Tracing Invisible Threads by C. Fonseca

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Author: C. Fonseca


Family secrets, strange coincidences, and stolen kisses with an alluring librarian are woven into this evocative, opposites-attract, lesbian romantic suspense.


Globe-trotting photographer Eleanor Heysen is edgy, sexy, and just passing through.

When a family mystery emerges while she’s back home in Melbourne, Eleanor crosses paths with intoxicating historian Alexa Bellamy. The self-assured picture-collections manager is irresistible.

Steamy kisses between the stacks at the State Library are one thing, but what happens when the ever-curious Eleanor shakes Alexa’s family tree, and dark secrets tumble out?

Alexa is in an emotional free-fall, overwhelmed by her broody, spirited, and likely fleeting admirer, and the fear and betrayal stirred up from the truth about Alexa’s ancestors.

Is the invisible thread that brought the women together strong enough to pull them tighter? Or could it unravel and, just as Alexa fears, Eleanor will disappear?

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April 2021


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117,000 words




978-3-96324-482-7 (mobi), 978-3-96324-483-4 (epub), 978-3-96324-484-1 (pdf)


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5 reviews for Tracing Invisible Threads by C. Fonseca

  1. janeguthrey

    (verified owner):

    This is a thoroughly engrossing novel on many levels. It has a sweet and very believable romantic narrative but there are so many more layers to uncover.
    A mystery involving historical images and ancestry sets the scene for the emerging attraction between Alexa, a quirky librarian and Eleanor the intense, well-traveled photographer. The chemistry between these two characters was palpable from the outset and I grew to love them both. Their interactions feel very genuine.
    Alexa’s grandmother, Grace, has secrets of her own and she provides some of the humorous aspects in the book.
    During a year when many of us have been grounded at home, unable to go overseas, Fonseca’s evocative descriptions—often through the lens of Eleanor’s camera—of small townships in Victoria, Australia, the State Library and Far North Queensland had me itching to travel and experience those special places.
    Without being overbearing this thought-provoking novel explores difficult topics like racial intolerance and family tensions.
    It’s a very well written and poignant story about coincidences, connections, forgiveness, trust and—of course—love. I definitely recommend it.

  2. Karola


    ***free ARC
    C. Fonseca has done quite a bit of researching for this book. Although Eleanor’s and Alexa‘s story starts because of the death of Eleanor‘s aunt and her belongings, it turns into a beautiful love story, where the two women learn to trust each other. The connection to chinese ancestors is pretty cool. If you like a book with some intresting turns, this is the one.

  3. Kaz


    I enjoyed this absorbing book very much. There was real chemistry between the two main characters, Alexa and Eleanor that acted as a page turner. I loved the descriptive narrative and the way the author skillfully managed to weave historical content throughout, touching on important issues of family, racism and secrets without weighing the story down. Highly recommended.

  4. Karen McIntosh


    Tracing Invisible Threads’ by C Fonseca is the story of Eleanor, a well-known photographer who has returned home to Melbourne after many years abroad. As well as spending time with her family, she has a burning desire to solve a mystery left after the death of her beloved aunt, Helen. Helen died in a natural disaster in China and her returned belongings included a trunk, with very old papers and photographs. Alexa Bellamy, a researcher and librarian at the state library is given the task of finding out what the papers and photos are and why Helen had them. When the two women begin to work together to solve the puzzle, an attraction grows, but are either of them ready for a serious relationship? Is Eleanor ready to stay in Australia – and is Alexa going to let herself believe she can be happy?

    I loved the mystery within this story. I adore it when a romance has another element – and a fascinating one at that. This story really kept my attention. I was as keen to find out about the people in the old photographs. And I was intrigued as to why Helen had them with her. The Melbourne setting was a big plus for me. I got to know more about its history, the people who lived there in the early days, and the outlying areas around the city. It’s a joy to read a book from places we don’t always get to read about. I loved the two main characters. They sparked off of each other and became something more when they were together. Alexa’s Grandmother, Grace was a brilliant character. So full of life. A great story.

    I was given this ARC to review.

  5. larianefonseca1967


    Since colonisation, Australia has had a history of migration which has included a diversity of ethnic and cultural groups. Each one of these have impacted and contributed to the current socio-cultural milieu. These days, more Australians have become interested in researching their ancestry. Hearsay indicates that the mystery and joy of tracing and establishing links to one’s past is undeniable. While there have been many works of both non-fiction and fiction that deal with this subject, it is not often found in this genre – lesfic.
    In Tracing Invisible Threads, C.Fonseca deftly weaves her story of romance and family secrets in this framework. Elements of history, culture and romance intersect in beautifully described settings. Whether it be the State Library Victoria, regional towns of the old Victorian goldfields or leafy Melbourne suburban dwellings and funky bars and cafes of this vibrant city – it is the author’s acute sense of place and her ability to draw you into it that is a delight. This ability clearly enhances her artistry as a a storyteller.The central characters are credible,fun and strong in equal measure. They appear to be well researched and imagined. Culture, class, politics and romance are all given their relevant attention.
    I loved Tracing Invisible Threads. Congratulations C.Fonseca and thank you for an engaging and enjoyable read.

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