The Ultimate Boss Set by Lee Winter

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Box Set in The Truth Collection

Author: Lee Winter


Two hot bosses, one company, all the stories in one place…

Formidable boss Elena Bartell (The Brutal Truth) and her ambitious deputy Felicity Simmons (The Awkward Truth) rule Bartell Corp with dedication and brilliance. Now the best-selling ice queen lesbian romances are available in one e-book for the first time. Included are three bonus short stories: “Five Times Felicity Met Elena”, “Aliens of New York”, and “The Brutal Lie”.

In The Brutal Truth, take one media mogul, throw in a truth bet with her assistant, and as their secrets pour out, neither woman will be the same. A beautiful story about the lies we tell ourselves.

The Awkward Truth sees Felicity hunting a missing donation to an animal charity. She tries hard not to notice a soft-butch vet or her adorable dog. This funny opposites-attract tale digs up the truth about what really matters in life.

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November 2022


epub (for Kindle Reader/Kindle Apps, for iBooks, Nook etc.), mobi, and pdf


225,300 words




978-3-96324-741-5 (e-book), 978-3-96324-742-2 (pdf)


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3 reviews for The Ultimate Boss Set by Lee Winter

  1. Betty Harmon


    I jumped at the chance to get “The Ultimate Boss Set” by Lee Winter. Yes, I already have the individual novels and short stories, and I’ve read them all with great pleasure. In fact, I’ve read them multiple times as well as listening to the audio versions of the books. I just can’t get enough of these ice queens and the women who love them, so when I got the chance to have them all together I just couldn’t pass that up.
    This set includes the novels, “The Brutal Truth” and “The Awkward Truth” as well as the three short stories that tie the two books together. Those stories are, “Five Times Felicity Met Elena”, “Aliens of New York”, and “The Brutal Lie”.
    The short stories are also awesome reads, as they must be since they are written by Lee Winter.

    When you get the set, make sure you read the Foreword. Ms. Winter has a couple of great suggestions for the order you should read the novels and stories. Whatever you do, get this set.

  2. Lisa Hood


    Like Betty Harmon, I also have the individual novels, short stories and audiobooks. As these characters are among my favorites, I reread these stories often. Could not resist having all the stories under one “cover.” If you have not yet met these characters, buy this Ultimate Boss Set! You are in for quite a treat.

  3. Henriette


    Delightful collection of the best sapphic ice-queens
    Truth be told, there is no way to do the writing of Lee Winter and this collection justice. And there are not enough stars – so take five plus.
    What a great idea to put together two of Winter‘s best books (and three bonus stories) which both revolve around Maddie, Elena and Felicity – first Maddie and Elena have the stage in The Brutal Truth, then Felicity, the right hand of Elena, gets her say in The Awkward Truth. Plan to be glued to your book and count on sleepless nights.
    I have read, re-read and reviewed The Brutal Truth. The masterfully written book about the ultimate ice-queen, Elena Bartell, is enthralling and relentless in its pursuit of the two main characters, Maddie who starts of lost in New York, and Elena Bartells, the commanding media mogul, who is as always on a mission. Then the two collide – and a genius story with a lot of unexpected twists and turns unfolds. A delight!
    A chose to read the three added shorts as they stand in the middle of the book. I totally loved all those small revelations.
    The Awkward Truth somewhat overlaps with The Brutal Truth. Felicity‘s, Bartell‘s soon to be second-in-command, ultimate focus on her career and career only has been made clear in The Brutal Truth – unless you count the glimpses at her heartfelt, jealous murmurs about easy-going Maddie‘s streak of „luck“. Just before being handed the icy reins of the empire by Elena Bartell Felicity is send on a fact-finding mission. She enters the somewhat seedy world of a pet charity where pets (yesss!), hearts and a butch veterinarian reign supreme. And off we go with a thorough exploration of motivations, characters and what makes an ice-queen happy. I was first startled because the story is so different from The Brutal Truth but then loved every minute of its heart and wisdom.

    Thank you to Ylva for an ARC. The review is left voluntarily.

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