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Author: Jae


In this lesbian historical romance two young women of different social classes try to survive the Great Earthquake and Fires in San Francisco in 1906.

Kate Winthrop, the only child of a wealthy shipping magnate, has the course of her life charted for her by her parents. She’s expected to marry well and produce a successor to the Winthrop empire. But Kate has a very different path in mind. Her true passion lies with photography—and with women.

Alone in the city after losing her brother, Sicilian immigrant Giuliana Russo starts working for the Winthrops as a maid. Despite their different social status, Kate and Giuliana become friends, much to the dismay of Kate’s parents.

As the connection between the two women grows, a devastating earthquake hits San Francisco and ignites fires that sweep through the city for three days and nights.

Will the disaster shatter their tentative feelings for each other, or will they find the courage to save each other’s lives—and their hearts?

Join Kate and Giuliana on a journey of danger and discovery in the action-packed historical romance Shaken to the Core, set against the backdrop of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

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June 2016


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126,000 words




978-3-95533-663-9 (mobi), 978-3-95533-664-6 (epub), 978-3-95533-665-3 (pdf)


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7 reviews for Shaken to the Core by Jae

  1. Rina


    Full Review available at

    Snippet review:
    I really enjoyed this book. The setting, characters, and historical details were all nicely thought out and brought to life. I liked how the sweetness and innocence of the romance contrasted to the harsh brutality of the earthquake and fire. This is a fairly clean romance, and I would say that it is definitely appropriate for a YA audience. I would highly recommend this book. This is the first book that I’ve read by the author Jae, but it is certainly not the last!

  2. rebeccakbarrus2


    *Note: I was provided with a free copy of the book by Ylva Publishing in exchange for a fair review

    I can’t remember the last time I read historical fiction where the two main characters and the main supporting character are all women who love women. This book is a gift to bibliophiles who are starving for romance between fictional ladies like myself. Honestly, who can resist a Jo March-esque character like ambitious Kate Winthrop who’s determined to make her way as a photographer in a world ruled by men? Who can resist charming, protective Guiliana trying to find work in the so-called land of opportunity so she can send money home to her family in Sicily? And who can resist the utterly predictable but still delicious path to them falling in love? Not me, that’s for sure. I enjoyed every single minute of the furtive glances and the pining. Dr. Lucy Sharpe is a gem too, acting as a solid anchor of femininity in a patriarchal world and a mentor to the two young women who aren’t quite sure how to deal with their new feelings.

    The bigger plot (the San Francisco earthquake) was engaging and suspenseful as well. Just when I thought it was over and things could begin to be rebuilt, the aftereffects had other ideas. The harsh conditions of the aftermath of a disaster like that are tastefully portrayed.

    I’ll definitely be reading this one again. I’d especially recommend it to younger WLW who aren’t comfortable with books with explicit sex scenes or swear words (aka me five years ago).

  3. Ana Leamaro


    Brilliant book! The story is during S. Francisco 1906 Earthquake which is the focus of the this book. The research is very accurate and you can easily imagine yourself in that time. This novel also describes with precision what were the class relations between rich and poor at that time and even in the middle of tragedy the status quo was more important than humanity. The characters are very well built, you have the lady of the house, shallow, snob more worried about imagine than anything else; the rebel daughter (kate) who is struggling to be independent fighting her parents and the prejudice of society; Giulianna the maid,poor immigrant from Sicilia, fighting to survive and support the family on the other side of the ocean, who can’t read or write; finally Lucy which has already breakthrough the men’s world by being a doctor but every single day has to proof that she can do the job as well or even better than any of her male colleagues.
    There is always something happening and I couldn’t put the book down until I finish it. The fierce loyalty and love between Kate and Giullianna makes them stronger to pursue goals, face danger and make a life together in the end.
    As I said the focus of the book is the earthquake and the social relations, so the romance is slow burning and in spite of all the doubts, insecurity, fear, new feelings, etc it’s not overly dramatic. So if you’re those readers who like intense self-doubt overly dramatic, with lots of sex, romance this one is not for you. Don’t waste your time here, because there is no sex at all!
    However if you’re those readers who prefer books with really well written stories, accurate research, well constructed characters than you can’t miss this book because you will certainly love it!

