The Road Trip Agreement (audiobook) by Tiana Warner


Author: Tiana Warner

Narrated by Anastasia Watley


How far would you go to live the life of your dreams? Would you fake-date your total opposite while trapped on a road trip together? A charming, fake-relationship lesbian romance about being bold and taking chances.

A camper van, a camera, and the open road are all laidback Carol Lavoie wants in life—and she’s using her career as a social media video creator to fund her adventures. The problem is, if she can’t work out how to get more followers soon, she’ll have to give it all away.

Minimalist vlogger Ruby Hayashi has over a million followers who watch her meticulously edited takes on cooking, van living, and her cute rescue dog. She exists in a world of perfection that is getting boring and badly needs an injection of fresh energy.

When Coral and Ruby team up for a road trip to boost their audiences, it’s a clash of opposites in what could be the change they both need. As they hit the Oregon coast, what they don’t count on is how their enthralled followers start rooting for their favorite lesbians to get together.

Could faking a relationship for the cameras be the key to going viral and boosting their careers? But even if they make peace with lying to their fans, for how long will their hearts be able to tell the difference between fake flirtation and real love?

Additional information

Publication Date

June 2024




Ylva Publishing


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