Snowed in With Summer (audiobook) by Tiana Warner


Author: Tiana Warner

Narrated by Mooreghan Martin


Take one ex-girlfriend, a wilderness adventure, and only one cabin. What could possibly go wrong in this fun second-chance lesbian romance?

Avery is finally going on the winter excursion to the Yukon she’s been planning all year. Dog sledding, ice fishing, the Northern Lights… It’s going to be amazing! Then her boyfriend dumps her the night before the trip. Worse, she gets paired up with the only other solo traveler in the group: Summer, her ex-girlfriend from high school.

Unlike Avery, who has a plan for everything, Summer lives a nomadic life—free, spontaneous, with no time for relationships. There would be no point in rekindling what they had—not when the last time ended so badly.

Stuck in a tiny yurt together and forced to partner up for activities, Avery and Summer must find a way to get along. But what if, amidst all that ice and snow, they also discover a flame that was never extinguished?

Additional information

Publication Date

July 2024






Ylva Publishing


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