romance

 by Olivia Janae

Let this beautiful opposites-attract lesbian romance serenade your heart, enticing you to listen to the symphony of emotions buried within. The relationship between a single mom cellist and the deaf president of the Windy City Chamber Ensemble can never work. Or can it?

Rescue Me”, a sapphic romantic suspense by Michelle Teichman

Join Staff Sergeant Kristen Bailey and paramedic Ashleigh Paige as they walk the blurred line between informant and intimate in this gripping romantic suspense. If you love a sapphic romance, but also want an intriguing plot, Rescue Me is the book for you!

Barring Complications”, a workplace, second chance sapphic romance by Blythe Rippon

In this compelling read, Supreme Court Justice Victoria Willoughby and lead counsel Genevieve Fornier navigate personal and political realms in a charged courtroom drama filled with romance and conflict.

Here’s the Thing”, a coming-of-age, sapphic young adult novel by Emily O’Beirne

Sixteen-year-old Zel’s year in Sydney unfolds a tale of self-discovery, friendships, and the art of moving on in this poignant coming-of-age story. Cat Gould’s narration makes Emily O’Beine’s brilliant story stand out even more!

Just a Touch Away”, an enemies to lovers, ice queen, lesbian romance by Jae

Aloof, workaholic Winter Sullivan’s icy facade melts once she and professional-cuddler Hannah Martin are forced to live together. In this enemies-to-lovers lesbian romance, touch becomes the catalyst for a transformative journey.

Something’s Different”, a workplace, ice queen, wlw romance by Quinn Ivins

An enthralling twin-switch office romance where an ice queen boss is determined to unravel the mystery surrounding her assistant suddenly changed behavior. As for Caitlyn, she dreams of getting closer to her sister’s boss but how can she? Everything they’ve shared has been based on a lie.

Benched”, a sapphic workplace romance by Blythe Rippon

In this sequel to “Barring Complications”, Supreme Court Justice Victoria Willoughby and LGBTQ rights lawyer Genevieve Fornier face media scrutiny and personal conflicts in a struggle that transcends professional boundaries. Can their new relationship survive such a storm?

Presidential”, an age gap, sapphic workplace romance by Lola Keeley

Explore the complexities of love amidst political power plays in this charged, age-gap, lesbian romance. Emily Lawrence’s new job in DC makes her cross paths with the most powerful woman in America, President Constance “Connie” Calvin. As sparks fly between them, they must decide how to act under the weight of the constant public glare.

Dark Horse”, an opposites-attract, holiday romance by A.L. Brooks

When facing her demons in the hometown that once exiled her, cool, butch, biker Sadie meets the most perfect opposite—a pretty, loving, bisexual hotel desk clerk who warms all the places in her heart she didn’t know she had. Discover the beauty of opposites attracting in this hot, butch/femme, lesbian holiday romance.

Reaction Time”, a coming-of-age, young adult romance by Emily O’Beirne

Join Luce’s journey of self-discovery in a contemporary coming-of-age novel exploring growth and the hardships of finding balance between who you were and and who you want to be. If you like found family and an adorable side of lesbian romance, this book is for you!

Natural Family Disasters”, a supernatural short story collection by Jae

Delve into the lives of intriguing characters in a supernatural world filled with mysteries and shapeshifting wonders with amazing this short story collection. Second Nature, which sets the scene for this paranormal world is also available as an audiobook!

Manhattan Moon”, a paranormal, forbidden sapphic romance by Jae

In a bustling Manhattan ER, a shape-shifter psychiatrist finds forbidden love for a human nurse in this enthralling lesbian paranormal romance. Jae and Abby Craden unite once again in this incredible sapphic romance.

After Happily Ever After Once Again”, a fluffy short story collection by various authors

The end is only the beginning! These ten standalone short stories pick up after the happily-ever-afters in some of our most popular lesbian romances and mysteries. Perfect for those whose hearts’ melt into puddles for some fluff!

Not for a Moment”, a fake relationship sapphic romance by Cheyenne Blue

In this charming fake-relationship lesbian romance, follow a delightful journey crafted around desperate lies and heartfelt situations. Cheyenne Blue once again crafts a beautiful story between a mom fighting for custody of her child and the friend who agrees to help her.

Honey in the Marrow”, an enemies to lovers, slow burn sapphic romance by Emily Waters

Embark on an emotional rollercoaster of love, hope, and second chances in this enemies-to-friends-to-lovers lesbian romance. Stella Carter, a former criminal prosecutor, is learning to deal with the loss of her husband when she reconnects with an old colleague, LAPD Captain Elizabeth Murphy. As time goes on, Stella can’t keep seeing Elizabeth and pretending she’s not attracted to her. But there’s absolutely no way Elizabeth feels the same way. Is there?

Big Island”, a coming-of-age, enemies to lovers, opposites-attract, wlw romance by Emily O’Beirne

A year after their breakup, Samira and Alex discover they’re both interning for the same university student paper. They’re clearly still attracted to each other. But can they be brave enough to repair what broke them? Join a young adult lesbian romance that celebrates fighting for the future amid the chaos of contrasting worlds.

Big Island by Emily O'Beirne

A Purrfect Gift”, a lesbian Christmas novella by Jae

Get into the festive spirit with this heartwarming lesbian romance featuring a matchmaking cat! The perfect listen to get you into the holiday mood!

A Purrfect Gift by Jae

The Business of Love”, a fake relationship, opposites-attract, lesbian romance by Charley Clarke

Taylor and Mack only agree to get married so that Mack can fulfill her late grandmother’s conditions and become CEO of her company. They can barely stand to be in the same room together. What could change in a year? Experience the delicious ache of a fake relationship turning into something real in this captivating opposites-attract lesbian romance.

The Fixer” + “Chaos Agent”, an age gap, ice queen, sapphic duology by Lee Winter

Immerse yourself in a slow-burn, opposites-attract, ice queen romance filled with twists, puzzles, and unlikely connections. Lee Winter’s duology will sweep you off your feet with the sizzling romance between a corporate villain and a naïve activist.

There you have it—Ylva Publishing’s mesmerizing audiobook lineup for 2023, where every listen promises to transport you into a world of wonders and captivating, women-loving-women centered storytelling. If you were looking for a book rec, look no further! Happy listening! 🎧✨

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