The Club Revisited by A.L. Brooks

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Author: A.L. Brooks


Lesbian erotica sizzles in this return to The Club, where the clients watch and make love to each other in the UK’s sexiest women-only nightclub.

Welcome back to The Club. The rules are the same but the players have changed. Mandy still runs her unique nightclub. These days she’s ready to bring love and passion back into her own life, but finding it? Well, maybe the universe has a sense of humour. Lindsey has come out late in life and is looking for a confidence boost, and a club regular is only too happy to help her out. Caitlin would love to test her limits after being shamed by an ex for her desires. Jody thinks no one will want to be intimate with her again after a tragic accident left her body forever changed. Her best friend Kris has other ideas. Joanna and Suzanne have been together for years. They’re still in love but something’s missing. Maybe The Club can help add some zest to the bedroom? Laura has overcome most of her grief from losing her wife, but wonders if she still has it in her to be intimate with someone.

Whatever they need, they can find. Anonymity, sweetness, sexiness, and unexpected opportunities abound at The Club, as Mandy watches over them all.


This tantalising follow-up to the award-winning The Club can be read as a standalone book.

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Publication Date

October 2021


epub (for Kindle Reader/Kindle Apps, for iBooks, Nook etc.), mobi, and pdf


50,000 words




978-3-96324-563-3 (mobi), 978-3-96324-564-0 (epub), 978-3-96324-565-7 (pdf)


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4 reviews for The Club Revisited by A.L. Brooks

  1. Dee


    The Club is one of my favourite erotic books in lesbian fiction, so I was beyond excited to get my hands on an ARC of this instalment.

    Although it’s been five years, the author does a great job of bringing readers up to speed without having to read book 1 first. In short, this book can be read as a stand-alone.

    If you have read book 1, you will notice some common themes and troubles most women can relate to in some form or another. I did a happy dance early on when the author, through her character, delved into a very real problem for some (me) that I’ve never seen tackled before. Kudos for that. I feel validated. Am I going to say what? Hell no.

    Like book one, this is a fabulous piece of erotic fiction. My only gripe is that it was a lot shorter than I anticipated. I would’ve liked more on Mandy and especially the resolution, but we don’t always get what we want.

    Highly recommended.

    Thank you to Ylva books for the advance reader copy.

  2. Karola


    ***free ARC
    I didn‘t read book one, so I wondered if I missed some things in starting by no 2. Oh I missed some things for sure, but not that you won‘t get on with the story. The ladies are worried about everyday problems which leads to missunderstandings. In the club they seem to find the solutions, in a very passionate way. Would have been a fun read if some of them who work together met there, too. If you like to get a little bit turned on by reading a book, well this is it.

  3. photoswazi


    A.L. BROOKS does hot and sexy really well! Each chapter introduces different set of characters with their own storyline. But what I loved about the novel as a whole, was the way the story of club owner Mandy, was able to rekindle a past encounter and develop it into the love and relationship she had been missing. A great read…and hot and now I need to go back and reread the first club book! Received an arc copy for an honest review.

  4. Ana Leamaro


    This author has written some of my favorite erotic books. I’m not a huge fan of erotic literature so I’m always skeptic about them. When I read the first book, The Club, it was a pleasant surprise because there was sex but also a story, in fact several stories with different people and different needs. So this book also didn’t disappointed. I really really recommend this book but if you haven’t read the first one than you should start there or you’ll miss important details.

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