The Island Between Us by Wendy Hudson

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Author: Wendy Hudson


 Lesbian romance and adventure collide in this gripping story of survival and second chances.

Georgia Hamilton is an adventurer. After a life spent exploring the most remote places on earth, she’s found her way back home to Scotland, where she teaches her expert survival skills.

Kelsey Campbell has spent her whole life acting, both personally and professionally, and has had it with the pressure of keeping everyone else happy. Craving somewhere far from the glaring spotlight, she signs up for a two-week team survival course.

It’s not just the remote island location that appeals to Kelsey. There’s the fact she met the course leader years ago and always regretted how they left things.

However, just as Georgia and Kelsey are renewing their long-lost connection over bushcraft, a storm hits, leaving them stranded. With the group’s lives now in Georgia’s hands, the race is on to find a way home.

As the reality of survival kicks in, their battle becomes about more than just facing the elements.

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August 2021


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100,000 words




978-3-96324-527-5 (mobi), 978-3-96324-528-2 (epub), 978-3-96324-529-9 (pdf)


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6 reviews for The Island Between Us by Wendy Hudson

  1. Karola


    ***free ARC
    Wendy Hudson has done a great job with this book. The journey she‘ll take you on through this book is really pushing you through some tough emotions. You want to laugh, scream, cry and slap one of them right in the face. But like a real good romance book, this one too gives you some happy feelings in the end.

  2. Betty Harmon


    Adventure, survival, danger, and romance…all on a gorgeous uninhabited Scottish island. This is what you get when you read The Island Between Us by Wendy Hudson, and believe me, this novel is well worth reading.

    This is a second chance romance as well as an adventure and survivalist story because the two main characters (Georgia Hamilton and Kelsey Campbell) briefly met twenty years ago. After that brief meeting, the two don’t see each other again until Kelsey signs up for a two week survival course that Georgia is giving on a remote Scottish island. What happens on that island will change the lives of everyone who is there for the course, especially Georgia and Kelsey.

    The remote Scottish island is as beautiful as it is dangerous, and is well described. You will both love and dislike the secondary characters as you read the story. They are written true-to-life with both good and bad qualities, and this definitely affects the actions they take as they face some truly life-threatening situations. I fell in love with both Georgia and Kelsey, so I have to admit I’m rather biased about their characters. Georgia makes the perfect survivalist leader, and Kelsey is a great partner for her. Their love story is tangled up in the action and adventure part of the novel, but it adds sweetness to an otherwise dangerous tale.

    I had a blast reading this book, and now I want to go find an island like this to visit…hopefully with a lot less danger than this one. I recommend this novel for all the action, adventure, and romance lovers.

    I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing for an honest review.

  3. Lynne Phillips


    I loved reading this book it took a very different direction than Wendy Hudsons previous books and I think she nailed it.

    The research that has gone into the book was obviously very in depth as the lead character really knew her survival stuff, the timeline was also carefully thought out which i think added to the reading experience as it made it much more believable.

    I loved all the characters (some of them I loved to hate) and I love the way the author can make you care about each and every one of them although all in different ways, having teenagers I especially loved the thought of shipping them off to a deserted island!

    The love story between Georgia and Kelsey was beautifully written and from the second they meet had you hoping they would somehow end up together.

    I cant wait to read what Wendy writes next as with each book you are never quite sure what kind of story you are going to get and that is something I admire in an author.

  4. Karen McIntosh


    ‘The Island Between Us’ by Wendy Hudson is an atmospheric and wonderfully descriptive story set on a Hebridean Island off the coast of Scotland. Adventurer Georgia runs survivalist courses using the skills she has gained over many years travelling in the most remote areas of the world. When famous actress Kelsey signs up for one of her courses, Georgia initially has no idea who she is, or that they have a long-lost connection. The fierce Scottish weather leaves the group stranded and faced with using their newly acquired survival skills for real. How will they cope? And what will it mean for Georgia and Kelsey as they become reacquainted?

    Wendy Hudson has surpassed herself with this novel. The writing is excellent, with exquisite descriptions of the island and the dire situations the group face. She slowly ramps up the tension, making the adventure real and dangerous. The distinct personalities within the group add to the drama, and it is only by working together they can overcome the situation they are in. It’s about teamwork and camaraderie and realising what is important. The story is compelling, with characters I could believe in. Georgia was strong, and a born leader. She brought out the best in people – especially Kelsey. I loved seeing how they became a unit and encouraged the others to believe in themselves too. Highly recommended.

    I was given this ARC for review.

  5. Jane Shambler


    I really enjoyed this book. I would actually go as far as saying I loved this book.

    It had awesome scenery, great characters and best of all it was set in Scotland.

    It’s a survival story on a remote island, a tension filled romance that started twenty years ago, a couple of antagonists and others trying to fix their relationships. Put all that into a pot and you’ve got one full packed tension filled story

    Oh, and don’t forget to add a storm and everyone trying to learn how to survive when it all go’s wrong. It really is a survival story. A holiday in how to survive turns out to be exactly that.

    If I tell you anything about the storyline i’ll get carried away and you won’t have to read it. What I can say it’s written at a really nice pace and all the characters in the story play a part. I would recommend this book, for all those adventurous souls who want something different.


  6. Carol Willey


    I have read and enjoyed all of Wendy’s books. There is a change in direction in this book which was very cleverly done and in my opinion the sign of a great author. Wendy’s writing experience is really starting to show as the descriptions and story telling is beautiful. It all felt very real and I thoroughly enjoyed the journey the book took you on. Would highly recommend.

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