The Taste of Her – A Collection of Ten Erotic Short Stories (audiobook) by Jess Lea



Author: Jess Lea

Narrated by Anastasia Watley


In this tantalizing collection of erotic lesbian short stories, strong, beautiful, and fierce women are laid bare.

Discover the stern lingerie boutique boss’s secret, receive a naughty literary festival lesson, admire the butch colonel and the devoted page who desires her, and enjoy the hottest cold war between rival movie make-up artists.

Slide back to a decadent 1930s cabaret bar with a jaded star and her rising back-up dancer, experience the unexpected spark between two Medieval nuns, and watch muscles pump as a top basketballer clashes with the veteran photographer sent to capture her.

Devour the cut-throat, hilarious world of gourmet snack food and ist corporate queen, snatch a voyeuristic thrill with a faded punk star, her lover, and a free-spirited groupie, and immerse yourself inside a legendary artist’s reclusive world with the fan dared to be part of her interactive art.

The Taste of Her is for everyone who has ever dreamed of giving orders or disobeying them. And everyone else who loves to watch.

These ten erotic stories first appeared in the e-book versions of volume one and two of The Taste of Her and are now available in one sizzling paperback.

Additional information

Publication Date

December 2022


7 hrs and 38 mins




Ylva Publishing


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