  4. velvetlounger


    Returning to US history after a break from her ‘Oregon’ series Shaken to the Core is a romance set around the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. From introducing our heroines before disaster hits, through the horror of the earthquake and subsequent fires, and on to the immediate aftermath, Jae leads us through the events that unfolded with her usual brilliant eye for detail and excellent storytelling skills.

    Giuliana is a Sicilian fisherman’s daughter who came to ‘Merica with her brother in order to earn a living and send money home. When fate strikes her brother down she is left with few skills and few options other than domestic service to survive on her own.

    Kate is the daughter of a wealthy shipping magnate who is determined to make her own way in the modern world. Despite her mothers best efforts to make her conform to the expectations of high society, Kate knows in her soul she needs an independent life if she is ever to fulfil her own dreams.

    Two strong women from opposite ends of the social scale, drawn together by a mutual attraction, find themselves fighting to survive the events of April 18th. They, along with the indomitable Dr Lucy Hamilton Sharpe, create an intriguing story of how women step up when disaster strikes. Resourceful, capable and determined, they fight their way through whatever is thrown at them, growing stronger as they overcome, finding their place from the opportunity catastrophe brings resourceful survivors.

    As always Jae’s characters are powerful women with a will of their own. Rounded and well drawn they form the core of an intriguing retelling of history from a woman’s point of view. As with the Oregon Series we learn the intimate history of a famous and well-known saga from the inside.

    With subtle but commanding attention to detail Jae fills in the background; the unfolding events, the backdrop of turn of the century San Francisco, the people and the sense of emotion that a major disaster cause. She shows us the world as she envisions it, like a film set being slowly revealed, filling in and colouring as she goes.

    Jae writes exceptionally good books and this is another excellent example of her skills. Charming romance, strong, admirable women, an unusual setting, great historical storytelling and, as always, with a style which makes the tale unfold with consummate ease.
    (publisher review copy received)

  5. Enrico


    With this romance, Jae offers us a detailed picture of San Francisco during the great earthquake of 1906, followed by violent, devastating fires, an event that caused thousands of fatalities. In this historic scenery, the novel shows us the love story of two young women, the rich Kate, daughter of a merchant industrialist, and the very poor sicilian immigrant Giuliana.
    What touched me most is the naivety of both the protagonists discovering their own sexuality. The community of the time was so totally closed about homosexuality that even thinking it was taboo, let alone talking about it.
    They will get help from the extraordinary Lucy Hamilton, tireless and heroic physician, linked to the Hamiltons of Jae’s Oregon series, and hopingly the main character of a future book.
    I loved Giuliana, immigrant from a Sicilian fishermen’s family, undervalued maid in Kate’s home, for her sweetness, and her enjoyable way of speaking mixing sicilian words to her English. She’s generous, combative, and she always has a sort of inner nobility.
    On the other side we find Kate, a character who fights to free herself from the social chains imposed by her family, in order to become a professional photographer, in a world thinking that the women should not work, but only care for home and children. She’s a kind of adventurer, sometimes hastily risking too much, but also motivated in the right direction.
    The hardships of the earthquake will help both of them to grow up.
    It is a story about friendship and love, that explores the theme of female emancipation in a moment of history that was getting ready for its awakening.

  6. Carolyn McBride


    As with most of Jae’s work, I enjoyed it. Normally, I’m not one for historical romances, but Jae seems to be the exception to that. I liked that this book has a connection to Backwards To Oregon (which I also enjoyed). I connected with the characters easily, even Lucy. In the end, I even liked the newspaper editor a little.
    And as much as I am tweaked out by rats, I appreciated their presence, if only to make the setting and conditions in San Fransisco a little more realistic. It only makes sense that they would have displaced as well.

    It was refreshing to see that it took the main characters so long to admit their feelings for each other, and then even longer to kiss. Within that time frame, it was completely plausible.

    I was a little disappointed when it ended, I have to admit. If a sequel ever makes an appearance, I’d absolutely buy it!

  7. Kimberly Campbell


    As always a great love story by Jae. She has never disappointed with her writing and she wowed me with this one. That love between to totally different worlds can find love.

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